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Cannabis Cup Winners

Cannabis cup winners

From our search for the finest cannabis genetics to organic cultivation and intensive R&D, Royal Queen Seeds offers an extensive catalog of the highest-quality cannabis strains.

A desire to help our customers keep on growing drives our passion for new strains, but our world-class genetics are also recognized by independent judges worldwide. With numerous cannabis cup wins and prestigious "Best Seed Bank" awards, growers and cannabis enthusiasts alike can't get enough of our industry-leading seeds.

If you're interested in growing our cannabis cup winners, the list below highlights some of RQS' greatest achievements.

Cookies Gelato Auto: A High-THC Powerhouse

Cookies Gelato Auto ranks as one of the most powerful autoflowering strains available. Add delicious fruity terpenes and big yields to the equation, and you’re looking at a future classic. These traits secured this strain 3rd place in the Best New Strain 2023 category at the Autoflower World Cup.

Shining Silver Haze: A Queen Without Equal

Among a sea of inferior Haze genetics, our cup-winning Shining Silver Haze stands out with her incredibly potent high and seductively sweet flavors. A strain with no equal, she delivers a mind-melting experience from the first hit to the last.

Amnesia Haze: A Strain You Won't Forget

Don't let the name fool you; Amnesia Haze is a classic from the Dutch cannabis scene you won't want to forget. Whether it's the expert blend of old-school genetics or the pseudo-psychedelic high, this is a strain that deserves your utmost respect.

Royal Haze Automatic: The Trifecta of Autoflowering Cannabis

With the freshest flavors and an uplifting high, available in record time, what's not to love about Royal Haze Automatic? This vivacious auto excels no matter the environment, leaving growers in awe of her simplicity and abundance of terpene-laden buds.

OG Kush: An RQS Twist on a Cali Classic

One of the most popular strains ever created, there isn't a cannabis lover on God's green earth that doesn't adore OG Kush. From her deliciously dank flavors to her resin-laden buds, she delivers an award-winning high that lasts almost as long as her pungent aftertaste.

Euphoria: The Name Says It All

Fantastic at any time of day, this CBD-rich cultivar leaves users feeling energised, alert, and outgoing. Combined with a speedy flowering stage and exquisite flavors, it's hardly surprising Euphoria is a favorite among cup judges and holistic cannabis users.

Medical Mass: Activate Your Senses With a Bouquet of Aromas

Perfectly balanced, as all cup-winning hybrids should be, Medical Mass produces a crop of intensely aromatic buds in no time at all. Her equal ratio of THC:CBD gives users the relief they deserve, thanks to a synergy between the two cannabinoids.

Royal Gorilla: A High Like No Other

With otherworldly levels of THC, Royal Gorilla is a cup-winning strain like no other. Not only does she dispense insane cannabinoid levels, but an incredible blend of relaxation and euphoria makes her high one of a kind. For an outstanding hybrid with a global fan base, look no further!

Royal Cookies: A Royal Treat for Your Taste Buds

Get the very best of Cali genetics right here in Europe with our award-winning Royal Cookies strain. Fortunately, this is one princess that doesn't need bells and whistles to produce an outstanding harvest, so expect plenty of deliciously creamy buds.

El Patron: The Perfect All-Rounder

Whether it's weed-infused cookies, brownies, rolling a joint, hitting a bong, or loading a vaporizer, El Patron is a jack-of-all-trades hybrid that feels at home anytime, anyplace. Loved by Highlife Cup judges, hobbyist growers, and cannabis chefs, there's nothing this strain can't do.

Green Gelato: A Taste of Paradise

If savouring hit after hit of creamy dankness sounds like your idea of a good time, we've got news for you—Green Gelato is a connoisseur-grade treat. Oozing with Kush and forest fruit flavors, this is one appetising lady you'll want to indulge in time and time again.

RQS Won Best Breeder at The Grow Diaries Awards 2023

We’re stoked to announce that Royal Queen Seeds won Best Breeder at The Grow Diaries Awards for 2023! As a site created for growers to network and share their thoughts, Grow Diaries has created one of the best communities of cannabis cultivators in the world. We’re honoured to have received this prestigious award, and want to express our gratitude to all of the growers and members of the Grow Diaries community who voted for us!

Spannabis Best Seedbank 2019

Running for over 17 years, Spannabis is a staple of the Spanish cannabis industry. However, it isn't enough to merely turn up; there's also a prestigious selection of awards up for grabs.

In 2019, Royal Queen Seeds earned the coveted "Best Seedbank Award", facing off against a highly competitive market. The commendation is incredibly humbling, but also proof that our commitment to world-class genetics pays off.

Bologna Best Seedbank 2019

Set against the backdrop of the iconic Italian city Bologna, the IndicaSativa Trade Fair is another esteemed event with thousands of attendees from the commercial and recreational world of cannabis.

Our hard work paid off for the second time in 2019 with another "Best Seed Bank" award. Going up against the biggest names in the industry is no small task, and again shows our devotion to keeping you growing with an extensive catalog of cup-winning strains.

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