69 Blogs about "Indoors"

Perfect your indoor grow room. Discover how to set up the most effective indoor cannabis lights and get your hands on the best equipment for the job. Then, take a step into the details of growing cannabis indoors, based on first-hand reports by the best growers in the world, learning about temperature, humidity demands, hydroponics, and much more.

  • Epsilon F1 Week-by-Week Grow Guide
    Are you thinking about growing Epsilon F1? Explore my week-by-week growing guide to find out how I achieved great results! Read on to uncover my lighting, nutrient, and watering strategies for this va ...
  • How to Grow Cannabis 12/12 From Seed

    Force flowering marijuana from seed can provide excellent quality, resinous flowers, all the while saving space, time, and money. For those with space constraints, it is a win-win!

  • Milky Way F1 Grow Report
    So, you're considering growing some of the first true cannabis F1 hybrids? Milky Way F1 makes a great choice for growers with little space looking to harvest some of the fastest and strongest buds pos ...
  • A Guide to Supplemental Greenhouse Lighting

    Using supplemental lighting can help you get the most out of growing weed in a greenhouse. Whether it's to provide extra illumination during those cloudy days, or you want to grow well into the win ...

  • Cannabis Cultivation and Energy Consumption: Expert Strategies

    Unlock the secrets of eco-friendly cannabis cultivation! Our comprehensive guide dives into energy-efficient lighting, climate control, and sustainable practices to make your grow both economical a ...

  • Titan F1 Grow Report
    Are you thinking about growing Titan F1? Why not check out my grow report below to get a taste of what awaits? During my week-by-week account, you’ll discover everything I did to achieve a great yield ...
  • Hydroponic Growing Media Explained: The Pros and Cons of Each

    There are many choices when it comes to hydroponic growing media—but which is best for you? The following list outlines the major properties of each choice, helping you to decide which medium to us ...

  • Understanding Under-Canopy and Side Lighting for Cannabis

    Light is the fuel that makes cannabis grow, and when all else is right, adding supplemental lighting to your cannabis grow can help to improve bud production and maximise final yields. Follow along ...

  • Apollo F1 Grow Report
    Are you looking to grow Apollo F1? Well, you’re in the right place for some inspiration! Check out my week-by-week grow report to find out how I fed, watered, and harvested this F1 hybrid!
  • How Can Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD) Boost Cannabis Yields?

    Vapour pressure deficit, or VPD, refers to the difference between the moisture present in your growing space and the amount of moisture the air could theoretically hold. Why should you, as someone ...

  • How to Micro Grow Cannabis in a Computer Tower

    So, you don't have the space to set up a cannabis grow tent indoors, and you certainly can't have the neighbors or cops coming across a crop in your backgarden. What is a grower to do? Allow us to ...

  • How to Select and Operate the Ballast for HID Growing Lamps

    You've got a reliable HID lamp, a sturdy growing tent, some high-quality fans, and a trusty carbon scrubber. Your indoor grow setup is complete, right? Well, almost. They're not mandatory, but pair ...

  • The Importance of the Dark Cycle for Growing Cannabis

    Come join the dark side. In this article, we explore why cannabis plants need the darkness as much as light in order to grow properly.

  • Watermelon Auto: Week-by-Week Grow Report
    Are you thinking about growing Watermelon Automatic? Then you're in the right place! Below, you'll find out exactly how I grew this variety, including the details of my lighting setup and feeding regi ...
  • How to Keep Your Grow Tent Cool in Summer

    Planning an indoor grow this summer? Keep reading to learn how to keep your grow room or tent cool over the summer months, so you can grow healthy plants and reap a bountiful harvest.

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