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    • Plants will flower automatically according to their genetics
      Plants will flower automatically according to their genetics
    • 99.9% guaranteed to become female plants
      99.9% guaranteed to become female plants

The RQS Seedfinder will help you identify the best possible strains to suit your unique preferences. Whether you’re looking for fast-growing autoflowering plants, heavy-yielding photoperiod cultivars, or simply the tastiest weed you can get your hands on, our strain finder will locate seeds with these traits within seconds.

Use this handy tool to select the exact characteristics you're looking for. Narrow down your search based on the type of high you want to experience and the kind of terpenes you want dancing on your tongue. The RQS strain archive offers a huge variety of tastes, from fruity and sugary to earthy and floral. You’ll also find every kind of high you can think of, including energising head highs, deep body stones, and clear-headed CBD experiences.

After filling out each field, you’ll find a list of strains ideally suited to you as a grower and smoker. Save time scrolling through our archive and find the right cultivars for you, instantly, using the RQS Seedfinder!

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