Low THC Strains

Don’t like the feeling of being high? We’ve got your back! Explore our range of low-THC strains to experience the benefits of cannabis without the psychotropic effects.

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Whether you’re looking for a strain to use during working hours or simply want to avoid getting high altogether, these varieties will keep you chill without compromising your cognitive faculties. Learn more about our low-THC weed strains.

What Are Low THC Strains?

As the name implies, these cultivars possess low levels of THC—the cannabis constituent responsible for the high. Our breeders created these varieties to suit the needs of users that want to experience a clear-headed and soothing effect without red eyes and hazy thoughts.

What Are the Benefits of Low THC Strains?

Our lowest THC strains still offer a variety of desirable cannabis constituents, including CBD and many different terpenes. Together, these phytochemicals synergise to create a wide range of effects depending on the cultivar in question. Some of them are relaxing, whereas others are energising and motivating. Our range descends from a wealth of legendary genetics, including Durban Poison and Juanita la Lagrimosa.