Afghani Strains

Afghani weed strains are the epitome of indica stock. Native to the Hindu Kush mountains, these hardy genetics pack a deeply stoning punch thanks to their relaxing terpenes and abundance of THC.

10  products
  • Royal AK
  • Skunk XL
  • Critical
  • Royal Cheese (Fast Flowering)
  • Purple Queen
  • Special Kush 1
  • ICE
  • Purplematic CBD
  • Critical Regular
  • Skunk XL Regular

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Afghani Weed: What to Expect

The original Afghan strain delivers a powerful euphoria that places most users in the mood for soft music and introspection. Her soothing physical effect also helps to combat tension and alleviate worry. As her offspring, all of the strains above offer their own spin on this subset of effects.

How We Made Our Afghani Strains

Our industry-leading breeders took these genetics and gave them a unique spin. Now, you can get a feel for the original landrace, but with high levels of THC and a better performance in the grow room. Our range of Afghani strains stem from breeding projects involving Skunk, Purple Afghani, Kush, Hindu Kush, and Northern Light.

The Benefits of Our Afghani Strains

There’s a time for action, focus, and work. There’s also a time for rest and relaxation; our Afghan genetics will help you achieve the latter. These varieties are particularly high in terpinolene—a terpene known for its deeply soothing and drowsy properties. Fire up these buds when you need some well-earned downtime.