Cookies Strains

Are you looking for your favourite Cookies strain? Well, we’ve got plenty of candidates to choose from. You’ll enjoy sugary tastes, euphoric highs, and rewarding yields.

13  products
  • Cookies Gelato Auto
  • Green Gelato
  • Green Gelato Auto
  • Blue Gelato
  • Do-Si-Dos Auto
  • Watermelon Auto
  • Fat Banana Auto
  • Sherbet Queen Auto
  • Royal Cookies Auto
  • Royal Gorilla Auto
  • Royal Cookies
  • Wedding Cake
  • Cereal Milk

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How We Created Our Cookies Strains

There are over 100 Cookies strains available today. To make sure ours ranked at the top of the list, we had to invoke some powerhouse parent strains. Our most sugary and stoning varieties stem from the likes of Lemon OG, Big Skunk Auto, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and Cookies Gelato. Together, this legendary lineup passed down mouthwatering flavours, boatloads of THC, and excellent productivity.

The Benefits of Our Cookies Strains

So, why should you grow our Cookies strains? Well, it all starts with taste. Hitting a vape or joint loaded with these flowers will send notes of sweet, decadent baked goods across your tongue with every hit. Soon after, you’ll experience a fast-acting high set in; buckle up for intense bouts of creativity and euphoria.

Once You Go Cookies, You Never Go Back

For most growers, it only takes a single hit of Cookies cannabis to get hooked. Almost everything about these genetics makes them an instant go-to for cultivators, including their compact structure and impressive hardiness. If you’re seeking an easy growing experience with an emphasis on sweet terpenes, then look no further.