By Adam Parsons

Smoking a bong is one of the most beloved ways to enjoy cannabis. No wonder, as a bong can get you high like nothing else, while still providing a nice, smooth hit. On the other hand, even the tried and true classics can use some spicing up once in a while to keep them exciting and fresh. Have you ever tried giving your bong water a tasty twist?

There are many ways you can elevate your bong-smoking sessions. You could add flavorful notes to your smoke with juices or tea, or give your smoke a fun fizzy note with sparkling water. But before you get too excited, know that not all beverages are good candidates for this job. Milk, for example, makes your weed less potent, and using beverages with a high alcohol content brings along some obvious dangers that are best avoided. Here are 9 of the best bong water alternatives to try on different occasions!


• Gatorade

If you’re at a party, chances are there will be all kinds of soft drinks along with Gatorade or similar sports drinks. Well, it just so happens that Gatorade is also a great water alternative that you can use in your bong. Gatorade has the advantage of giving your smoke a nice yet subtle flavor note, which is most noticeable when you exhale.

The only disadvantage with Gatorade is that it is quite sugary. So rinse your bong well with warm water after your Gatorade bong session, as the sugar will otherwise make your bong icky, and could even damage it if you don’t regularly clean it afterwards.

• Wine

Putting beverages with a high alcohol content such as whiskey or vodka into your bong is normally a bad idea for several reasons. Inhaling alcohol fumes from high-proof liquor can lead to serious health problems, and the combination of fire and alcohol has the capacity to turn your bong-ripping experience into a potentially dangerous scenario.

Wine, however, is an exception as its alcohol content is rather low. If you want to rip a bong using wine, try sweet, medium-bodied red wines like Malbec. For an extra exciting note, try sparkling red wine such as Lambrusco. The carbonation of the Lambrusco gives your smoke a nice fizzy feel in addition to the distinguished taste of the wine.

• Food colouring

This one won’t add any flavor to your water, but it will make it look cool as hell. Add a festive 14.8 ozeen or a vacation red hue to your water and impress your stoner buddies! When adding the drops to your bong water, it’s best to tread lightly here; not for safety reasons, but because going too dark runs the risk of staining your bong. As such, it’s best to use it sparingly. Nevertheless, it’s always a fun and artsy way to make the bong-ripping experience that much more special.


• Fruit juices

You can add all sorts of flavor notes to your smoke by substituting your bong water with fruit juice. Try grapefruit, apple, or orange juice, or whatever sounds good to you, and you will surely find a favorite in time! The best juices for your bong will be freshly squeezed juices that do not contain artificial ingredients and additives.

For the best experience and a smooth smoke, you may also want to add plenty of ice cubes to your juice as well. What could be better on a hot summer day than a bong with some good weed and ice-cold, fruity-fresh juice?


• Sparkling water

Substituting plain water with flavored sparkling water is one of the best ways to enhance your bong-ripping experience! There are several reasons for this; unlike cola and other soft drinks, sparkling water contains no sugar, so it won’t turn your bong into a sticky mess. The flavors of sparkling water, like lemon, peach, mango, strawberry, and whatever else is out there, are also very subtle and won’t overpower the flavor of good weed.

But the best part about sparkling water is how the carbonation adds a nice effervescence to your smoke, which makes it super fun and refreshing. Once again, adding ice cubes can make for an extra cool, extra smooth, and very refreshing smoke.

• Infused water

Some folks just like to stick with regular water, but choose to amp things up by infusing it with natural flavors. Anything from orange and lemon peels to mint leaves, ginger, or refreshing fruits such as kiwi, lime, or strawberry can add just the right touch to the experience.

To infuse water with your flavor of choice, it’s best to cut your ingredients into small pieces. Add the fruit pieces, peels, or leaves to a carafe with cold water and allow the water to infuse for several hours in your fridge—best if left overnight. As mentioned, ice cubes always help round out the bong-smoking experience, but some folks choose to use hot water instead. Try both out to see what you like best!


• Essential oils

Essential oils are key in aromatherapy, and offer a host of benefits with their terpene-rich contents. Adding a drop or two of peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender to your bong water can make for a smooth and soothing experience. Just make sure not to add too much; essential oils are very concentrated and are best used to add just a hint of flavor.

If you want to get fancy, try choosing oils that complement the terpene profile of the strain you’re smoking. For instance, if you know your strain is high in linalool, try using lavender oil, which contains high concentrations of this floral terpene. Peppermint oil is a particularly popular option as it not only cools down the smoke, but helps clear the sinuses and throat.

• Cranberry juice

Okay, we already mentioned fruit juice above, but cranberry juice deserves an honour of its own. Cranberry juice is unique because it adds a tart and slightly bitter note to the smoke that is extremely satisfying. Moreover, 100% cranberry juice is lower in sugar than other juices, and therefore won’t mess up your bong as quickly. In fact, the high acid content of the juice might even help to keep your bong clean. Some also say that using cranberry juice makes for better hits because of the vitamin C that’s in it. For the best flavor experience with cranberry juice, we recommend using freshly pressed cranberry juice made without additives.


• Tea

Putting tea in your bong is another very popular alternative to ordinary bong water. Just like with ice water or fruit juices, freshly brewed black, green, or herbal tea can give your smoke a rich yet subtle profile that enhances the flavor significantly. The good thing about tea is that there are so many types available, so you can always try out new flavors.

If you fill your bong with hot, freshly-brewed tea, it can make for an especially pleasant and warming winter smoke! Just be careful when you pour hot tea into a glass bong. Cheaper bongs made from poor-quality glass may crack. Likewise, it isn’t recommended to use piping hot liquids in cheap acrylic bongs, as the heat may bring out potentially toxic plastic fumes.

Some people enjoy their tea iced rather than hot, and the same is true for bong water. You can put ice tea in your bong for a particularly cool and smooth smoking experience. For this, brew your tea as usual, then let it cool for a while in your fridge. Afterwards, put the tea in a carafe or straight into your bong and add plenty of ice cubes. Alternatively, you can freeze the tea into ice cubes and add them to your water instead.


Give the bong-ripping experience a new twist with juices, teas, or wine! Just remember that if you use anything but plain water, your bong will need extra care after use. For some good tips on how to clean your bong thoroughly, check out our article "How To Clean Your Bong, Bowl or Pipe", where you will learn everything you need to know!

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