By Luke Sumpter

Emojis are useful in conveying emotion and meaning, and these visual cues have also crept into the world of cannabis. Herb users have a wealth of emojis at their fingertips that allow them to communicate their penchant for marijuana, either subtly or obviously. Below, you’ll discover the best weed emojis to infuse your conversations with a touch of cannabis.

Emojis might seem like a gimmick to some, but they actually help us communicate better. As their name suggests, these pictographs of faces, objects, and symbols help to add an element of emotion and expression to otherwise bland messages.

The lack of body language, facial expressions, and tone when writing messages can lead to a poor interpretation of what the writer attempted to convey. However, the addition of a smiley face, a waving hand, rolling eyes, or even a middle finger can help to bridge any gaps in understanding. These bright and colorful images are the evolved version of emoticons—pictograms made using punctuation, such as :).

After scrolling through the emoji options on your device, you probably noticed a lack of overt cannabis images. It’s true; you won’t find cannabis leaves, bongs, blunts, or buds among the default emojis. But there are more subtle options that cannabis users employ daily to get their message across.

These emojis have been co-opted by weed lovers to express their dank interest, even if the original intention of these emojis is not THC-related. Most devices have emoji archives that include seedlings, trees, puffs of smoke, flames, and goofy smiles; all of these are used to communicate between weed lovers, and serve as a subtle or “coded” means of asking, “Do you want to get high?”.

What Are the Best Weed Emojis?

So, what are the most popular weed-related emojis out there? Below, we’ll walk you through some of the best emojis to use to reference different aspects of cannabis culture, from the plant itself, to vaping, smoking, and simply being high.

  • Cannabis Plant

Unfortunately, the cannabis leaf emoji doesn’t exist—not yet. While we wait for cannabis acceptance to keep growing, marijuana users have a few other options to fall back on. For example, many elect to use the conifer tree emoji when hinting at growing weed. When asking a friend how their plants are doing, the tree comes in handy as an indirect way of discussing potentially law-breaking horticultural interests.

But you’re not limited to towering trees. Some circles and group chats also use the maple leaf when discussing weed. Although a different color to cannabis leaves (and a few leaflets short), it does bear somewhat of a resemblance. Want to hint to your friends that you’re in the mood to blaze? Make the maple leaf a go-to emoji for this purpose.

The seedling emoji dominates social media, especially Instagram, when it comes to cannabis. You’ll see it plastered all over posts of gorgeous canopies, sometimes alongside the herb emoji—another fine option for weed-laden messages.

To recap, the best emojis to represent the cannabis plant include:

? Conifer tree ? Maple leaf
?Seedling ? Herb
What Are the Best Weed Emojis?
  • Edibles / Vaping

Edibles and vaping are two very different ways of consuming cannabis. The former results in long-lasting highs that hit like a train, and the latter offers a lighter experience that’s easier to control. Despite their differences, there are viable emojis you can use to hint at both.

When searching the food section of your emoji archive, you’ll come across many different snacks, from savoury items to sugary sweet ones. Cannabis chefs are able to infuse cannabinoids into just about anything. THC-rich cakes are more common, but your choices will depend on the edibles you and your friends enjoy the most. The options include:

? Cake ? Ice cream
? Sundaes ? Chocolate
? Muffins ? Pie
? Pancakes ? Cookies

To make your point a little clearer, consider following up these emojis with a maple leaf or herb emoji from above.

What about vaping? Well, there are fewer options here, but still enough to signal what you mean. The most obvious choices include:

? Puff of smoke ? Rocket

  • Smoking

Although not the healthiest way to get high, many cannabis users still love smoking weed. Something about the ritual of grinding up cannabis, rolling cones, and lighting the end goes down well in social situations. Some users also like the feeling of harshness on the throat. But what emojis can you use to communicate that you’re in the mood for a puff? These work the best:

? Puff of smoke ? Cigarette
? Flame ? Pinching hand
⏰ Clock (time to get baked) ? Bomb
? OK hand (with a bit of imagination, the hand looks like it’s carefully holding a joint)
  • High / Stoned

Your friend just messaged you asking how you’re feeling. You just polished off a massive joint and can’t quite put into words how baked you feel. This is where emojis come to the fore. The following choices are accurate and comical ways to describe your altered state of mind:

? Rocket ✈️ Aeroplane
? Helicopter ? Face with stars for eyes
? Wacky face with tongue out ? Shushing face
? Dizzy face ? Alien
? Galaxy ? Flame

Where Can You Get More Weed Emojis?

Different operating systems and apps offer different emojis. You’ll find different pictograms on Apple and Android devices. Plus, apps such as WhatsApp offer unique options you won’t find elsewhere. If you really want to find a more obvious way to communicate about weed, you can download weed emoji apps from the Google Play store, or even instal a weed emoji keyboard for Android and iOS. If you’re not bothered about keeping your horticultural hobby and favorite pastime a secret, you can communicate your activities and plans a lot more forwardly using these technological tools.

Hopefully, we won't have to wait much longer before stoner emojis go mainstream. As sweeping weed legalization continues, it stands to reason that we'll see high emojis, red-eye emojis, and other emojis for weed in the near future.

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