By Arielle Friedman

The cannabis-loving community on Instagram is thriving, producing interesting, provocative and exciting content. Each of the following seven accounts brings something special to the picture—if you follow all seven, you’ll soon find your Instagram feed full of interesting, high-quality, weed-related content!


Jorge Cervantes is a legendary weed grower, writer, and speaker. He’s written dozens of articles and books, including the canonical Cannabis Encyclopedia. Cervantes’ knowledge reaches into both the past and the future, as he’s well-versed in both the history of growing and cutting-edge contemporary techniques. Dedicated growers would do well to follow his active Instagram, which shares advanced tips you won’t find anywhere else. He also shares news of his exploits, info about different strains, tidbits of cannabis history, exciting new promotions and much more. This is one weed Instagram account you won’t want to miss, especially if you have an interest in growing.

Jorge Cervantes


Canna Obscura is the co-founder of TKO Reserve, an organic weed provider based out of the Pacific Northwest. Her account is oriented around photography, featuring close-ups of beautiful buds with glittering trichomes, professional-quality photos of unique bongs, and photos from Canna Obscura’s eventful life and activities. Canna seems to find herself spending a lot of time around animals, in wide-open spaces, and around obscure cultural hubs you won’t find anywhere else. Some of her weed photos feature trichomes so close-up that they look like strange lanterns. For those looking to get deep into the look and feel of weed culture, Canna Obscura provides a window into the glittering and gritty aspects of this intricate world.

Canna Obscura


The National Joint League is an extremely fun weed account featuring fully smokable sculptures made from joints. One post has paper-and-weed Iron Man sending out “joint beams” from each hand. Another has a joint-smoking alien whose joint you can steal, before smoking the poor guy himself. Yet another has a fully-smokable tarantula. If you want an account that showcases the very best of pothead ingenuity from a variety of artists, you’ve come to the right place. These sculptures will amuse, captivate, and inspire; after perusing this Instagram account, you’ll never look at joints the same way again!

National Joint League


If you love beautiful and captivating images of weed, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of Karl Kronic’s breathtaking offerings. His photographs are something to behold, capturing weed from a variety of poses and angles—some shocking, all striking. Many of his photos are of moon rocks—that is, weed rolled in oil and then kief. They look like strange geology from another world, until they’re popped open, revealing their organic-looking guts. Karl’s photos also feature joints coated with intricate kief designs, Thai sticks, complex joints photographed from extreme angles, and much more. If you’re looking for photos that will prompt you to view weed in a whole new way, this account is for you.

Karl Kronic


If you’re looking for wicked cool accessories, follow Heady Hawaii for some great ideas. Heady Hawaii has got tubes, bongs, bowls and other accessories made by glassworkers of incredible talent and creativity. From bongs made in the shape of Marvin the Martian to crystal-eyed red skulls, Heady Hawaii creates weed accessories of incredible beauty—occasionally disturbing, always fascinating, and generally awe-inspiring. The quality of the photos, frequently accompanied by sunsets that complement the items’ gorgeous colors, will take your breath away. If you’re in the market for new accessories, and you’d like those accessories to be works of art, you’ve come to the right place.

Heady Hawaii


For those looking to explore the intellectual side of the cannabis world, give the Academy of Cannabis Science a trawl. The Academy of Cannabis Science offers courses on a variety of cannabis-related topics from pain management and grow guidance to the relationship between cannabis and pets. Their Instagram features news from the academy and its courses, inspirational quotes from great figures in history, tidbits of knowledge, and important cannabis statistics. If you’re looking to increase your intellectual engagement with this special plant, consider adding the Academy of Cannabis Science to your online environment.

Academy of Cannabis


The name says it all: This account is home to a granny with a passion for dabbing. Dabbing Granny is a true inspiration to dabbers young and old, showing that you don’t need to be a young person to operate a rig. Dabbing Granny posts frequent stories about her adventures in dabbing, new accessories, and the complexities of ageing. Dabbing Granny brings an entirely new perspective to the cannabis world, revealing a side of the culture that is all-too-often overlooked. If you’re looking for an account that combines humour, wisdom, and extensive knowledge on dabbing technology, you’ve come to the right place.

Dabbing Granny


If you like all these accounts and are looking to add a little something extra, check out Royal Queen Seeds’ Instagram for great strain recommendations, hydroponic designs, accessories, and much more! You’ll also hear about red-hot seed deals, allowing you to enhance your growing system in a cost-effective way. If you’re way into growing, want to learn more about strains, or generally enjoy weed information, our Instagram is for you.

Royal Queen Seeds

Instagram is a great place to delve deeper into weed culture. Once you follow the seven accounts listed here, you’ll no doubt get many more weed-based recommendations. With a little luck, it’s not hard to find inspiration, community and knowledge in the Instagram-based weed ecosystem.

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