RQS Author Cannabis Journalist & Entrepreneur

Marguerite Arnold

I write about: Medical Cannabis, Legalization, Blockchain

Marguerite specialises in cannabis reform as well as cannabis industry and medical innovation.

Marguerite Arnold is a seasoned creative and technologist.

Marguerite Arnold is a cannabis industry journalist working from Germany—the forefront of EU legalisation. She covers global cannabis developments, having written for such publications as High Times, Royal Queen Seeds, and the International Cannabis Business Conference.

Thanks to her master's degree in Business Administration, Marguerite has unparalleled insights into the challenges facing the cannabis industry, and focuses on medical innovation and business development with her work. Such insight has also led to co-founding digital health-related start-up companies looking to innovate in the German medical market, as well as write a book covering the reform history of cannabis.

Marguerite’s latest posts

  • Cannabis Clothing: Fashionable and Functional

    Cannabis clothing is commonplace these days, as is the use of the plant. A far cry from the days of hippie culture, nowadays hoodies and leisurewear dominate. However, as weed continues to infiltra ...

  • How to Make THC Syrup

    Whether you pour it on pancakes and waffles, use it to craft a cocktail, or drizzle it atop desserts, syrup is super versatile and delicious. Now, you can infuse your favourite simple syrup with TH ...

  • How to Make Cannabis Fudge

    Delicious, easy to make and dose, cannabis fudge can be enjoyed at home or on the go. It's a discreet way to enjoy your beloved THC (or CBD) and doesn't take much time to prepare. Put your apron on ...

  • How To Make Cannabis Infused Beer

    Making your very own home-brewed canna-beer is easy to do! Why? Hops and cannabis are basically cousins. Try our recipe for a delicious canna-brew.

  • The Most Common Cannabis Mutations

    Ever seen ducksfoot cannabis? What about a variegated plant? While not common, the cannabis plant has quite a few interesting mutations that sometimes can even boost yield. Here is a list of the mo ...

  • Why You Should Journal While High

    Many people combine cannabis and journaling to achieve a goal, become more creative, or deal with intense emotions. There is no right way to journal, much less while under the influence of cannabis ...

  • Which Cannabis Strains Do Women Prefer?

    Women and men do differ when it comes to their cannabis preferences. This post looks at what kinds of cannabis women research and buy, and the strains we at RQS recommend our customers (of all gend ...

  • Top 10 Crossbred Cannabis Strains

    These are our top 10 crossbred cannabis strains. Often boasting parents from disparate lineages, this is a perfect example of "opposites attract". Get ready for a rewarding grow, fabulous colours, ...

  • What Are Hybrid Cannabis Strains & How Are They Created?

    Hybrid cannabis harnesses the traits of two or more cultivars to create one super-charged strain. Learn how hybrids are created, why they're important, and some of the crucial traits growers select ...

  • What Is Landrace Cannabis?

    Landrace cannabis is found growing in the wild. This article explains what this kind of cannabis is, the most notable landrace strains from around the world, and why this subsector of the cannabis ...

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