Our Authors

Royal Queen Seeds works with a selection of on-staff and freelance cannabis journalists to bring our users the latest news, guides and highlights from the world of cannabis. Each comes from a background in writing and journalism, specialising in cannabis and the many areas that surround it. Our Authors work tirelessly to ensure RQS is at the forefront of cannabis education and knowledge. You can check out their profiles below.

  • Luke

    I write about: Cannabinoids, terpenes, phytochemicals, organic cultivation
    Luke Sumpter specialises in endocannabinoid system science, cannabis phytochemicals, and organic cultivation. Learn more about Luke
  • Max

    I write about: Hallucinogens, cannabis research, mind
    Max Sargent specialises in mind and cognition, looking at the way psychoactive substances affect how we experience the world. Learn more about Max
  • Luke

    I write about: Cannabis, CBD, Cannabinoids, THC, Science
    Luke Sholl focuses on the wellness potential of cannabis, specialising in CBD, terpenes, and cannabinoid research. Learn more about Luke
  • Steven

    I write about: Cannabis cultivation, cannabis history, cannabis culture
    Steve is a formally trained journalist that specialises in covering cannabis news from around the globe, including the latest medical studies, legislative changes, celebrity interviews, and more. Learn more about Steven
  • Miguel

    I write about: Cannabis research, cannabis cultivation, psychedelics, cannabis pop culture
    Miguel Ordoñez is a seasoned writer and journalist who specialises in cannabis culture and CBD research. Learn more about Miguel
  • Marguerite

    I write about: Medical Cannabis, Legalization, Blockchain
    Marguerite specialises in cannabis reform as well as cannabis industry and medical innovation. Learn more about Marguerite
  • Adam

    I write about: Cannabis cultivation, news, pop culture, CBD and products
    Adam Parsons specialises in a wide range of topics, including indoor and outdoor cultivation, and covers new CBD and cannabis products. Learn more about Adam
  • Ryan

    I write about: Social & Legal Issues - Cannabis Breeding - New User Education - Scientific Research
    Ryan Najjar is a cannabis journalist focused on the social and legal issues surrounding weed and the people who use it. They also have a passion for investigating the scientific merit behind claims made about cannabis. Learn more about Ryan
  • Arielle

    I write about: Cognitive Science, Genetics, Holistic Health
    Arielle Friedman has a long-time obsession with the relationship between Cognitive Science and cannabis/psychedelics. She has a degree in Cognitive Systems and over ten years of experience in scientific and technical writing. She's worked in a research lab and has published peer-reviewed scientific papers. Learn more about Arielle
  • RQS
    Editorial Team

    I write about: Cannabis growing, cannabinoids, terpenes, lifestyle
    RQS writers specialise in cannabis science, cultivation techniques, culture, history, cannabis phytochemistry, and news. Learn more about RQS

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