By Marguerite Arnold

Rolling trays are an essential piece of stoner kit. Instead of using any old hard surface nearby, from tables to chairs or even books, using a rolling tray will leave you with no mess to clean up, not to mention less waste of your valuable herb.

What Are Rolling Trays?

The name is pretty self-explanatory, but rolling trays are used as a space upon which to craft joints and blunts, or pack bowls, without losing any weed—making your life a whole lot easier. As opposed to unnecessarily small or large, uneven surfaces, using a rolling tray is straightforward and self-contained.

Benefits of Rolling Trays

✔️ No weed goes to waste
✔️ Even surface for high-quality joints
✔️ Storage space for papers, lighters, etc.
✔️ Available in a wide variety, or you can make one yourself

One way to think of a rolling tray is as the hub of your cannabis activities. They can be simple slabs, or a compact kit with indentations or sections to store your other accessories, such as rollers, grinders, papers, and filters.

One thing is for sure; this is a must-have accessory for lovers of joints and spliffs. It creates an orderly, clean process that delivers high-quality results, with a pleasant ritual wherein all of your other accessories are close by.

What Are Rolling Trays?

Common Rolling Tray Materials

Rolling trays can be found in almost every material—from wood and metal to plastic and silicone. As long as it provides a non-toxic surface on which to roll, it can be used to make a rolling tray.

Prices range from essentially free (for the DIY kind) to super fancy and high budget. It is therefore very achievable to find a rolling tray that fits your budget and lifestyle.

  • Sizes

The whole point of a rolling tray is to give you adequate room for your rolling ritual, without being so large that you can’t store or transport it anywhere. With that in mind, most rolling trays are at least 15–20cm wide, about the same length, and a couple centimetres deep—although the dimensions can vary greatly. They are usually either square or rectangle-shaped, although they can be circular, oblong, or even custom shapes.

  • Fun Designs

There is no end to the designs that can be applied to rolling trays. Often, they can be plain wood or plastic, but it is easy to find psychedelic art trays, resin trays with all sorts of shapes and objects enclosed in clear or coloured materials, and ones with glitter and stars on them. This is a basic necessity of the stoner—and as a result, there is a lot on the market already.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, of course, you can always make one yourself.

What Are Rolling Trays?

DIY Rolling Trays

Making your own DIY rolling tray is very easy. While you might be tempted to start with a simple book or a thick magazine, your cannabis can easily spill over the sides if you are not careful, creating the mess you were hoping to avoid. You can try slightly more sophisticated options such as mirrors, small jewelry trays, plates, cookie tin covers, or even frisbees—but if you’re looking for consistent results, you might also be inspired to make your own.

Here are a couple of ideas.

  • DIY Metal Rolling Tray

Obtain a simple metal tray that is large enough for joint rolling, but small enough to be conveniently stored.

Remove any labels, and spray it with paint to create the colour you want. Add in glitter, decals, or other cut-outs, and make sure they are dry.

Then, coat the entire artwork with epoxy. You could also start with a softer material like hard cardboard and even paint it. As long as you cover the entire thing with epoxy to keep the decorations in place, you are fine.

  • DIY Resin Rolling Tray

Making your own resin tray is also fairly easy. You will need a silicone mould, the resin and the resin hardener, as well as disposable gloves, clear plastic cups for mixing, resin pigment, and any gold leaf, glitter, or other material you want to add to the mix.

This could be photos, leaves, flowers, coins, or even fake jewellery. Remember, however, that the objects you embed in the resin need to be flat, as this will impact the thickness of the tray, the amount of resin you need, and the drying time—not to mention the useability downstream.

Don gloves, and prepare the resin and hardener in the cups according to instructions. If you are using multi-coloured resin, split the resin into different cups so you can add the pigment ink as desired.

Then, prepare the silicone mould, including all the creative elements you want in it. Pour the resins into the mould and let them harden. It usually takes between 24–48 hours for the resin to dry by itself. If you use a heat gun, you can dry it in seconds.

What Are Rolling Trays?

Rolling Trays From RQS

Of course, if feeling uninspired, you can always purchase a rolling tray. There are many cool designs on the market. Here is a list of our favourites.

  • RQS Metal Rolling Tray

RQS metal rolling trays bring colour and stability to your rolling session. The large rim ensures that you can roll without mess and prevent valuable herb from dropping off the edges. They also come in three sizes: small (18 × 14 × 1.5cm), medium (27.5 × 17.5 × 2.3cm), and large (34.5 × 27.5 × 2.5cm). Featuring bright colours, the RQS logo, and our tagline “Keep On Growing”, there is also an America-themed version available.

  • RQS Wooden Rolling Tray

Go au naturel with our gorgeous, hand-crafted wooden rolling tray. Made from Australian blackwood finished with edible plant oil for a protective and safe surface, it is the perfect size for either a desk or your lap at 30 × 15 × 2cm. This tray is effortlessly stylish, and classily features the RQS logo in one corner.

  • RQS Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray

Roll in style with this sleek gadget. Made of bamboo with a magnetic lid, it has plenty of cut-outs for all the necessary accessories—from grinder to paper. The design is also cool. You can split the tray in half so that one side serves as a reattachable lid. The main rolling platform has rounded edges, and the bottom is protected with foam on each corner to avoid scratches. Our RQS logo is featured in three locations.

Other Uses for a Rolling Tray

Should you want to use your all-important canna-gadget for other purposes, there are a few unique ways to do so.

  • Wall hanging: The first is, especially for the more artistic trays, as wall hangings. Many of these feature art that is as pretty as a picture. Why not display it?
  • Coaster: You might also use them as drink coasters (although you want to avoid moisture dripping into your crumbs!).
  • Window hanging: You can also use the clear epoxy trays as unique window decorations. Let the sun shine through!
  • Jewellery holder: Maybe you use them as jewellery holders—including for your canna-collection of pins, earrings, and necklaces.

No matter what you use them for (beyond their original, intended purpose), have a blast, and roll on!

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