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    By H. E. on 17/Sep/2013 :

    Title : ice
    Comment : excellent choice ! those buds were dripping honey ... super extra ordinary high

    By S. D. on 10/Sep/2013 :

    Title : good
    Comment : tres bonne graine et assez bon resultat au ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By P. J. on 10/Sep/2013 :

    Title : ICE ICE BABY
    Comment : Nice and solid Plant, very easy to grow. High and smell are realy nice and da harvest is also good

    By J. G. on 26/Aug/2013 :

    Title : I've been ICED
    Comment : Great strain, love the smell and especially love the white crystals :) keep on goin my queen!

    By J. A. on 09/Aug/2013 :

    Title : nice
    Comment : recu en 4 jours , c'est parfois agreable d'ouvrir sa boite a lettres !! :p

    By F. L. on 08/Aug/2013 :

    Comment : Top Ertrag, Top Wirkung, alles hamer.

    By K. A. on 07/Aug/2013 :

    Title : Great Weed
    Comment : just a great smoke

    By R. G. on 05/Aug/2013 :

    Title : Muy buena.
    Comment : Su capacidad relajante me hace olvidar de dolores de cabeza y me transporta a otro mundo.

    By T. V. on 01/Aug/2013 :

    Title : ice
    Comment : Tres bon produit :)

    By T. W. on 25/Jul/2013 :

    Title : Go(o)d weed
    Comment : Very strong high. Amazing taste

    By E. P. on 01/Jul/2013 :

    Title : ice
    Comment : very nice and have a very heavy high

    By G. S. on 26/Jul/2013 :

    Title : Seeds
    Comment : Welcome done to Royal seeds for excellent post sale service, seeds never arrived first time so they sent the package again which just landed, Thanks.

    By B. K. on 24/Jun/2013 :

    Title : ICE
    Comment : Super graines, 58gr en 67 jours, parfait !

    By G. W. on 24/Jun/2013 :

    Title : ice fresh
    Comment : très bonne herbe, facile a cultiver, enorme quantité, rien a redire, déjà acheté en growshop je rachete sur internet

    By P. Z. on 03/Jun/2013 :

    Title : RQS (N)ICE
    Comment : Nice plant, good yield, fruity smell :)

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