Best Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

If you’re growing outdoors, you need to select genetics that can handle this environment. Our range of outdoor cultivars are more than capable of dealing with a variety of different climates. Get great results—every time.

  • Do-Si-Dos Auto
  • Purplematic CBD

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What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Strains?

There are thousands of cannabis strains out there, each with its own traits. However, not all of them are made to thrive in the elements. Solid outdoor strains must exhibit the ability to handle pests, diseases, and weather extremes. All of our outdoor varieties are equipped to brush off these stressors, enabling them to grow steadily and produce massive yields with high cannabinoid and terpene concentrations.

Get Ready To Grow The Best Outdoor Cannabis

Our skilled breeding team created our best outdoor strains by harnessing the power of legendary varieties that already thrive in this environment. Our breeding stock includes a long list of legendary cultivars, including Purple Afghani, White Widow, Kush, and Skunk.

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