Best Cannabis Strains To Grow In A Greenhouse

Looking for the best cannabis strains for your greenhouse? Look no further. Below is a handpicked selection of our favourite greenhouse strains with small to medium statures, ideal for greenhouses of all shapes and sizes. 

  • Shining Silver Haze

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What to Look For When Growing Weed Seeds in a Greenhouse?

While every grower is different, greenhouse cannabis growers typically look for shorter strains that are resilient to pests and pathogens, and that can handle a longer flowering period. Above, you'll find small to medium strains that perform well under indoor conditions, are pest-resistant, and produce great harvests in both short and long time frames.

How to Choose the Best Strain for Your Greenhouse?

To get the most out of your greenhouse weed, we recommend looking for strains that are specifically suited to indoor or greenhouse growing (dedicated outdoor strains are typically too large). Of course, don't forget to assess the flavors, aromas, and effects of a strain to make sure you end up harvesting buds that suit your tastes and preferences!

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