Chocolate Haze

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Lovers of chocolate will be enchanted and surprised when they grow Chocolate Haze cannabis seeds. A phenotype of the strain Chocolope, this resilient strain produces a sweet and happy high leaving the smoker feeling uplifted, sunny and glowing. Growing this unique strain will have you curing for its flowers within 8-10 weeks and sharing with friends shortly after.

This tasty genetic miracle is bred to grow strong and harvest early. Growers will delight in the ease and speed of production. The basis of this strain is an OG Chocolate Thai plant carefully bred with all-star Cannalope Haze. These hybrid specimens have a low resistance to mold so take care in their initial development. They are guaranteed to be feminized to ensure production.

A strain best smoked in the afternoon, a wandering mind will find a clear high with intellectual results when enjoying its flowers. Buying chocolope seeds will bring you a large harvest and a strong result. An energetic feeling of euphoria lasts for 1-2 hours then leaves the user feeling aware and alert to their surroundings. Questions and inspiration may follow when used alone. Haze strains are commonly referred to as the strongest weed”

A medicinal strain targeted at sufferers of chronic depression, Chocolate Haze will uplift and brighten as well as aid in a variety of medical ailments. Arthritis, ADD/ADHD, joint pain, stress and migraines are all greatly reduced with regular use of this strain.

The plant has genetics roots in Thailand and produces flowers quickly. Chocolate Haze seeds will thrive when grown in hydro and in soil, but keep in mind the space required for the large plant. The flowers may be a crowd-pleaser when smoked, but the plant is a sight to behold! It will grow in all directions eating up space in your grow room.

A member of the Haze strain family, Chocolate Haze is a sativa-dominant seed. It is 95 percent sativa and 5 percent indica. Haze strains were originally bred in California in the 1970’s before they were shared with the rest of the world and popularized in Amsterdam. Chocolate Haze seeds have up to a 20 percent THC content and the high is very powerful, even for the most experienced smokers.

Experienced growers will reap 450-500 grams per plant in outdoor conditions when the harvest is dried. This resilient crop is easy to grow outdoors and should be ready in October to November. Because of its massive size, it is not recommended to grow indoors and this large, bushy plant is best taken care of by seasoned gardeners who will catch any infestation of mold early on. Indoors, it will reach 160 cm, but outdoors is can grow to 200 cm tall.

The smoke of this strain has been described as fruity, light and underlined with a strong chocolate flavor. It will linger in the air and dance across the room. Users have described feeling briefly transformed to the nostalgia of the 1980’s as they let the soft smoke engulf their lungs and the chocolate flavors dance on their tongues.

  • THC: 20%+-
  • CBD: Low
  • Yield Indoor : 475 - 525 gr/m2
  • Yield Outdoor: 450 - 500 gr/plant
  • Height Indoor: 90 - 160 cm
  • Height Outdoor: 150 - 200 cm
  • Flowering: 9 - 10 weeks
  • Harvest month: Late October
  • Genetic Background: OG Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze
  • Type: Sa 95% In 5% Ru 0%
  • Effect: Very high

    By P. C. :

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    By C. G. on 13/Feb/2017 :

    Title : Best plant on RQS
    Comment : For me this is the best "Haze" plant

    By A. C. on 01/Feb/2017 :

    Title : A winner in my garden.
    Comment : This seed was a gift with the last order - in 110 days from beginning to end I harvested one of the most beautiful plants. Thank you Royal Queen.

    By B. M. on 02/Jan/2017 :

    Title : En cours
    Comment : Graines offertes par le site : Germination 3/3 les plantes sont en place depuis 2semaines tout va bien je deposerai un bilan à la fin du cycle ;)

    By S. F. on 21/Dec/2016 :

    Title : Absolutely INCREDIBLE
    Comment : WOW! Where to start?! After growing 4 of those babies i am simple dumbfounded at the Quality and Consistency of RQS! Grown in 25L Fabric pots under 4x300W marshydro LED panels and fed the full Plant Magic range of organic nutrients, i was able to pull 522 grams of Exceptional quality dried & manicured buds! Possibly one of the highest yielding Sativas i have ever encountered, these plants required support from the 4th week of flowering onwards until harvest. After being cured in glass jars for 8 weeks, the chocolate taste is finally noticeable on the smoke/vape with subtle earthy/cocoa/wooody undertones. Overall extremely pleased and will definitely choose RQS for all my future needs. As a final note, the phenos i got were very similar, tall and lanky and finished on the 11th week, not 9-10 as advertised but who cares :) :) :)

    By S. B. on 15/Dec/2016 :

    Title : Magnifique!!
    Comment : J'ai acheté ces graines directement au magasin royal qeen seeds et elles étaient juste parfaite de bonne grosse bud et un super goût!!!!

    By X. D. on 05/Dec/2016 :

    Title : Gg
    Comment : Germe en 3 jours, hâte d arrriver en flo si elle es Aussi vien qu'à amsterdam jaurais la gaule en la fumant aller la Belgique 6140

    By L. B. on 18/Nov/2016 :

    Title : AMAZING
    Comment : Pianta bellissima! Facile da coltivare , massimi risultati con pochissimo sforzo! Ne ho tante della RQS ma questa è la migliore

    By S. G. on 11/Nov/2016 :

    Comment : Que du bon cette choco-haze reçu en cadeau. Merci RQS

    By F. M. on 07/Nov/2016 :

    Title : Excellent
    Comment : Excellent goût je recommande

    By R. R. on 31/Oct/2016 :

    Title : wow! amazing in outcome, taste and high!
    Comment : thanks RQS-Team for the free promo of 1 seed chocolate haze with my order from spring. I had 3 plants (1x Chocolate Haze,1x Lemon Haze,1x Special Queen) on 0,36m² (1,40m hight) with a Mars Hydro Reflector 96. These 3 plants gave me about 120gramms dry and the chocolate haze alone was 60g at one plant. That's amazing. But that's not all. It was also the best in smell, taste and high. If you need some strong uplifting weed, maybe for being creative afterwards.... take chocolate haze! The smell is not really chocolate.... it's more a bit of lemon or fruity smell. Had my buds in jars (at 62% humidity) from day 4 after harvest. After 2 weeks they began to get rid of the chlorophil and start smelling and tasting excelent. definately a rebuy! BIG UP RQS for that one!

    By J. J. on 28/Oct/2016 :

    Title : I got the chocolate haze free
    Comment : I got 3 chocolate haze free with my of kush have to say all 3 sprouted and grew very quickly really think I'm going to order ,10 next time yes flowering is longer but well worth the extra couple of weeks

    By F. M. on 10/Aug/2016 :

    Title : Good stuff but super long flowering
    Comment : It's really good but it doesn't grow well in places with a low humidity. Also it takes like 12 weeks of flowering, not 9-10 as advertised. But if you are patient, it's a great strain. Just a side note, I think the strain sold here is not a very stable hybrid, I grew several plants several times and almost always ended up with different phenotypes.

    By J. H. on 28/Jul/2016 :

    Title : Envie d'une nouvelle sativa
    Comment : J'avais envie de la tester depuis un moment,petit retard dans la livraison mais le sav à bien gérer,et m'a constamment tenu au courant,prevu pour un scrog uniquement sativa

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