By Luke Sumpter

The Royal Queen Seeds magazine brings our library of cannabis knowledge into the physical realm. This publication will be released twice per year and features pages full of valuable information—from groundbreaking growing techniques to the latest in cannabis gadgets and interviews with some of the most interesting people in the world of cannabis.

You’ll also learn about the herb on a deeper level. Each issue features a different lesson on the history of cannabis, important figures, and the herb's cultural impact. The RQS magazine also covers the latest strains, their specific traits, and the best ways to grow them.

RQS reserves each copy for our most loyal and dedicated customers. You’ll receive a free magazine when you spend over a certain amount in our online store.

Bring your cannabis knowledge to the next level and dive into these pages when you need a break from social media. Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, take a seat in your grow room or garden, and enjoy the very first issues of the RQS magazine! Check out some of the areas we cover in issue one below.

RQS Magazine


The RQS magazine dives into The Hashish Club in issue one. You’ll learn about an elusive group of intellectuals who harnessed the psychoactive power of hash to inspire their written and artistic works. Discover the inspiring effects that hash had on some of the most creative minds of the Romantic era.


This issue of RQS magazine features some gadgets and tools that will boost germination rate, improve plant health, and help you monitor the health of your soil. We take a look at the RQS Starter Kit, an innovative design that provides seedlings with everything they need to emerge into a thriving young plant. We also take a look at the Royal Guardians Full Pack. This bundle of companion plant seeds will help protect your crop against pest species while attracting beneficial insects to the grow space.

You’ll also be amazed at the watering globes featured in this edition. These impressive devices water your plants while you're away, and they’ll boost the aesthetics of your garden at the same time. If you’re the kind of grower that likes stats and figures, check out the pH tester featured in this section—you’ll never have to leave the health of your soil to guesswork again.


The RQS magazine brings you the brightest and best voices from the cannabis community. In this issue, we had the chance to speak to Yoidi Ganjah Zone about the power of organic cannabis nutrition. Find out how this well-known cultivator produces healthy and productive plants using natural methods. Yoidi tells us why growing organic makes for better-tasting weed, and how he goes about fighting pests without chemicals.


In this edition of “Apothecary”, you’ll discover how cannabis might be able to help you in sports. We explore the effect cannabis has on muscle strain and the nature of the body’s homeostatic network: the endocannabinoid system. CBD will become your go-to post-workout supplement after reading this fascinating segment.


At Royal Queen Seeds, we unleashed our largest strain release ever this year! Check out some of the new additions to our ever-growing catalog in this issue of the RQS magazine. New feminized seeds include tasty specimens such as Cookies Gelato and El Patron, while Hulkberry Auto and Fat Banana Auto feature in our new autoflowering lineup. You’ll also discover our brand-new high-CBD genetics! Finally, you’ll get to feast your eyes on our completely new category—regular seeds!


The beginning of the outdoor growing season has arrived! This issue of the RQS magazine features a complete step-by-step guide on how to successfully grow cannabis outdoors. Learn when to start, how to choose the right seeds, and how to germinate correctly. We’ll take you all the way through the vegetative and flowering phases to ensure you achieve a healthy and hefty harvest.


Whether you are a full-blown cannabis chef or an enthusiastic home cook, you’ll blow your friends away with this delicious infused gazpacho. This delicious cold soup is light, full of nutrition, and perfect for warm summer days. Brace your taste buds for a bowl of cannabinoid-infused goodness!



Women have made a massive impact on the world of cannabis over the years. In this edition, we focus on the waves made by Jodie Emery. This cannabis legalization activist and political candidate has fought tirelessly in the campaign to free the herb, even in the face of her father and husband being arrested. Learn about Jodie’s contributions to the cannabis community.


Learn some quirky and rare facts about cannabis and impress your smoking buddies next time you’re chilling around the coffee table. Blow their minds with the relationship between Shakespeare and weed, and fill them in on Carl Sagan’s opinion of cannabis.


Most cannabis users have a preference for either stoning indica varieties or energising sativa strains. In this segment, discover the five best activities to participate in while feeling the heavy body stone of indica flowers, alongside the best ways to spend your sativa experience!


Keep up to date with the latest Royal Queen Seeds events. Follow us around the world and come and say hi! We love meeting you all! Check out updates on events happening in Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, and beyond.

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