By Luke Sumpter

It won’t count as one of your five a day, but making a DIY weed pipe out of different kinds of fruit and veg certainly makes for a fun project. Find out which types work best for this purpose, and how to make them!

What Are the Benefits of Using Fruits or Vegetables as a Cannabis Pipe?

Whether you own a cabinet full of extravagant glass rigs or you’ve never inhaled THC from anything but a joint, smoking weed out of a DIY fruit or vegetable bong always makes for a fun time. It might sound strange—or even desperate—to raid the pantry for a soon-to-be smoking device. But you shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The top benefits of carving into pumpkins and apples in order to get high include:

  • It’s cheap: While standard acrylic bongs will hardly rinse your bank account, large glass rigs and detailed pipes don’t come cheap. If you usually smoke joints and blunts, but fancy hitting something different, why not explore the options in your fruit bowl?
  • It’s fun: There aren’t many cannabis users out there that use spare fruit and veg as their only means of getting high. Look at this method of smoking  as something novel and fun. Imagine turning up to a party and seeing an assortment of modified fruits and vegetables ready and waiting.                                                                                               
  • It’s a reliable backup plan: You dropped and smashed your pipe weeks ago. Oh, and you just ran out of rolling papers. Before you stoop to the lows of crafting a bong out of yesterday’s newspaper, see what the bottom shelf of your fridge has to offer. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t involve inhaling ink.

What Do You Need to Make a Fruit or Vegetable Pipe?

It doesn’t take much to convert a fruit or vegetable into a working pipe. Along with a relatively steady hand, you’ll need the following tools and pieces of gear. Some of them are optional, but they certainly make the process easier—especially if you’re converting large firm vegetables, such as squash. Grab the following:

  • Fruit or veg of your choice
  • Pen
  • Drill
  • Metal gauze
  • Kitchen knife
  • Screwdriver

The Best Fruit Cannabis Pipes

There are plenty of fruits out there that make viable pipes. To keep things simple, we’ve selected the most common fruits that you likely have lying around your kitchen. Keep in mind that you’ll need to use relatively fresh fruit that has some structural integrity; using overly ripe bananas and oranges will result in little more than a sticky mess.

Banana Pipe

You never thought you’d ask yourself how to smoke out of a banana—yet here you are. To make this tropical smoking apparatus, you’ll need to grab a pen, knife, and metal gauze from your arsenal. You’ll also need a greenish-yellow banana that isn’t too mushy.

Use your knife to cut off a thin sliver from one end of the banana so that you remove the skin and expose some of the inner flesh. Congratulations, you just made the mouthpiece. Next, carve out a bowl at the other end, at a depth of two-thirds of the total width of the banana. Cut a small slither of banana off the other end near the bowl. Stick a pen in it until the tunnel reaches the bowl. This is your carb hole.

Now, grab your pen and insert it into the end that you sliced off before making the bowl. Push it deep enough so that it burrows a tunnel into the bowl itself. Next, insert a metal gauze into the bowl to prevent small particles of ash from shooting down the newly formed stem.

You’re ready to go! Load some bud into the bowl, place the mouthpiece against your lips, and let it rip!


Apple Pipe

Next, you’re going to learn how to make a DIY apple pipe. Take your knife and carve out a shallow hole (around 0.4 – 0.8 inches deep) on the top of the apple. Next, take your pen and make a narrow tunnel at the bottom of the bowl that reaches the center of the fruit.

Brandish your pen once more and make another tunnel from one side of the apple into the center, where the two tunnels will intersect—this hole is your mouthpiece. Repeat the same from the other side of the apple to create a carb hole. Insert some metal gauze into the bowl and light up some herb.


Orange Pipe

To avoid getting your herb all soggy, we suggest using an external bowl with a downstem when crafting a DIY orange marijuana pipe. Grab your pen and drive it straight down through the top of the orange until you reach the center.

Next, use the pen to create a tunnel from the side of the orange into the center. Repeat on the other side to make a carb hole. Now, place the downstem of your external bowl into the top hole. Take apart another pen so that you’re left with a hollow tube. Insert this into one of the tunnels on the side of the orange. You’re now left with a DIY fruit pipe that resembles a steam chalice (but works differently). Have fun!

Melon Pipe

Watermelon. Galia. Honeydew. Cantaloupe. Nothing beats sinking your teeth into these sweet fruits on a warm summer afternoon. But they’re more than mere refreshments; they also make excellent and exciting pipes!

To convert a juicy melon into a DIY weed pipe, you’ll need something stronger and longer than a pen. Grab a large screwdriver and make three tunnels that meet in the middle—one from the top and two from either side (one for the mouthpiece and the other for the carb hole).

Nothing’s stopping you from carving out a bowl on top and toking from the hole in the side. However, for a more pleasurable experience, slide the downstem of an external bowl into the top, and an empty pen or tube into the side.


The Best Vegetable Cannabis Pipes

We’ve covered some of nature’s most glucose-rich gifts. Now, let’s turn our attention to the vegetable world. The veggies below are common ingredients in stews and salads, but they also make functional pipes.

Potato Pipe

The humble potato. Without this starchy tuber, we’d live in a gray world void of french fries and crisps. While many of our ancestors depended on this staple crop to survive, their descendants got far too comfortable in the modern world and started using them to smoke weed.

First off, select the longest and most oblong potato you can get your hands on. Proceed to cut off a thin slice from one end. Next, carve out a bowl on the side near the other end. Use a screwdriver to burrow a hole from the cut end up to the carved bowl. Now, make a carb hole on the opposite end of the potato. Insert a metal gauze, add a sprinkle of your favorite strain, and get blazing.

Squash/Pumpkin Pipe

Squash and pumpkins are different beasts—especially if you’ve stored them away for a while. To conquer these monolithic vegetables (that are technically fruits), it’ll help to grab a drill with a long drill bit. Plus, try not to get too excited about size; you’ll find it hard to link up the tunnels when working with a ribbon-winning pumpkin.

Begin by drilling directly down from the top of the squash or pumpkin. Remove the drill bit and carve out a bowl around the top portion of the tunnel. Next, grab your drill again and make another tunnel that meets the other in the middle of the pumpkin or squash. Do the same on the other side to make a carb hole. You know the drill (no pun intended) from here; add gauze, add weed, and smoke weed.

Avocado Pipe

Making a DIY weed pipe from an avocado sounds preposterous. However, after reading these instructions, you’ll be ready to guac and roll. If you’re a fan of avocados, you’ll know just how quickly they go off. For this project, you’ll need a young and unripe specimen.

First, use a pen to poke a hole directly down into the top part (the narrow end) of the avocado; push down until you hit the large pit within. Use a teaspoon or a knife to widen the top of the tunnel, creating a funnel shape.

Next, push the pen into the side of the avocado until it intersects with the vertical hole. Then, continue to push it through until it emerges from the other side. Use one side as the mouthpiece and the other as the carb hole. Fill your bowl with bud—you know what to do next.

Cucumber Pipe

This refreshing summer vegetable doesn’t only add an element of hydration to salads. If you're out of smoking supplies, or simply want to try something new, then use one to blaze your favorite strains. You have two choices with this endeavour: use the longer Japanese or American varieties to make a large pipe, or the English or Persian varieties to make a smaller one.

To transform your cucumber into a pipe, scoop out some flesh on one end with a spoon to make a bowl. If you’re using a long type of cucumber, you’ll need to cut it in half before the next step. Now, use a pen to pierce a hole through both ends of the cucumber until both tunnels emerge into the bowl. Add a metal gauze into the bowl, load in your bud, place a finger over the carb hole, and take a hit.

The Wild Card Cannabis Pipes

We’ve shown you how to convert common fruits and vegetables into working marijuana pipes. However, if you want to surprise your friends with something even more novel and bizarre, then try the two alternative options below.

Jalapeño Pipe

Yeah. We’re serious. To add a bite to your hits, start by removing the stem at the top of the pepper, creating a hole. Then, bite off a small portion from the tip of your jalapeño and enjoy the sting. Use a knife to cut out a bowl with a diameter smaller than your metal gauze. This will allow you to bend your gauze into the shape of a shallow bowl, preventing your bud from falling into the hollow pepper. Now, use a pen to make a small carb hole, and feel the burn!


Starburst Pipe

Who doesn’t love the mouthgasm that Starbursts provide? Unwrap an entire packet of Starburst. Set three aside, and slide the rest down a screwdriver, much like adding BBQ meat to a skewer; this will create an equally sized hole in the center of each piece. Apply enough force to make the pieces of candy stick together. Next, pull the stack off of the screwdriver. This structure will form the stem of the pipe.

Grab the two spare pieces, stack them on top of each other, and drive the screwdriver through the center. This structure will become the bowl.

Next, grab the final spare piece and use the screwdriver to make a hole through the middle, and another hole through any of the sides. This end piece will link up the stem of the pipe to the bowl and serve as a carb hole. Connect it to the pipe stem, then attach the bowl.

Finally, you can pack your bud into the bowl and take one strikingly sweet hit after another.

The Art of Homemade Pipes and Bongs

The fruit and veg (and candy) mentioned above are but a few examples of what’s possible when creating homemade pipes and bongs. Let your imagination run wild! Why not experiment with zucchini, pears, parsnips, carrots, cabbages, and even other types of candy? Take pictures to document your creations, show your friends, and discard your fruit and veg in the compost pile to fertilise your plants several months down the line.

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