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Despite the wealth of entertainment choices available to the average person today, podcasts continue to provide tremendous entertainment value. From comedy to economics, this comprehensive list of podcasts covers all kinds of marijuana content. Many of these podcasts feature a healthy mix of entertainment, news, and education. So whether you are interested in cannabis entertainment, cannabis business, cannabis history, or just cannabis, you can find something to suit your interests on this list. Here are, in no particular order, 8 of the best English language cannabis podcasts available for download today.


Cannabis comedian Doug Benson broke into the mainstream in 2007 with his Netflix-featured comedy special “Super High Me”. Doug now regularly brings his unique style of cannabis-themed comedy to the podcast world. What could be better than weed and jokes?

Doug’s hour-long show regularly features other comedians that join him to discuss their experiences with, and views on, marijuana. Past contributors include the likes of Tommy Chong, Sarah Silverman, Eric Andre, and Jack Black, just to name a few. Some examples of regular segments include “Pot Topics”—a satirical take on cannabis news, and “High History”—where guests discuss their own histories with marijuana. With hundreds of episodes currently available for download, it's hard to beat this one when it comes to entertainment value.

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Adam Dunn has been a public figure in cannabis culture since the 1990s. His weekly podcast provides listeners with 3 hours of insightful content about cannabis news, culture, entertainment, and science. From getting high to gardening high, Adam focuses on all things cannabis. The broad spectrum of topics he covers gives his show more freedom and flexibility than most other cannabis podcasts. You can expect to hear from a wide range of guests including doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and cannabis professionals. The Adam Dunn experience is always incredibly informative and insightful.

Such a wide range of topics, information, and opinions make Adam’s show one of the most interesting on this list. If you are looking to expand your general knowledge of cannabis and the industry at large, Adam’s show is definitely a great place to start.

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The Royal Queen Seeds Podcast covers all things cannabis. The show features episodes with experts from many different weed-related fields, from growing, breeding, and cannabis training to science and technology, authors, and even musicians.

As a multinational podcast, different episodes are recorded in different languages. You’ll mind most of the current shows in English, yet we’re expanding into Spanish and French episodes, too.

The podcast already offers a wealth of invaluable cannabis information. Soon, we’ll also host episodes with activists, doctors, cannabis chefs, and even cannabis sex experts. Expand your cannabis knowledge with the RQS podcast at home, in the gym, or when driving to work.

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CannaInsider is an exceptionally informative podcast that provides listeners with an inside view of the cannabis industry. Every week, host Matthew Kind explores topics like legalization, working in the cannabis industry, cannabis investments, cannabis tourism, and cannabis science. Matthew regularly interviews experts, providing listeners with unique and authoritative insights into the marijuana industry. Past guests include cannabis researchers, dispensary employees, cannabis product manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and investors. If you are interested in the ins and outs of the marijuana industry, this podcast is definitely for you.

CannaInsider provides some fantastic insights into the exciting development of the marijuana industry. It is a testament to how far cannabis has come, and how much further it will go. Matthew’s podcast will get you genuinely excited for the intriguing and lively future that lies ahead for the global marijuana industry.


The Dude Grows Show is a cannabis podcast primarily focussed on cultivating marijuana. Despite this, the show tends to feature a variety of information including news, culture, and entertainment. No matter your level of expertise when it comes to growing cannabis, these dudes can teach you something. The dudes may even help you out by answering your growing questions on their podcast.

Whether you are interested in cannabis education or cannabis entertainment, the dudes have you covered. If you like the podcast, check out the Dude Grows website for a wealth of information about the cultivation of marijuana.

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Great Moments in Weed History, hosted by Abdullah and Bean, is one of the most fun cannabis podcasts available for download today. These guys turn the clock back on weed in hilarious fashion. Their podcast educates listeners on the use of marijuana throughout history—exploring people, places, and, of course, cannabis. Episodes are meticulously researched and superbly organized for maximum educational and entertainment value. If you are looking for a fun, laid-back, and educational experience, this is the podcast for you.

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This podcast is a little bit more technical and specialized than the others on this list. Similar to the Dude Grows Show, Cannabis Cultivation and Science deals specifically with growing marijuana. However, it approaches the topic in a much more professional manner than the dudes. Host Tad Hussey sits down with cultivation experts from all over the industry to discuss developments in growing technology and expertise. The main focus of this podcast is not necessarily to entertain, but to inform. You can expect to learn about everything from soil and nutrients to drying and storing.

These guys may not blow you away with their banter, but they can definitely help you increase your yield. If you are interested in obtaining technical knowledge about the cultivation of marijuana, check out this podcast.

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Cannabis Economy is a podcast that focuses on the money side of the cannabis industry. With over 300 episodes in the catalog, this podcast contains a wealth of information about the economics of marijuana, all packed into 30-minute episodes. This podcast allows listeners to hear from a wide range of experts in the US marijuana industry. From state senators to policy analysts and business owners, Cannabis Economy provides a platform for all kinds of people involved in cannabis.

This podcast will help you to better understand the day-to-day workings of the marijuana industry. Moreover, it often provides us with unique and insightful perspectives into recent developments and future expectations. There is simply no better podcast on this list for understanding the economic motivations behind cannabis politics and industry.


This one is well worth your time. Blunt Business is not just another business-focussed cannabis podcast. If you regularly smoke or grow your own weed, it can actually help you save some money. Whether you are looking to get high for less, or to start your own profitable cannabusiness, these guys can help put some money in your pocket. Past episodes have covered everything from saving money by baking edibles to safely moving money in and out of marijuana businesses. Anyone who smokes weed or is interested in business can benefit from listening to this podcast. If you need some financial advice, these guys can definitely help you out!

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