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Do you want to smoke hashish in your vaporizer—the right way? Vaping hash is both possible and extremely enjoyable, but it is important to understand how to do it properly. In this article, we will recap all the principles you should keep in mind when vaporizing hash—from the basics of which type of hash is recommended to the characteristics of the best vaporizers for hash, and all the must-follow tips to bring your hash-vaping experience to the next level!

What Is Hash?

Simply put, hash is a concentrated form of cannabis, but it differs from other concentrates because it retains more plant material, which gives it a distinct taste, look, and feel. The starting point of hash are the same cannabis flowers that are harvested, dried, and cured—AKA the buds. When growing cannabis, it is essentially the trichomes on the buds you want to harvest over everything else. Trichomes are small glands holding essential terpenes and cannabinoids, the most notable of which are THC and CBD—two substances you should already be familiar with if you are a frequent smoker.

Hash is basically a way to harvest trichomes through a light and simple process. Traditionally, and for thousands of years, it has been done by hand-rubbing (in South Asia) or by sieving (in the Middle East and Mediterranean), then making it more compact either by hand or by mechanical pressing. Depending on the chosen method, hash takes on different consistencies, e.g. hand-rubbed hash becomes resin-looking (darker color, malleable) while dry-sift hash is essentially pollen (lighter, yellow-brownish color and granular structure). This cannabis derivative is easy to store (and to smuggle!), and therefore is one of the earliest forms in which mankind has been enjoying this goodie from heaven. Furthermore, it can potentially last for years without losing its potency!

How To Vape Hash And Which Vaporizer To Choose

Vaping Hash Vs. Traditional Smoking

When vaping hash, you will discover that the flavor is more intense and rich. In fact, you will be able to much better appreciate the taste of fresh hash over that of burned material.

Vaping is the healthiest way to consume buds, but also hash and other derivatives (such as rosin, shatter, wax, and honey).

The vaporizer allows for all the right cannabinoids and terpenes to evaporate, but does not burn plant material. Hence, there is no combustion and no emission of carcinogenic substances. Basically, one can say that vaping is less harsh on your lungs.

The Best Vaporizers for Smoking Hash

Long gone are the days of dry-herb-only vaporizers. With hash and other concentrates revolutionising the way we enjoy cannabis, vaporizer companies

now offer a wide variety of vapes compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. Below we shine a spotlight on some of our favorite vaporizers for smoking hash.

VapCap M

In an age of smart technology and endless gadgets, the VapCap M offers some much-needed simplicity. Requiring no charger (yep, read that again), this ergonomic vape pen easily fits into your pocket, and can literally accompany you anywhere. Loading the VapCap M is as simple as packing its cap with your favorite bud and lighting it with a torch lighter until you hear a "click". Then, it's time to inhale and enjoy sweet, full-bodied, smoke-free hits.

When vaping hash or concentrates with the VapCap M, try:

1. Wrapping your hash/concentrate in some degummed hemp fibre or unbleached natural cotton before loading it into the VapCap. As you heat the cap with your lighter, the hemp fibre/cotton will help to keep the oils in your hash/dabs from sticking to the walls of your vape, making it a lot easier to clean. Note, however, that you may want to heat your VapCap M a little past the "click" to ensure better vaporization.

Note: Some users of the VapCap M claim that using hemp fibre or cotton can affect the flavor of their vapor. If you find this to be true, try "sandwiching" your hash or dabs between some ground flower. Do this by first loading some bud into your VapCap, followed by your concentrate of choice, followed by a little more ground bud.

2. If you don't want to use hemp fibre/cotton or mix your hash with herb, you can try simply sticking your hash to the inside of your VapCap and proceeding to use the vape as you normally would. Note that this might not work with very viscous concentrates. Also, as your hash heats inside the cap, it will liquify and cover the inside of the cap. If you choose to vape hash this way, make sure to clean your vape and capsule regularly.


The PAX has held its place as one of the best portable vaporizers on the market for years. And for very good reason; it consistently offers the latest vape technology at a decent price. The PAX 3 is no exception, boasting a 20-second heat-up time, LED lights, and countless customisation options via the PAX mobile app. Plus, it comes complete with all the accessories you could ever need, including a concentrate pod—perfect for vaping all your favorite kinds of hash.

Vaping concentrates with the PAX 3 is super simple:

  1. Fill the specialized concentrate pod with the hash or dabs of your choice.
  2. Close the container, attach it to the PAX extracts oven, and load the oven into the vaporizer.
  3. Turn on your PAX vaporizer.
  4. Customise your heat settings via the PAX mobile app.
  5. Inhale through the mouthpiece, and enjoy!


Don't be put off by its price tag; the Mighty+ is a top-of-the-line portable vaporizer designed by Storz & Bickel, creators of the iconic Volcano desktop vape. The Mighty+ heats up in 60 seconds and comes complete with a variety of cleaning tools, replacement screens, and a concentrate pod. Its new ergonomic grip makes for a more comfortable user experience, while its medical certification (valid in Israel, Europe, and Canada) offers an extra seal of security and quality.

Here's how to vape hash and other concentrates with the Mighty+:

  1. When vaping viscous hash, first load a specialized concentrate pad either directly into the Mighty+ chamber or into one of the dosing capsules. Then, use a dab tool to spread the hash onto the concentrate pad. Proceed to use your Mighty+ as normal, but consider heating it to a higher temperature than you would when vaping herbs (see our general tips for vaporizing hash below).
  2. If you're vaping dry hash, put it into a dosing capsule, and load the capsule into the chamber of your Mighty+. Use the Mighty+ as normal.
  3. If you do not have dosing capsules or liquid pads for your Mighty+, you can "sandwich" some hash between two layers of dry herb inside the Mighty+ chamber. Note that this will obviously affect the flavor of the vapor, as you'll be vaping both dry herb and hash simultaneously.

General Tips for Vaporizing Hash

  • To squeeze dense and rich clouds of vapor from your device, it is essential to manage the temperature levels with precision. Hash typically needs to be vaped at higher temperatures than dry bud. Keep in mind that hash combusts at 210–220ºC (while 230ºC is the limit above which the material deteriorates). You can also set the temperature of your vaporizer lower than that. Below 185ºC, you will experience a lighter and more mental high, while above that, it will be a more typical hash high. Above 200ºC, you will maximise the intensity of your hit, and—if you are a beginner smoker—it will get you stoned right away.
  • Your vaporizer should be equipped with a pad designed to retain liquids, since hash melts when heated. You do not want that caramel gold to run into the heating chamber or over the electrical components of the vaporizer! Even with a liquid pad, you should still read through the tips below to understand how to minimise the risk of obstructing your vaporizer!
  • Last but not least, keep in mind that wax or other concentrate vaporizers are designed for concentrates that are highly refined, while hash is only mildly refined. Therefore, you may want to choose a dry herb or hybrid vaporizer that boasts the above-mentioned characteristics over a wax-specific vape.

Top 6 Tips On How To Vaporize Hash

There is no general consensus on how to best vaporize hash. At the same time, there are a few tips that you can follow to enjoy your hash-vaping experience to the max.

  • Break It Down

Reduce your hash to the smallest possible crumbles in order to make for easier vaping. For this, it’s best if you have access to high-quality pollen hash, which is easier to break down as such. Resin will also vaporize, but it will be harder to reduce in more or less even bits, which is essential to obtain homogeneous vaporization.

  • Increase Surface Area

Spread the pieces of hash as evenly as possible throughout the bowl to enhance surface contact with the hot air. This makes better use of your hash so that nothing goes to waste.

  • Quality Is Key

Pick the highest quality hash you can find. You do not want any contaminant to screw up your vaporizer or screw up your lungs! For a long time, hash exported from various countries contained all sorts of materials that today can be avoided. As such, don’t settle for anything less than quality.

How To Vape Hash And Which Vaporizer To Choose
  • Protect The Insides

Even if your vaporizer is equipped with a mesh filter, hash users advise covering the components exposed to the melted hash with degummed hemp fibre, which does not combust, nor does it cause any unpleasant side effects. It will, however, protect your vaporizer from any hash residue (when melted or hardened up).

If you do not have access to this natural material, there is a not-so-ideal trick you could resort to, but only if the opening of your vape allows it: Sandwich your powdered hash between two layers of ground weed, and then proceed to vaping. It is not so ideal because you end up vaporizing a much larger amount of material without really enjoying either the buds or the hash to their full capacity, but it will do until you purchase some hemp fibre.

  • Dosage, Dosage, Dosage

Get the dosage right. The sweet spot seems to be 0 ozam, which allows you to get around 8–10 draws without risking clogging your vaporizer. You can always load another bowl, so don’t stuff it too tight!

  • Show Some Love

After the fun, show your vaporizer some love by taking the time to clean it properly. In this way, you will secure a longer lifespan for your vaporizer, as well as avoid an unpleasant burnt taste on your next use. For each model, there are different best practices for cleaning it; hence, read the user manual carefully and, after removing the burnt material and hemp fibre from the bowl, proceed with a careful and comprehensive clean-up.

Vaping hash can be an awesome experience if just a few precautions are taken. Not all vaporizers suit the task, and those models that do should still be handled with love and care in order to minimise the risk of melted hash running into their heating chamber or clogging other delicate components. Happy vaping!

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