By Adam Parsons


It seems as if every blog about cannabis and socialising is based on false Hollywood stereotypes. Dopey hippies and teenage novices spluttering through a single, poorly rolled, never-ending joint is not our experience of the average session. These days, cannabis is consumed by all kinds of people in private, when socialising, and sometimes, on the sly when no one is looking.

If you are new to the stoner circle or are exploring the potential of medical marijuana, you can trust us to help you avoid some awkward situations and coming across like a newb or a nark. We keep our fingers on the pulse of contemporary cannabis culture through our operatives in the field cultivating and consuming as much cannabis as possible in a variety of situations across multiple continents. No risk, no reward. And certainly, no bogus tips from our red-eyed intelligence.



If you are lucky enough to have a legal local cannabis club or coffeeshop, you should definitely pay the establishment a visit. Don’t be put off if the decor is not up to pub or nightclub standard. What counts are the buds and the atmosphere. Cannabis clubs are much more than a “safe space” for stoners, they can also be a fun place to hang out and meet new people.

The best clubs and coffeeshops don’t serve alcohol and provide a high-grade weed, hash, and concentrates menu at fair prices. Low lights, comfy seats, chilled tunes, and good times. Socialising in the coffeeshop is similar to going for drinks at the local pub. You don’t start necking pints with whiskey chasers your first night out.

Think of buds and joints as similar to beer, while concentrates are the sticky green hard liquor. You can even buy pre-rolled joints if you don’t know how to roll-up yet. Most importantly, be casual, be cool, and know your limits. The staff won’t think it’s funny or welcome your return if they have to wake you up at closing time.

Marijuana Club Coffee Shop


By far, the most common stoner circle is the one that takes over you or a friend’s living room or bedroom for an evening of joints, conversation, and munchies. Whether hosting or attending an old-school smoke up, you better be sure to pack a stash. Imagine the host of a dinner party not having any food to serve, or guests turning up without a bottle of wine.

If you are invited to a session, you bring a bag of weed or a piece of hash. Enough to cover your evening’s toking at least. Ideally, you should have some extra to exchange with a fellow guest. Passing joints is still common, but so is taking a bong hit of a frosty nug. Usually, the gesture is reciprocated; if not that same evening, then at the next gathering.

If you are a newbie in a region of marijuana prohibition, friends will be more understanding if you don’t have a reliable hook-up or a grow-op of your own to source cannabis for the session. Or if you can’t roll yet. There is a ticking clock, however, on learning to roll if you desire regular invitations. You should pick up the tab for munchies if you are going to enjoy the group’s ganja for the evening.

Not every group will pass joints. Lots of people like to enjoy a jay to themselves. Don’t take it personal. On the other hand, if it is a puff, puff, pass situation, take care not to drool on that roach before you pass the joint on. Also, try not to hot rock the floor or furniture.


US dispensary-sourced edibles typically have the THC and CBD content clearly marked on the packaging. Unfortunately, space cakes from coffeeshops and clubs are not always so professionally prepared and precisely labelled. Variance in potency can be tremendous. Similarly, homemade cannabis-infused brownies or other baked goods and confections can be difficult to dose accurately.

Sometimes, one cookie can send you on a trippy cerebral ride for hours. On other occasions, it can take 3-4 cannabis-infused treats to blast off. Moreover, edibles take an hour or longer before you can feel the effects, so it’s very easy to overindulge. Newbies should take a nibble and see how they feel in an hour or two before consuming more.

Approximately 25mg of THC content in a treat is a sufficient dose for beginners. Best enjoyed from the couch while watching Netflix.

Rig For Dabbing Cannabis


Dabbing and vaping are incredibly popular right now and probably the most efficient ways to enjoy flower, oils, and extracts. You really get a lot more bang from your bud with a vaporizer. Every draw from a vape is not only cleaner, it’s a purer hit of cannabinoids. Plus, many models of vapes are configured for use with concentrates too. A draw from a vape is a lot milder than a joint. But just 3-4 hits can get anyone very high.

The gourmet BHO derivatives like shatter and wax are most commonly consumed via dab-rig. Like a bong for cannabis concentrates. To be honest, this kit is reserved for the cloudeaters. With 50%+ THC levels to be expected from connoisseur-grade extracts, it can be too much of a good thing for the occasional user. Seasoned veterans have been turned into jellyfish from just one gooey dab hit. If curiosity gets the best of you, make sure you have something cold to drink and somewhere to sit down for a while afterwards.

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