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Arizer has brought some of the most popular and high-performing vaporizers to market, with products that are sleek, sturdy, and produce satisfying clouds of milky vapor. Below, we compare two of their best offerings: The Arizer Air MAX and the Arizer Air II. After we lay out their key differences, we’ll dive deeper into the Air MAX to show you why it makes such a great option for any vaper’s arsenal.

Arizer Air MAX vs Arizer Air II: A Quick Comparison

So, how exactly do the Arizer Air MAX and Arizer Air II dry herb vaporizers compare? Check out their key characteristics below:

Arizer Air MAX vs Arizer Air II: A Quick Comparison

Arizer Air MAX Arizer Air II
Type Hybrid (convection and conduction) Hybrid (convection and conduction)
Size 5 inches × 1.2 inches 4.8 inches × 1.1 inches
Weight 5.6 oz 4.4 oz
Temperature range 50–220°C 50–220°C
Heat-up time 60 seconds 90 seconds
Use Dry herb Dry herb
Battery life Up to 2¼ hours 2–3 hours
Temperature increments 1°C 1°C
Use while charging Yes Yes

Arizer Air MAX Review

Arizer has risen to fame within the vaporizer space. This Canadian company has created a range of handheld and desktop devices that look as good as they perform. As their most recent innovation, the Arizer Air MAX represents 16 years of industry experience in a sleek and functional package. It features a slightly larger and heavier body than the Arizer Air II, along with other key upgrades, including enhanced custom session settings, automatic screen inversion, Dark Mode, rapid USB-C charging, and new rapid-heating ceramic technology. Find out all the details about this revolutionary vape below.

What’s in the Box?

Upon opening up the Arizer Air MAX packaging, you’ll find:

  • 1× 26650 battery
  • 1× USB-C charger
  • 0 × 2.8 inches glass aroma tube
  • 0 × 0.6 inches frosted aroma tube
  • 1× travel PVC tube with cap
  • 1× glass aroma dish
  • 2× silicone stem caps
  • 1× stainless steel filters
  • 4× stainless steel filters
  • Sample of aromatic botanicals
  • User manual
Arizer Air MAX Review

Build Quality

Overall, the Arizer Air MAX shares a fairly similar body and build quality to the Arizer Air II. However, several new features make the device more sturdy and pleasant to handle. The Air MAX stands slightly taller and weighs heavier—not to the degree that it impacts portability, but enough to give the vape a heftier feel in the hand. It feels more sturdy, ergonomic, and as though it could take more of a beating. The anodised aluminium body, borosilicate glass mouthpiece, ceramic heating element, and ceramic/stainless steel chamber all make for a brawny and reliable design that boasts longevity.


With a height of 5 inches, a width of 1.2 inches, and a weight of just 5.6 oz, the Arizer Air MAX remains just as portable as its predecessor. Whether you’re commuting to work, heading out camping, or hitting the hiking trail, you’ll never have to question if you have enough room to take your vape along. This device fits snugly in pockets, bag compartments, and the palm of a hand.

Arizer Air MAX Review

Vapor Quality

The Arizer Air MAX uses a hybrid conduction and convection heating system to make the most of your bud. The conduction element ensures that all of the terpenes and cannabinoids around the edge of the bowl are sufficiently volatilised. Likewise, the convection element forces hot air throughout the small gaps between your flower, targeting the valuable phytochemicals within. The steel oven and glass stem work in synergy to create silky smooth yet thick clouds of vapor that are easy on the throat and lungs. If you want to take things one step further, you can put the water pipe adaptor, included in the box, to good use. Inhaling herb through your favorite external water pipe adds another layer of filtration that brings flavor and smoothness to new heights.

Temperature Settings

The Arizer Air MAX shares the same flexible temperature settings as the Air II. A temperature range of 50–220°C enables users to select low settings to target aromatic terpenes and unleash the true taste of each strain, or higher settings to unleash all the potency your cannabis flower has to offer. The higher temperature settings might prove too harsh for some users, but they hit the spot for those used to hitting blunts and ripping bongs. The ability to modulate temperature settings within increments of 1°C gives the user complete control, and the freedom to target the cannabinoids and terpenes of their choice.

Battery Life

Portability means nothing without adequate battery life. As well as an improved feel, the increased size of the Arizer Air MAX also means more room for a bigger and better battery. Unscrew the cap at the bottom of the device, and you’ll find an interchangeable and rechargeable 26650 lithium-ion battery that provides up to 2¼ hours of use per charge. Rapid USB-C charging means you can top the battery back up to 90% capacity in only 2 hours—perfect after agreeing to a spontaneous trip to the beach.

Arizer Air MAX Review

Ease of Use

The Air MAX vaporizer has a long list of impressive traits, but most users are won over by the simplicity of the device; you’ll have no problems getting used to this vape. The design makes every step of the process, from packing to toking, almost effortless. The Air MAX uses the same glass pod system that made the Air II so popular. Fill them up over your grinder and you’ll never have another unnecessary spill. The PVC stash tube provided also means you can load them up and store them before heading out the door, making for hasty hits on the go.

The controls are intuitive and easy. Simply press the menu button and plus button together until you hear a beep to bring up the temperature display. From here, you can select your ideal brightness, volume, and temperature ranges by hitting the menu button again. You don’t need to press anything to navigate back to the temperature display; just leave the device for a couple of seconds and it’ll take you right there.

When you’re ready to fire up the Arizer Air MAX, select your desired temperature using the plus and minus buttons. Once selected, you’ll only have to wait 60–90 seconds to hear a beep—your signal to start inhaling.

Introducing Dark Mode

The Arizer Air MAX features a brilliant OLED display that allows users to easily keep track of their settings. However, brightness can sometimes become a hindrance, especially if you’re trying to keep a low profile! Whether you just want to smoke in bed without a bright light in your eyes, or vape on the go without drawing attention, you can select Dark Mode to drastically reduce the brightness of your device for a clandestine touch.

Arizer Air Max vs Arizer Air II: Which Should You Choose?

The answer to this question all boils down to personal preference. However, we’re on team Air MAX when it comes to picking one device over the other. Sure, it’s a close competition, but the Air MAX pips the Air II to the post when it comes to screen inversion, heat-up time, and Dark Mode stealth. Plus, you get the water adaptor in the box ready to use—something those that opt for the Air II have to buy separately. Whether you love nothing more than vaping on the sofa at home or heading out into the hills for a few nights camping under the stars, the portable and reliable Air MAX will ensure you have the best time possible.

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