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By the end of this article, you'll have all the knowledge you need to choose your own concentrate vaporizer!

Vaporizers and concentrates have revolutionised the way we consume cannabis, allowing us to enjoy flavors and potencies that just can’t be achieved when smoking or vaping dry herb. Unfortunately, using a rig can be a bit daunting, especially to those unfamiliar with the process of dabbing. Luckily, in this article, we’ll show you how to use modern vaporizers like the Storm, Mighty, Volcano, and more to easily vaporize your favorite concentrates.


For a long time, vaporizers (especially portable models) were only compatible with cannabis flower. However, since concentrates have taken the market by storm, most modern vapes come equipped with specialized concentrate containers or chambers to allow for dabbing.

Before we get into the specifics, here are some basics to keep in mind when dabbing with a vaporizer.


Remember, dabs are super potent. To enjoy your concentrates responsibly, we recommend starting with small dabs roughly the size of a grain of rice and upping your dose if needed.


To vaporize concentrates, you’ll need:

• Your concentrate
• A vaporizer
• A dabber (dab tool)

Dabbers come in all shapes and sizes, some of which work better with different types of concentrates. Pointed dabbers tend to work great for wax and crumble, while scoopers work better for runnier extracts like oil. Shatter, on the other hand, is best handled with tweezers.


The right temperature for vaping will vary depending on the consistency and type of concentrate you're using. As a general rule of thumb, dabs begin vaporizing at about 150°C, and you shouldn’t use temperatures above 230°C—this will help avoid combustion. For best results and big, dense hits of vapor, we recommend sticking to a temperature range of around 180–220°C. At these temps, you’ll get great hits while still preserving the flavors and aromas of your dab.

Vaporization Temperature Guide


Whenever using a vaporizer, it's best to take slow, consistent hits to ensure even vaporization of your concentrate. Don't suck on your vape like you would on a joint or blunt, as you'll likely end up with flimsy hits that lack potency and flavor.


Vape pens are, without a doubt, the easiest vaporizers to use. While each model is a little different from the next, most vape pens are designed to be operated using just a few buttons. And while they may lack some of the features you’ll find on other portable or desktop vaporizers, pens offer a level of simplicity and portability that’s impossible to beat.

For a long time, vape pens were designed to be used exclusively with either dry herbs or concentrates. At Royal Queen Seeds, however, we stock two vape pens that can be used to vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates, allowing you to easily enjoy your dabs discreetly and on the go.

Here’s how to use a vape pen like the Storm or Pax 3 to vape your favorite dabs:

Pax 3 Dab


1. Unbox your pen, read the instruction manual, and remember to remove the small plastic anode cap protecting the inside of the Storm’s battery compartment.

2. Charge your pen using the USB charger. The Storm has five lights on the side, which light up in succession as the device charges. The white light indicates that the pen is fully charged and ready to use.

3. Load your dab into the Storm’s steel wax insert. The pen comes with a few dabbers you can use to handle sticky dabs like wax or budder. Once you’ve loaded the insert, unscrew the pen, remove the herb chamber, replace it with the wax insert, and screw the pen back together.

4. Choose your mouthpiece. The Storm comes with both a rubber mouthpiece and a glass one, which many users find provides better flavor and larger, denser hits.

5. Turn on your Storm vaporizer by pressing the main button three times in quick succession.

6. Hold the main button down and select your temperature setting using the lights on the side of the device. The Storm vaporizer has five temperature settings ranging from 180 to 220°C. The lights will continue to flash until the temperature has been reached (indicated by a solid light).

7. Hold the pen up to your mouth and take long, slow, and consistent drags from the mouthpiece. This will ensure you get the best flavor and smoothest draw.

8. Once you're done, turn off your pen. To ensure the longevity of your device, remember to clean out its chamber after each session as per the instruction manual.


1. Unbox and charge your pen according to the instruction manual. The Pax 3 comes with two mouthpieces, one of which is slightly more elevated. Select whichever one you prefer.

2. Once charged, press gently on the top of the Pax. The device will vibrate when it powers on.

3. Load your concentrate into the concentrate chamber. The Pax 3 comes with a multitool, but it isn’t the most practical for handling dabs. Consider using a proper dabber instead.

4. Place your chamber into the bottom of the pen and close it.

5. Select your temperature by pressing the power button to cycle through the temperature settings, which you can customise using the Pax 3 app. Press the power button again to select the temperature setting you want.

6. Once you’ve selected your temperature setting, the light on the Pax will flash purple to indicate it is heating. The light will then turn green to indicate the device is ready to use.

7. Take long, slow, and consistent hits from your pen to optimise the flavor and draw.


Hardier portable vaporizers like the Mighty, Crafty, or Boundless CF tend to offer a little more customisation than vape pens, without compromising on portability. Here’s how to use these models to vaporize your favorite dab with ease:


The Mighty and Crafty are both produced by Storz & Bickel, one of the leading vaporizer manufacturers in the world, and the creators of the famous Volcano. The Crafty is basically a smaller version of the Mighty, so the instructions below apply to both models.

1. Unbox your vaporizer and charge it fully according to the instruction manual.

2. Once charged, use a dabber to spread your dab on the liquid cap that comes with your Mighty or Crafty.

3. Place the loaded liquid cap into the vape's main chamber.

4. Turn on the vaporizer by pressing the main power button. If you’re using the Mighty, the desired and actual temperature will show up on the device's LED screen. If you’re using the Crafty, the light on the front of the device will be red while the device is heating, then turn green when it’s ready to use. Remember that you can adjust the temperature of your device using the free Storz & Bickel app, or on the device using the temperature setting (only available with the Mighty).

5. Once the device is ready, take slow, consistent drags from the mouthpiece.


1. As always, unbox and charge your vape as outlined in the user manual.

2. Like the Mighty and Crafty, the Boundless CF comes with a specialized wax container designed for vaping concentrates. Use the included packing tool to load your concentrate into the container.

3. Rotate the mouthpiece of the Boundless CF 90 degrees to open it and place the loaded wax container inside the unit’s main chamber.

4. Close the unit and turn it on by pressing the power button five times.

5. Select your temperature by pressing the power button twice.

6. The Boundless CF can reach its highest temperature in just 20 seconds. Once it does, enjoy your dab by taking long, slow hits from the unit's uniquely ergonomic mouthpiece.


Desktop vaporizers tend to offer the most features, giving users the most control over their vaping experience. Right now, RQS stocks the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, which is by far one of the most sophisticated desktop vapes out there.


1. Plug in your vaporizer, press the red “heat” button to turn on your device, and use the buttons next to the LED screen to select your desired temperature.

2. Use a dabber to spread your dabs on the liquid pad included with your Volcano.

3. Once your vaporizer has reached its temperature, load your liquid pad into the filling chamber.

4. Connect a balloon to the filling chamber, then connect both to the top of the Volcano unit.

5. Press the green “air” button to fill the balloon with vapor.

6. Once filled, press the green “air” button again, remove the bag, and take a hit to enjoy your dab!


If you're tempted to try dabbing, using a vaporizer like those listed above is a great way to familiarise yourself, without the complexity of using a glass rig. Remember that all the vapes listed here are available via our webshop, and come with an RQS metal grinder and three hand-picked cannabis seeds—completely free of charge (Volcano Hybrid comes with grinder, 5 seeds, and RQS branded rolling tray). For more info, check out our vapes here and start enjoying your dabs today.

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