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    By B. I. on 15/Sep/2021 :

    Title : Produit Indispensable 😍
    Comment : Vraiment très pratique, je recommande 💪🏻

    By M. G. on 29/Aug/2021 :

    Title : Prijs kwaliteit
    Comment : Doet wat het moet doen.

    By T. O. on 18/Aug/2021 :

    Title : Top
    Comment : Because, Nothing is perfect, without the perfect tool =)

    By A. S. on 15/Aug/2021 :

    Title : Andreas
    Comment : Kleiner praktischer Helfer, lässt sich gut handhaben, auch für feine arbeiten

    By C. D. on 09/Aug/2021 :

    Title : good product
    Comment : nice and durable product

    By W. A. on 09/Aug/2021 :

    Comment : Veel eenvoudiger om kleine blaadjes te knippen

    By G. T. on 12/Jul/2021 :

    Title : forbici
    Comment : perfette

    By M. C. on 05/Jul/2021 :

    Title : Ottimo prodotto
    Comment : Prodotto leggero e maneggevole.. super ok

    By G. G. on 25/Jun/2021 :

    Title : SneakyMonkey
    Comment : En attendant la récolte le sécateur me sert pour couper les gourmands ou les tiges tout en bas, il effectue très bien son travail. Cependant mon avis sera définitif lors de la manucure final (réel raison de son achat). Je recommande

    By G. K. on 25/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Herr
    Comment : War ganz gut, für die ganz kleinen Blätter musste ich dann aber doch eine kleinere Schere hernehmen

    By R. L. on 23/Jun/2021 :

    Title : they are indeed curved
    Comment : do exactly what they are supposed to

    By J. F. on 22/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Jerome Famechon
    Comment : Je l'utilise tous les jours pour l'effeuillage. Précis et solide. Je recommande

    By L. E. on 07/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Great
    Comment : Thank you also for this!! From a very happy beginner;)

    By N. H. on 07/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Indispensable 🤩👍🏻
    Comment : Enfin la paire de ciseaux parfaite pour aider vos plants à se développer dans les meilleures conditions sans endommager la plante avec sa coupe nette et précise! Excellent outil 👍🏻

    By G. L. on 07/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Monoweed
    Comment : Doet wat ie moet doen.

    By A. R. on 04/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Rico
    Comment : Super

    By C. T. on 04/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Exellent sécateur
    Comment : coupe nette et précise , très bon sécateur avec une bonne prise en main et la légère courbure des lames est juste parfaite . C'est l'outil indispensable pour toutes vos coupes... Je l'adore et je le recommande

    By F. C. on 24/May/2021 :

    Title : fantastiche
    Comment : ottime forbici molte affilate

    By P. P. on 24/May/2021 :

    Title : does what you'd expect
    Comment : they are lightweight and cut well - the safety piece for locking 'em closed feels a bit flimsy, but for that price really nothing to phone home about.

    By T. C. on 20/May/2021 :

    Title : un bel prodotto
    Comment : piccole e maneggevoli. C'è il blocco di sicurezza per chiuderle. Io ho le mani piccole e finalmente ho un prodotto valido per la potatura

    By G. D. on 12/May/2021 :

    Title : Potatura
    Comment : Ottime forbici da potatura affilate e comode.

    By F. B. on 05/May/2021 :

    Title : Buenisima Calidad
    Comment : Cumple con lo prometido . Limpio y fácil .

    By J. S. on 03/May/2021 :

    Title : Good
    Comment : Nice Curved Trimming Scissors

    By J. O. on 29/Apr/2021 :

    Title : I agree..
    Comment : very ergonomic and absolutely sharp. I'm very happy with it... It also works nice and fast

    By J. V. on 22/Apr/2021 :

    Title : god
    Comment : 👌

    By L. A. on 19/Apr/2021 :

    Title : L.A
    Comment : Très pratique, maniable. Très bon rapport qualité prix! Merci RQS

    By L. C. on 14/Apr/2021 :

    Title : ottima qualita
    Comment : reputo che siano tra le migliori e le piu convenienti in rapporto qualita prezzo, lame perfettamente affilate in modo da non stressare le bimbe e impugnatura comoda per il ''lungo'' lavoro che le aspetta

    By T. S. on 12/Apr/2021 :

    Title : Boa qualidade
    Comment : Bom corte e boa qualidade. Compre bem os requisitos.

    By J. C. on 06/Apr/2021 :

    Title : Very good
    Comment : Very good blades,very precise and confortable when using for a lot of time. I'm really happy with quality of the scissors.

    By R. M. on 29/Mar/2021 :

    Title : excellent pruning shears
    Comment : This product is excellent.

    By J. S. on 25/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Best scissors for my plants
    Comment : For cutting leaves ou trimming buds, the scissors are just perfect.

    By M. S. on 18/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Molto utile
    Comment : Ottima fattura, ben affilate.

    By G. G. on 16/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Muy rápido y seguro
    Comment : Productos de calidad y a buen precio. Discreción y profesionalidad.

    By N. P. on 15/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Sharp but firm
    Comment : These scissors are sharp and will easily cut down your entire plant if you would want them to. However the spring inside it makes it hard to trim for a longer time. If you just want to trim one plant at a time this is a great purchase. For cultivars with more plants per harvest I wouldn't recommend this one. Maybe the smaller one for those growers.

    By F. W. on 11/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Perfekte Trimmschere
    Comment : nie wieder die Blüte verletzen= perfekt

    By L. L. on 10/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Very good
    Comment : The blades are sharpen, well made product and very useful tool for any grower. It feets perfectely in your hand.

    By P. D. on 08/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Dilip
    Comment : It keeps what it promises and is very good in the hand.

    By M. A. on 04/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Gut
    Comment : Machst was sie soll.

    By A. M. on 17/Feb/2021 :

    Title : Mr.
    Comment : I have one and I used it few days ago. It works very well and specially to cut the big section of your plant ! I recommend this product !

    By K. M. on 16/Feb/2021 :

    Title : I like, I like
    Comment : Good thing. Nice sharpness!

    By E. D. on 04/Feb/2021 :

    Title : Top
    Comment : Fait son job

    By J. M. on 01/Feb/2021 :

    Title : Great
    Comment : Good scissors

    By P. F. on 01/Feb/2021 :

    Title : Seems good quality
    Comment : Haven't had too much use yet, initially quality is good. Let's see how it lasts over time!

    By E. F. on 29/Jan/2021 :

    Title : Liberta94
    Comment : Ras produit conform

    By E. J. on 08/Jan/2021 :

    Title : Satisfied
    Comment : Good quality and perfect sharpness. Nice color too.

    By A. M. on 04/Jan/2021 :

    Title : Comode e funzionali
    Comment : Comode e pratiche per le attività necessarie sia durante che alla fine della coltivazione

    By R. N. on 11/Dec/2020 :

    Title : Good Quality
    Comment : This trimmer is really good the blades quality are amazing just could cut through everything :)

    By C. D. on 02/Dec/2020 :

    Title : light weigted
    Comment : Just what I needed. light and handy

    By B. S. on 30/Nov/2020 :

    Title : Askew
    Comment : Much better than some cheap pair from a second rate shop that sells garden wears. 10/10!!

    By B. S. on 30/Nov/2020 :

    Title : Excellent
    Comment : I must for any growers. Very welll made product highly recommended.

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