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Do you want to receive 10% off your next Royal Queen Seeds purchase? Simply leave us a brief review on an item you’ve already tested and the discount is yours!

At Royal Queen Seeds, customer feedback means everything to us. It helps us know what we’re doing right and where we can improve. By leaving us a review, you won't only save 10% on your next order, but also help us develop a more enjoyable shopping experience and improved products.

How to Place a Review

Leaving a review is quick and easy. After purchasing a product from the RQS range, we’ll send you an email with a link to rate and review the item. Log in to your account and give us your honest feedback, and we’ll give you a 10% discount!

How to Place a Review

How to Use the Discount Voucher

After you’ve added your favourite products to your basket, head over to the checkout menu to enter your discount voucher and save 10%.

Reviews Guideline

  • Reviews using bad/abusing language will not be published.
  • A reviewer must have a purchase to place a review.
  • Reviews advertising or mentioning another brand or company will not be published.
  • Spam/fake reviews are not accepted and will be removed immediately.
  • Service reviews are not allowed, you will receive an email with an invitation to place a review on our platform for Service reviews, Ekomi.

Discount of Reviews: Questions & Answers

⌛ How long does the voucher remain valid?
After writing a review, you’ll have up to six months to use your 10% discount code.
🌱 What products can I purchase with my discount code?
All of our products are eligible! Check out our entire range of top-shelf seeds, merch, accessories, and more to decide what you want to save on.
🎫 Can I use more than one voucher on the same order?
No. You can only use one discount code per purchase to save 10% with your order.
📝 I placed a review, but didn't receive my voucher. What can I do?
First, we'll need to make sure that your review meets our guidelines. If it does, you should receive an email with your discount code within one business day of writing a review. If not, reach out to us for further assistance.
🕚 How much time do I have to place a review after receiving my product?
You can place your review whenever you like—no pressure! Whenever you’re ready, log in to the same account you used to purchase the product to leave a review.
📣 Can I leave more than one review for the same product?
No, you can only leave one review per product. If you want to gain the 10% discount again in the future, treat yourself to another RQS product and write us a review!

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