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RQS Pro: Leading Cannabis Innovation & Development

RQS Pro: Leading Cannabis Innovation & Development

The climate and environment are facing unprecedented threats. With global warming, ecological collapse, and widespread pollution, we as a planet are at a crucial tipping point. While the cogs of governments around the world turn slowly, it is up to us, as individuals and companies, to do something about it.

We at RQS have a track record of environmentally friendly and cutting-edge practices, such as organic growing techniques, using natural light, and investing in more efficient technology to grow our plants. However, we believe we can take things a step further, and we want to share this with the world.

That is why we've created RQS Pro. Harnessing years of expertise and knowledge, we intend to boost research and education in the cannabis industry and discover new ways to make it as innovative and sustainable as possible.

What Is RQS Pro?

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RQS Pro is all about researching and pioneering the latest developments in cannabis genetics, growing and breeding technologies, techniques, and cannabinoids.

"The mission is twofold: to create better, higher-yielding, and more stable cannabis varieties—and to push the boundaries of the sector."

With the greater understanding of cannabinoids that we will develop through our cannabis and cannabinoid research, not only will we be able to tailor cannabis varieties to everyone’s needs, but we will further the global understanding of cannabinoids’ potential uses—both medical and recreational.

What Is RQS Pro?

RQS and RQS Pro: A Synergic Relationship

The mission of RQS Pro is an extension of what RQS has stood for since day one; to not only be a market leader, but also a leader in cannabis education, research and development. And with RQS Pro, we move one step further into fulfilling that mission.

The discoveries of RQS Pro will nurture RQS, eventually making their way to the market. Via this process, areas of new technological development will be identified. From genetic research to development in lighting systems, irrigation and organic cultivation—the advancements from RQS pro will dramatically improve the systems that RQS employ.

And vice versa. Just as RQS Pro enhances RQS, the feedback, experiences and needs of our customers help focus, shape and direct where RQS Pro invests its time and effort into development.

And in terms of the final plant? It means that product quality—be it flavour, yield, strength, or stability—will increase even more rapidly.

In this way, the two branches of RQS will continually fuel one another, leading to greater discoveries.

Who knows where it could lead?

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Making the World a Better Place With RQS Pro

None of these developments would be worth it if they didn’t also make the practice of cannabis cultivation more environmentally sustainable. That’s why sustainability is at the heart of our research.

By creating plants that grow faster and more compact, we will save on the resources each plant needs to grow. In developing new, innovative techniques that harness the power of nature and lessen our impact, we can help ensure the planet remains healthy for generations to come. By investing in research, we look to find ways to push the boundaries of the industry and bring better education and understanding to the issues surrounding it.

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