The Vienna Convention 1961 does not apply to hemp/cannabis seeds. However, under Article 36.18 of the Organic Law on the Protection of Public Safety and Article 368 of the Criminal Code, the cultivation of cannabis can result in administrative and penal sanctions. Royal Queen Seeds is not responsible for the misuse of any products sold. The Royal Queen Seeds store, and all of its domains, comply with Spanish law.

Royal Queen Seeds, and its domains, sell and ship its seeds under the condition that third parties do not use them to break the law. Products sold are for private purposes only!

Anyone who purchases a product from the Royal Queen Seeds store takes full responsibility for their actions, and is responsible for understanding the laws of their country.

Royal Queen Seeds, and its domains, only sell its products within the EU.

All product descriptions and pictures found on the Royal Queen Seeds website originate from the Netherlands, where the use of certain substances has been decriminalised. As such, they will often describe the effects certain substances can induce upon consumption. Under no circumstances does this mean these products are OK to consume; these pictures and descriptions are only for informative, entertainment or scientific use only. Should any product bought on the Royal Queen Seeds website, or any of its domains, be used for human consumption, the buyer accepts full responsibility for any outcome.

The laws in force regarding cannabis seeds differ from nation to nation. Therefore, we urge you to inquire into the laws in force in your country.

In some cases, it’s possible to obtain an exemption for seeds intended for medical, industrial or agricultural use. In some nations, selling hemp seeds is possible even without a licence. If the cannabis seeds are imported or exported, a notification can be required. If notification requirement is applicable in your country, please inform us in good time.

In some nations, growing cannabis seeds for industrial or medical use is not allowed; in fact, it’s severely prohibited.

It’s important to us to point out that we have no intention of violating or breaking the law of any country by delivering our cannabis seeds. We supply cannabis seeds only provided they will not be used in conflict with any laws. However, we highlight the fact that anyone who purchases our cannabis seeds is responsible for the use he or she puts them to. Royal Queen Seeds disclaims any responsibility in this sense.

Royal Queen Seeds will never allow permission to distribute its seeds in or towards countries where hemp trade is illegal. We also advise against purchasing our seeds from other companies that deliver worldwide.

Prices are subject to change.


Seeds are being sold only as samples for purpose of different subspecies geneticist and its samples and are intended only for adults (over 18 years old). These seeds were sold only under the condition, that they won’t be used against the applicable laws in the country. There is no intention to promote, advertise or anyhow initiate further producing, possession or use of illegal substances.


Usage of this product, leading to towards cultivating plants and cannabis misuse may be associated in addition to criminal and legal consequences. It may cause serious health risks, psychological and social disorders, even while the so-called recreational use.
We emphasize that all people, buying seeds are solely responsible for dealing with these conditions!



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