Payment methods:

Royal Queen Seeds makes paying easy with any of the following methods. All payments take place in a secure environment with our payment service provider.

Mastercard Visa

Royal Queen Seeds accepts payment with MasterCard or Visa. This is how you pay online: simply enter your credit card number, its expiry date and the 3-digit security code (CVC code) on the back of the card on our provider's payment page. We will receive your payment immediately and can start preparing your order.

NEW!  You will now need to provide a code or password to confirm your identity upon payment…

For your safety, our Visa and MasterCard providers work with an extra tool to protect your card against unauthorized use. MasterCard calls it the 'SecureCode', Visa named it 'Verified by Visa', but they both operate in a similar way.

In short, this new service asks you to register and provide a private code or password that confirms your identity upon payment. If you do not yet have a code or password, you will need to activate this service with MasterCard or Visa first. You can visit their websites for more information.

Sign up for Verified by Visa here.

Sign up for Mastercard Secure code here.

After activation, you will receive your own private code that gives added protection against unauthorized use of your card when you shop at participating online merchants.

Although not every provider has adapted this extra line of security yet, this private code or password will soon be required on all online purchases with your Credit Card.

You will be able to use any of your existing MasterCard/Visa credit or some debit cards, as long as the cards are from a participating card issuer. If you're not sure if your card issuer provides this service, please contact your card provider.

At this moment we can't accept creditcard orders from the USA.
We advice USA customers to use  International Bank transfer to pay for their order.


With iDEAL, it's simple, safe and anonymous to pay for your cannabis seeds. Once you've placed your order, you will be directed to our provider's payment page to pay. Our payment service provider's name is the only one to appear on your bank statement. (Netherlands only)

Bank Transfer

Royal Queen Seeds now offers to possibility of paying by bank transfer (also through internet banking or by telephone). After having placed your order, you'll receive our banking coordinates, including IBAN and BIC codes.
Save Money on Your Brank Transfer Fees

Transferring money with your bank is often thought to be the quickest and easiest way to pay for your orders. However, there are several international companies that offer cheap international bank transfers, saving you money on expensive service fees that your own bank might otherwise charge.

This specifically applies to non-EU / Eurozone customers and you won't even need to create an account with them. You parcel will be shipped out as soon as your payment has been received and processed. Check out the list of international money transfer companies below:

XE Trade
1st Contact

UK Forex
World first


Don't forget to mention your order #ID!

Direct e banking

DIRECTebanking. com is a new and innovative payment method with safe transactions guaranteed by TÜV standard. Many online shops in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and England have already been using Directebanking for a while.

With the secure DIRECTebanking system, to which the seller doesn't have access, DIRECTebanking automatically activates a payment form from your online checking account. This way, the price of the transaction is transferred directly to the seller's bank account, and our payment service provider's name is the only one to appear on your bank statement.

Cash in Envelope

Royal Queen Seeds accepts cash payments: simply send your money in a resistant and correctly-franked envelope to our P. O. Box. Make sure the money isn't visible (we recommend placing it between two pieces of cardboard). Never send metal coins. Don't forget to add your name, surname and order number. Shipping is at your own risk.

Bancontact Mister Cash

With Bankcontact/Mister Cash, paying is easy, safe and reliable; you can count on your usual online payment environment based on special security methods used by your bank. If you have access to online banking, you can use Bankcontact/Mr Cash directly, without having to report it to your bank or install any special software.


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