By Miguel Ordoñez

We’re living in a world where cannabis is no longer as vilified by society. Several countries have gone as far as legalizing both medical and recreational use.

But just because the world at large has a softening stance on the herb doesn’t mean this is true in your household. Some family members may not be as accepting; your parents, in particular.

Now, unless there’s a likelihood of putting your safety at risk, you should definitely talk to your folks about your cannabis use. Conversely, parents should have a proper conversation with their weed-smoking children to provide the necessary guidance.

This is where the challenge lies, for some. So, whether you’re a parent dealing with a cannabis-loving child, or a kid wanting to come clean, this article is for you. There is a proper and effective way of going about this, which we aim to help you discover.

How To Talk to Your Parents About Weed

Especially if your parents have staunch opposing views on marijuana, this could be an uphill battle. But as we said, there is a proper way to go about this conversation.

Getting Ready To Discuss Weed

As you prepare to dive in, you’ll need to consider a few things. This is a crucial step in your attempt to break down those barriers.

  • Understand Why You Use Weed

The very first step involves a moment of honesty and self-reflection. Start with two very important questions: “Why am I using weed in the first place?”, and “How is it benefitting me?”.

If it helps, list down the benefits on a piece of paper or your phone. Maybe it allows you to deal with daily worries a lot better, or it's effective in helping you sleep better at night. Perhaps it’s proven to be a reliable medium to soothe your muscles after your workouts.

The recreational aspect alone may not be a very strong selling point. If you can point out how cannabis use adds value to your life, however, converting your parents could be much easier.

Getting Ready To Discuss Weed
  • Gauge Your Parents’ Views on Weed

This is likely where the main challenges of the conversation will lie. Your approach will definitely have to be more logical if your parents are totally against it. At the end of the dialogue, you should be able to, at the very least, make them see your point.

An important question to ask is if they’ve had their own experience with marijuana. If so, how did they find it? Did it affect their views about cannabis use in any way?

Knowing what your parents think and feel about marijuana will let you know where you stand. It should also give you an idea of whether or not this conversation is still worth pursuing.

  • Do Your Research

It’s never a smart idea to enter battle without an arsenal of weapons and ammunition. Similarly, it will be a waste of time to talk to your parents about weed without doing research beforehand.

Obviously, it would be best to focus more on the positive side of marijuana. A quick Google search will lead you to a long list of studies to back that up.

However, do keep in mind that more research is needed to make definitive scientific conclusions about the benefits of cannabis. So be sure not to oversell yourself. Most importantly, stay true to the facts.

  • Find out the Law Regarding Legal Weed in Your Area

If you’re living in Canada, a legal US state, or even one of the countries in Europe where cannabis use is decriminalised, you may well have an easier time converting your parents.

However, there are still parts of the globe, such as countries like Singapore and the Philippines, where the mere possession of a few grams can get you in deep trouble. In this case, making a case for yourself is out of the question.

Familiarise yourself with the legal weed laws in your area. If you’re not breaking the law with your weed habit, the conversation should go much smoother.

  • Set a Time, Date, and Agenda for the Discussion

It doesn’t need to be as formal as the title implies, but timing is still key here. It would be a bad idea to talk to your parents when they’re stressed or preoccupied with other important matters. Ideally, you want to have this dialogue when you have their full attention.

Now, once you have that, you shouldn’t be wasting their time. So make sure you have all of your points laid out. You can either write them down or organize them in your head. Whichever works best.

Set a Time, Date, and Agenda for the Discussion

During the Discussion

You’re done psyching yourself up and preparing for this important conversation with your parents. As you dive in, keep one crucial thing in mind: be tactful in your approach.

  • Get Straight to the Point

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll want to lay down your points clearly and concisely. Don’t beat around the bush and waste everyone’s time. As the late great Tom Petty would say, “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus”. That’s sound advice you can also apply in life.

Right off the bat, tell your folks that you’re there to talk about your cannabis use. And if you’ve been smoking in the house, there’s a good chance they already know, anyway.

  • Lead With the Positives

The key here is to let your parents know that your marijuana use won’t be troublesome in any way. This is where you put your research to good use.

Point out all the positives that cannabis brings to the table. Show them the studies, along with some anecdotes from people online and personal acquaintances. But again, try not to oversell it.

  • Let Your Parents Ask Questions

In Monday morning presentations, the members of the board will have their questions. Likewise, your parents will have their list of queries to throw at you.

You may get grilled a little bit, especially if your folks hold conservative views on the matter. For your part, just be as honest and open as possible, even if doing so isn’t in your favor. Also, don’t try to lie or cover anything up, because they will see right through it.

  • Don’t Make Excuses

This piggybacks a bit on our previous point. You’ve laid out your points, which ideally should be backed up by facts. Some of them will be well-received, but others may not be.

And if you are put in a tight spot, don’t try to save face by making excuses. It’s a sign of immaturity and will only make matters worse.

Don’t Make Excuses

After the Discussion

At this point, the way your parents take your statements is beyond your control. You should definitely hope for the best outcome, but it would be safe to expect the worst.

  • Be Prepared for Further Talks

Trying to convince your parents that it’s perfectly okay to smoke weed could be a tall order. Chances are they will need a day or two to digest the information you just relayed.

There are three scenarios here: they give an affirmative response, a negative response, or they’d like to talk further. Scenario number three puts you right in the middle of assent and dissent, which isn’t necessarily a bad spot to be in. But you will need to prepare yourself for that extra dialogue.

  • Show Them You Can Use Weed Responsibly

At the end of the day, they’re your parents, and they only want what’s best for you. And it would break their hearts to see you in any kind of trouble.

If you’re planning to push through with your cannabis use, don’t make it a headache for your folks. Show them that you can partake responsibly. And if you can grant them that peace of mind, there’s a good chance for them to give way.

  • Be Respectful of Their Stance on Cannabis

You live in their house, you follow their rules. If they decide against it, comply. Who knows? That display of maturity on your part may result in a change of heart, eventually.

Now, if your parents are fine with it, why not let them join your smoke sessions? It would be a unique and enviable family bonding experience, to say the least.

When Discussing Weed, Consider Both Sides

Despite legalization efforts in many areas of the world, there is still a stigma attached to cannabis. That said, this will continue to be a complex topic of conversation for many families around the globe. Every once in a while, you may get into a debate with someone who’s totally against it, despite all the available information.

So, whether you’re talking to your parents or a random acquaintance, try to be as objective as possible. Always consider both sides, because when it comes to using marijuana, there is no right or wrong answer.

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