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RQS Author Cannabis Journalist

Miguel Ordoñez

I write about: Cannabis research, cannabis cultivation, psychedelics, cannabis pop culture

Miguel Ordoñez is a seasoned writer and journalist who specialises in cannabis culture and CBD research.

“Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?”

Miguel Ordoñez is a writer/journalist by trade, and covers the two things in life he loves the most: combat sports and cannabis. In terms of the latter, he’s been a cannabis writer for the last four years, creating pieces on both the recreational and medical side of the magic herb.

A longtime herb lover himself, Miguel has gained valuable insight from both personal experience and research. And through his years in the industry, he’s particularly honed his skills in the areas of:

  • Cannabis research
  • Cannabis cultivation
  • Psychedelics
  • Cannabis pop culture

Miguel’s latest posts

  • How To Control and Prevent the Munchies

    The munchies are the satisfying and delectable consequence of recreational cannabis. But if you're watching your calories, it could be a nuisance. Here are some ways to control and even prevent the ...

  • 10 Summer Activities for Stoners

    Everyone loves the summer. It allows you to get some necessary vitamin D and engage in activities outside of your usual indoor favourites. But this article is specially suited to herb lovers who wa ...

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    Growers in the UK are subject to some outdated laws, but it doesn't stop them from sowing seeds. But what kind of cannabis do UK growers enjoy most? Discover the top 5 strains in the UK, and why th ...

  • Germaphobe: Is It Safe to Share Joints?

    Veteran cannabis users are quite familiar with the practice of passing a joint around. But is it a safe practice, or should we avoid it? Is it all just paranoia, or are there real grounds for conce ...

  • Things to Do While High and Alone

    There are all sorts of fun things to do while high, even if you're alone in your apartment on a Friday evening. If you want more ideas for solo stoned activities, this article will help you out. Wh ...

  • Top 10 Smelly Strains

    You've probably heard of cannabis strains with scents of "diesel" or "skunk". Although these are simply descriptors, many strains do indeed present unique, pungent scents that attract cannabis conn ...

  • Top 10 Hybrid Strains

    If you're reading this, you're likely in search of hybrid strains to try out. Well, dear reader, you're in luck, because we're giving you not one, not five, but ten of the best strains to choose fr ...

  • 5 Ways to Make the Most of Already Vaped Buds (AVB)

    Dry herb vaporizers have their pros and cons. While they are often deemed the "healthier" option compared to joints or spliffs, they leave you with leftover bud with meagre potency and flavour. But ...

  • How to Host a Cannabis-Friendly Party

    A cannabis-themed party may seem like a fun venture to partake in, but hosting one does have its fair share of challenges. To make for smooth sailing, consider these weed party ideas and tips for b ...

  • How to Smoke Weed, the Proper Way

    Yes, there is a proper way to smoke weed. In this article, we delve into some tips on proper smoking etiquette and how to avoid coughing after taking a big hit of THC-infused herb. So, how does one ...

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