By Max Sargent

For many people, the names Royal Queen Seeds and Zamnesia are synonymous with Europe’s cannabis industry. And now, the two companies have teamed up to release a new collaboration to grow at homeThai Dream.

This strain brings together the expertise of both companies, and offers something exciting, novel, and delicious to cannabis growers all over Europe. Thai Dream is a sativa-dominant strain with 23% THC and fruity, spicy flavors. It offers clear-headed but physically relaxing effects, meaning it can be enjoyed by those who want to chill out without slowing their minds down too much.

Read on to find out all about this brand-new strain of cannabis; it’s limited edition, so don’t waste any time picking it up for yourself!

Thai Dream: A Collaboration Between Royal Queen Seeds and Zamnesia

Thai Dream is a new, limited-edition strain from cannabis companies Zamnesia and Royal Queen Seeds—two of the biggest names in Europe’s cannabis industry.

This strain is unique, so you won’t find anything quite like it elsewhere. What’s more, it won’t be available forever, so get it while you can! Not only does Thai Dream have unique effects and flavors, but it comes in specially designed packaging, commemorating this collaboration. So even if you’re just a passionate collector of rare cannabis seeds, you shouldn’t miss out on Thai Dream.

Thai Dream pack

Genetic History of Thai Dream

Thai Dream has 60% sativa genetics and 40% indica. These genetics come from Blue Dream and Lemon Thai, two very worthy strains in their own right.

Blue Dream is an exceptionally popular sativa-dominant strain from California. With balanced effects and delicious berry flavors, it gained and has retained a strong following among cannabis users.

Lemon Thai is another well-loved strain, which has mysterious origins and great effects. Known for its stimulating, clear-headed effects, it is a go-to smoke for those who want to continue with tasks or maybe even be a little creative. It exhibits flavors of sour lemon, and tends to be agreeable to most people, whatever their preferences.

With parents like these, it’s clear that Thai Dream is capable of impressing all manner of cannabis growers—from seed to stash.

Growing Thai Dream Indoors and Outdoors

Due to its sativa-dominant genetics, Thai Dream has a longer flowering time compared to some other strains. But we can assure you, it’s well worth the wait. The extra few weeks spent caring for this beauty will be returned tenfold when you get to enjoy its marvellous effects.

Once you’ve flipped her to flowering, Thai Dream will take between 9–11 weeks to complete flowering. Outdoors, this means she’ll be ready sometime around late October. As such, if you’re growing somewhere colder, where fall bites, consider growing Thai Dream indoors so you don’t get any nasty surprises right at the end of the process. But if you’re growing somewhere with relatively mild falls, then you should be able to get away with growing Thai Dream outdoors. Given her genetics, this plant loves warmth and sunlight—so let her soak up as many rays as possible!

Thai Dream grows to a medium height—around 100cm indoors or 180cm outdoors. If you’re growing outdoors, give this lady enough room to stretch. Indoors, you can try to control the size by using training methods such as LST to encourage lateral rather than vertical growth. Alternatively, you could use methods such as SOG or ScrOG, which can keep the canopy of your grow quite low.

The yield for Thai Dream is pretty large. It’s not as monstrous as some strains you can get these days, but it is reliable and produces more than enough for all but the greediest smokers. Indoors, expect around 575g/m² if all goes well, and outdoors expect around 600–650g/plant.

Generally, Thai Dream is pretty forgiving to grow. It’s not as easy as an autoflower or a super-resilient indica, but it is nevertheless possible for even beginner growers to get very good results from this plant, with a little care.

Aroma, Taste, and Effects of Thai Dream

With great effects and delicious flavors, Thai Dream is sure to please most cannabis lovers. Despite its heritage and sativa-dominant genetics, you might be surprised to discover that the effects of Thai Dream are predominantly physically relaxing. Nevertheless, the mind remains alert, allowing users to continue to think more or less clearly while still enjoying a little mental buzz.

Thai Dream effects

Due to this combination of effects, Thai Dream can be used to relax the body without sending the mind to an overly stoned place. While some users like to get mentally stoned, others appreciate strains that can relax the body without having this effect.

Thai Dream taste

The flavor and aroma of Thai Dream borrow notes from both parents, combining classic dank notes with more modern, fruity ones. Underpinning the flavor is an earthy base that grounds the experience and keeps it from getting too sweet. However, there are also notes of fruit and spice, with the top notes being those of berries—courtesy of Blue Dream. This unusual flavor is at once warm and hearty while also being fruity and somewhat refreshing.

Thai Dream: A Rare Opportunity

Thai Dream is the result of a collaboration between two very big and respected names, and you shouldn’t run the risk of not getting an opportunity to grow it yourself. The flavors and effects of this plant stand out from many other strains on the market, so growers looking to try something a little different in the will find an intriguing and receptive partner.

Being fairly easy to grow and offering a delicious and unique cannabis experience, the chance to try Thai Dream should not be missed!

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