By Luke Sumpter

Storz & Bickel revolutionised the aesthetic, function, and sheer awesomeness of the vaporizer. Upon releasing the Volcano Digit, the company suddenly made vaping novel, mainstream, and extremely social. The huge desktop device became the centerpiece of smoke sessions all over the world, impressing guests with its digital temperature settings, colorful display, and huge vape bags.

Now, the company has released an improved version of this popular device: the Volcano Hybrid. This new vaping system possesses all of the best traits of the Digit, along with new features that vastly improve the vaping experience.

Continue reading to find out all about the Volcano Hybrid, how it incorporates modern tech, and if it has a place in your vape cabinet.

Volcano Hybrid: A Touch of Nostalgia

Those who loved the Digit adored the device's shape, simplicity, and social elements. The Hybrid holds on to all of these aspects, so you won't be losing anything from the previous experience. The new vape takes the same size and shape and will sit like a cannabinoid-emitting mountain on your communal coffee table.

These similarities with the previous model make the Hybrid compatible with the same EASY VALVE balloon. These giant bags of vapor are what made the Digit so groundbreaking, and you won't have to replace them to take advantage of the successor.

Adapted for the Future

Storz & Bickel designed the Volcano Hybrid with the future in mind. Through a reliable Bluetooth connection, users can alter temperature settings before heating up some herb. The customised app for Android and iOS gives users full control at a distance. Simply use your thumb to adjust any settings to your personal taste.

Speaking of Taste…

The Volcano Hybrid offers a wide temperature range. The ability to play around with this parameter alters far more than just the smoothness of each inhalation. Selecting specific temperatures targets desired terpenes and cannabinoids to modify the effects and flavors of each experience.

These cannabis phytochemicals offer different flavors and psychoactive effects. Each of them possesses different evaporation points, meaning you can hone in on some, while actively avoiding others. Find out what tastes and feels best for you.

Use your smartphone or the sleek buttons on the front of the device to select a temperature between 40–230°C. The new addition of lower temp settings allows users to experience terpenes that degrade when smoking or vaping with high heat.

Volcano Hybrid

Fast and Efficient

Did you invite your smoking buddies around last minute? Maybe you're on the way to an impromptu party? The Volcano Hybrid will deliver. With a waiting time of only 1–2 minutes, the time between firing up this machine and passing a balloon around the room passes almost instantly.

Hybrid in More Than Name

The Hybrid doesn't just boast a cool name; it features two different and interchangeable systems of inhalation. The more social and quintessential vaping balloons are perfect for small social gatherings and large parties alike. Get the room baked in just a couple of rounds.

The Hybrid also adapts to a vaping tube. This attachment suits solo sessions and small group smoke-outs. It offers the ritualistic feeling of a shisha pipe along with the efficiency of modern tech.

Aesthetic Improvements and a Robust Body

The Hybrid looks prettier than its predecessor. It features sophisticated orange and white LEDs in place of loud bright-red and green. The buttons also share the color scheme with the rest of the body, leading to a futuristic appearance.

Made in Germany, the Hybrid displays masterful workmanship. The solid body and high-quality materials mean this vape will play an active part in your collection for years to come.

What's in the Box?

Here's what you'll get when you order a Volcano Hybrid to your door:

  • Volcano Hybrid vaporizer
  • Instruction manual
  • Air filter set
  • Filling chamber (cap ring, normal screen set, drip pad, and cleaning brush)
  • EASY VALVE Balloon with adapter
  • EASY VALVE Balloon with mouthpiece
  • Power cord
Crafty +

Volcano Hybrid: Product Round-Up

Overall, the Volcano Hybrid delivers in almost every aspect. The large and impressive device combines the looks and functionality of the original with more specific parameters and impressive smartphone compatibility. Due to the size and weight of the product, it's strictly a desktop device that will fuel solo and social sessions. The Volcano Hybrid occupies the premium range of desktop vaporization products, and for that reason comes with a bigger price tag.

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