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At RQS, all of our strains are bred to exhibit the finest characteristics to satisfy both growers and consumers. But in 2023, one variety stood out above all the rest—Orion F1.

As one of the first F1 hybrids ever released, Orion F1 showcases unprecedented vigour, uniformity, and production, all while racing to harvest in around 10 weeks. These traits immediately caught the attention of our legion of fans and customers, and have spurred the popularity of our groundbreaking F1 hybrid selection.

Read on to acquaint yourself with everything that makes Orion F1 so special, then pick up some seeds for yourself to sample the best variety of the year.

Orion F1: A Major Feat in Cannabis Breeding

Whether you associate the name Orion with the constellation or the mythical Greek hunter, you’ll soon identify it with the F1 hybrid variety from RQS. The result of meticulous inbreeding, Orion F1 derives from Blue Mammoth Auto, Blue Dream, and Amnesia parent lines, making for a fierce specimen in the grow-op, and a delectably potent one in the stash jar.

As one of the highest-yielding cultivars in our F1 lineup, Orion never sacrifices quality for quantity—it delivers both in spades.


Flavor, Aroma, and Effects of Orion F1: Fresh Flavors and Relaxing Euphoria

Orion F1 is a veritable terpene bomb, expressing high levels of myrcene accented by medium levels of farnesene and ocimene. This terpene trio results in a flavor that is at once sweet and refreshing. Users will certainly pick up on its fruity, candy-like sweetness, but a fresh pine twist prevents the taste from becoming cloying.

In terms of its high, Orion F1 is all about delivering relaxing euphoria. Boasting exceptional THC levels, alongside the aforementioned terpenes, Orion F1 wraps users in a soothing embrace that, when used in moderation, won’t lock you to the couch. Instead, you’ll experience hours of creative bliss. Spend the evening daydreaming, chatting with close friends, or listening to your favorite albums. Given its high potency and stoning constituents, Orion F1 is perhaps best saved for afternoon and evening use, though its initial euphoric rush can provide a late-morning boost as well.

In addition to recreational use, Orion F1 has won the favor of holistic cannabis users, as it provides a long-lasting mind-body high that helps to take the edge off of tension—both mental and physical. When used in larger amounts, its effects can become more soporific, allowing users to gently drift off to sleep.

Orion F1
23_genetic background_1 Blue Mammoth Auto x Blue Dream x Amnesia
25_flowering time_1 35 - 40 days
29_THC_1 THC: Very high
22_Effect_1 Calming, Physically Relaxing, Stoned
110_harvest 65 - 70 days after germination

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Growing Orion F1: Strong and Mighty

In addition to its unique flavor and wholesome effects, Orion F1 really stands out with impressive growth. As a high-octane autoflower, plants max out at a reasonable height of just 65–80cm, making them highly suitable for cramped indoor spaces, balcony grows, and guerrilla operations. Despite their small stature, these plants are seriously abundant and fast to deliver the goods. Taking 65–70 days from germination to harvest (with a lightning-fast flowering stage of 35–40 days), Orion F1 produces massive yields that will have your jaw dropping to the floor.

Best of all, each seed you sow of this variety will grow into uniform plants that exhibit the same structure and take the same amount of time to reach harvest. This allows growers to optimise production and maximise light exposure to their crop without needing to train—although some LST can help to push Orion’s yields even higher.

All of this means that even beginners to cannabis cultivation can achieve exceptional harvests of potent and aromatic bud. On the other hand, veteran growers can push production to the max, achieving numerous harvests over one growing season. The choice is yours with this versatile variety!


Orion F1: Testimonials

Having a hard time believing all of the great things we have to say about Orion F1? Well, take it from our community of growers—this variety puts most conventional strains to shame!

When it comes to growth, Breadandbuds had this to say:

“I fell in love with this strain. I love its compactness, its long flowers, its speed, and its resin production. It also produces well. Absolutely worth trying another F1 masterpiece. I see clearly Amnesia and Blue Dream [influences]... Super good genetic job”.

But this isn’t the only user impressed with Orion’s production. TTAzazel chimed in to say: “Excellent strain. Great production. Best from F1s I have seen so far”. Similarly, QueenOfTheKind said: “She’s a big yielder…”, going on to share that she’s as “sticky as it gets and smells like fruit and grape”. User Lilyput agrees, describing the variety as “Very nice and smooth with a sweet, fruity and slightly peppery taste”.

Other users, such as E.M., note Orion’s incredible robustness, saying that “Orion exhibits tremendous vigour and uniformity throughout all plants”. Drgreen13 concurs, adding: “She grew like a champ, no issues whatsoever. 9 weeks from seed to smoke. I would definitely recommend…”.

Seldom_Seen also mentions that she is resilient and “put up with some extreme temperatures during the grow and never showed any signs of stress”.

Regarding her high, users also had a lot to rave about, though Y. S. warns: “Orion F1 [has an] extremely high THC level… it’s not for weak smokers!”. Despite the potency, the high is happy and relaxing. As RobDiv shares: “Smokes super smooth—a very nice HAPPY head high. The girlfriend likes this one as it doesn't cause any couch-lock…”.

These represent just a sample of the testimonials singing the praises of Orion F1. Browse our reviews for even more insight into all this plant has to offer.


Orion F1: Give Respect to the All-Powerful Hunter

When considering the best weed strains of 2023, few varieties, if any, can outcompete the dynamic flavor, insane potency, massive yields, and undeniable reliability of Orion F1. Also, it’s incredibly versatile and easy to grow. This means almost anyone with an interest in trying out growing an F1 variety can do so. So get your Orion F1 seeds in the soil, and start 2024 with the best variety on the market.

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