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It will also go over the punishments associated with cannabis, as well as the social aspect of the substance—its social prominence, how criminalized it is, different strains available in the country and their costs, etc. Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only. Neither the author of this article nor the website on which it was printed endorses or promotes any illegal or unlawful activities.

Cannabis in Bolivia

Possessing, trafficking, and using marijuana in all forms and for any reason whatsoever is illegal in Bolivia. Even medical cannabis use is not lawful in the Latin American country. Socially, cannabis is widely used and police generally aren’t concerned with cannabis users according to Marijuana Travels and Drug Law Reform. If you or I were to get caught with cannabis in Bolivia, however, the law states that punishment may be as severe as steep monetary penalties, arrest, and/or imprisonment. Reportedly, the most frequent consequence for any drug use in Bolivia is forced in-patient rehabilitation—provided the amount seized is small and no trafficking or distributing is involved. Consequences are much steeper for trafficking.
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The Price of Cannabis in Bolivia

Though it is unlawful, there will always be those who use cannabis in Bolivia, as in any other country. The cost of purchasing cannabis in Bolivia varies depending on the strain you are buying. It also most likely varies based on where you are purchasing it and how much it is marked up—like any other desired good purchased by a consumer, really. According to the Marijuana Travels website, the average cost of cannabis in Bolivia is between $20-200 per ounce. If you were new to the area or visiting and were unsure where to purchase it, it may be helpful to know that the Bolivian slang word for marijuana is ‘quezo’ and the word used for hashish is ‘poro’.

The Quality of Cannabis in Bolivia

In Bolivia, like anywhere else, the quality of the cannabis depends on several factors, some of which are: season, source, and neighborhood purchased in. For instance, it wouldn’t make much sense for dispensary agents to sell high quality, expensive cannabis strains in an impoverished neighborhood where people are unlikely to have enough disposable income to afford it. On the other hand, those that can afford the higher quality strains are most likely to prefer the high-quality strains, possibly even strains grown from genetically-engineered female seeds.

Cannabis Strains from Bolivia

The Marijuana Travels website says there are many different strands going around in the country of Bolivia at any given time—from low, to medium, to high quality. There are no significant strains that originated in Bolivia that we know of.

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