RQS Author Cannabis Journalist and Copywriter

Adam Parsons

I write about: Cannabis cultivation, news, pop culture, CBD and products

Adam Parsons specializes in a wide range of topics, including indoor and outdoor cultivation, and covers new CBD and cannabis products.

“As cannabis continually changes our way of life, it's important to gain a greater understanding for the future”

Adam is a full-time cannabis journalist and copywriter. Having initially started as a freelance writer, he became a full-time member of staff several years ago. Adam injects a level of enthusiasm, personality, and creativity into every task he tackles. Drawing from a rich palette of life experiences, technical research skills, and in-depth knowledge of cannabis, being a professional cannabis journalist is a constantly exciting, liberating, and rewarding endeavour for Adam.

Areas of expertise:

  • Cannabis cultivation
  • Cannabis news and journalism
  • Cannabis pop culture
  • Cannabis research and science

Adam’s latest posts

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