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Epsilon F1

Blue Dream x Blueberry x Amnesia Lemon Haze x Black Domina

Epsilon F1 is one of the first cultivars from our world-first catalogue of F1 cannabis seeds. Combining genetics from inbred lines descending from Blue Dream, Blueberry, Amnesia, and Black Domina, this variety boasts uniform grow traits, delicious aromas, and plenty of cannabinoids. Plus, it's the fastest autoflower in our entire F1 lineup.
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Epsilon F1: Potent, Flavourful, and Fast

Epsilon F1 is the fastest of all of our F1 cannabis seeds, and combines genetic traits from some of the most notable cannabis varieties of the last decades, including Blue Dream, Blueberry, Amnesia Lemon Haze, and Black Domina. She boasts delicious aromas, plenty of cannabinoids, and, like all RQS F1 seeds, unrivalled stability, resulting in a uniform crop that consistently produces buds of unwavering quality. Plus, her autoflowering trait and extra-fast flowering time make Epsilon F1 an ideal choice for growers focused on getting to harvest as quickly as possible.

Epsilon F1

Effects, Flavours, and Aromas of Epsilon F1: Notes of Citrus, Herbs, and Berries With a Relaxing High

Thanks to the vibrant aromatic profiles of its parent cultivars, Epsilon F1 features a rich aroma that combines hints of fresh herbs and citrus with full-bodied earthy notes and touches of blueberries and lavender. Epsilon F1 is a mid-strength variety, consistently producing solid levels of THC and a terpene profile dominated by myrcene, farnesene, ocimene, and limonene. Not only do these terpenes impact Epsilon F1's delicious aroma, but also its effects, endowing it with a long-lasting, physically relaxing stone that soothes the entire body (predominantly courtesy of myrcene, linalool, and farnesene), mixed with an uplifting, motivational kick (from limonene).

Epsilon F1

Growing Epsilon F1: Small, Uniform Plants With an Express Flowering Time

Epsilon F1 demonstrates excellent vigour and resilience; plants consistently grow small and compact, reaching similar heights and with a similar structure (short with few side branches), resulting in a very uniform crop. Plus, once Epsilon F1 automatically enters her bloom phase, you'll be pleased to note that her developing buds produce little-to-no aromas all the way till harvest. Combined with her fast 30-day flowering time (60 days from germination to harvest), Epsilon F1 makes an excellent choice for stealthy growers.

Epsilon F1
Epsilon F1 data sheet
Variety: F1 Hybrid auto
Genetic Background: Blue Dream x Blueberry x Amnesia Lemon Haze x Black Domina
THC: Very high
Yield: XXL
Height: 50 - 70 cm
Flowering time: 30 - 40 days
Harvest: 60 days after germination
Major terpenes: Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Myrcene, Pinene
Flavour: Blueberry, Citrus, Herbal, Lavender, Lime
Effect: Calming, Long Lasting , Physically Relaxing
Climate: Short Summers

    By M. W. on 20/May/2024 :

    Title : Epsilon F1
    Comment : Eine sehr stabile Pflanze. Keimt schnell, wächst schnell und ist robust. Bin neugierig auf die anderen F1 Sorten. Die Pflanze kommt mit mildem Klima sehr gut zurecht.

    By M. B. on 20/May/2024 :

    Title : F1 EPSILON Success
    Comment : Successful grow on my 1st try. I popped 3 F1 Epsilon seeds, no problems. I planted 2 seeds in 5 gal containers and 1 in a 1 gal pot. The seed in the 1 gallon stuntted. The 2 plants in the 5gal grew to about 12-18 inches (bent main stem as horizontal as I could. Ran into powery mildew early on because she gets bushy. Currently they are ready to cut very soon. The flowers are looking tasty and the smell is pungent. I believe If my growing skills were better, the plants would show their true potential.

    By K. C. on 20/May/2024 :

    Title : Great
    Comment : Great yield and taste, fast grower! Had no problems at all. In and outdoor!

    By C. C. on 16/May/2024 :

    Title : Smooth hitter
    Comment : First time grower, yield was around 3oz for inside grow. Hits smooth, taste great, definitely growing again. Harvested roughly 70 days after germination.

    By M. H. on 16/May/2024 :

    Title : Quick grow, great yield
    Comment : It took little above 60 days from seed to harvest. I did dwc in 45x45x120cm tent. After lst it was almost wall to wall. Compact in size as it was only 50cm tall. 56grams after first grow, 100w led, but dimmed time to time to 70-80w 18/6.

    By S. G. on 16/May/2024 :

    Title : Servus
    Comment : Das ist mein erster grow in einem 60x60x180 Zelt. Infinity setup. Ich habe 3 Samen bestellt bisher 2 zum testen angebaut. Alle Samen sind gekommen. Ich habe sie anders wie es viele tun direkt in die Erde gepackt. Darüber habe eine abgeschnitte Flasche gestellt, so kann ich ein konstantes Klima erzeugen. Habe mit einer Vollspektrum angefangen 15000lux bis zur keimung danach bin ich auf 34000 lux hoch gefahren etwa 60% last. Zum düngen nutze ich das biobizz grow und bloom. Das ganze habe ich in einer anzuchterde für Kräuter gepackt. Bisher wachsen die Pflanzen mega schnell. Kann es kaum abwarten bis sie komplett in blüte gehen und ich die Lampe auf 100% bzw 75000 lux fahren kann. Die Lampe habe ich 40cm entfernt gehängt keine Ahnung ob das so gut ist aber die lux stimmen die kann man ja ungefähr mit dem handy messen. Die Temperatur habe ich relativ konstant bei 22grad in der keimung, beim Sämling auf ca. 26- 27 Grad gefahren was mit den infinity Lüftern und Temperaturkontrolle kein Thema ist. Jetzt mal auf die blüte und Geschmack gespannt. Für alle großes Lob, werde doe Sorte bestimmt wieder kaufen. Kann man nur empfehlen selbst als Anfänger 😉

    By A. A. on 16/May/2024 :

    Title : Amazing 👏 🤩 🙀
    Comment : Very fast 🏃‍♂️ 👌 very nice 👌 👍

    By R. P. on 09/May/2024 :

    Title : Awesome plant🌱
    Comment : This holds the title of my favorite. She was beautiful and strong fast paced growing yield was ok but it tChecked it out to 33.3% THC and the taste is dank and I love it

    By I. N. on 09/May/2024 :

    Title : Super tolle Genetik
    Comment : Ich bin mehr wie überrascht über diese starke Genetik und deren schnellen Wachstum. Exzellente Qualität zu einem Top Preis. Keimung direkt im Endtopf unter einer 250w greenception bei 0,6×0,6 Ertrag noch unklar da noch in der Blütephase. in der Frühblüte hat sie innerhalb von 4 Tagen um die 10cm an grösse gewonnen.

    By B. D. on 09/May/2024 :

    Title : Firstgrow
    Comment : Erstes mal gescheit und wächst wie Sau!

    By M. H. on 09/May/2024 :

    Title : Micky
    Comment : Trotz hohem Bestellaufkommen , wegen BRD , alles schnell angekommen, super. Nach 4 Wochen und Lst schon viele Blüten zu erkennen, wachsen in DWC wie der Teufel !

    By T. M. on 29/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Great
    Comment : Great little plant. Took 63 days. She gave me lots of dense buds. She is small enough to grow pretty much anywhere. It was a easy grow. She doesn't ask for much but if you pay attention she will reward you! Fantastic smoke. Definitely one of my favorites.

    By G. D. on 25/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Gdb
    Comment : Verry fast strain It was my first grow ever. It turned out pretty nice

    By J. K. on 25/Apr/2024 :

    Title : ..
    Comment : Good

    By T. C. on 25/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Stabil
    Comment : Die Pflanzen sind bei mir etwa 40/45cm hoch geworden. Am Anfang sehr viele Anfänger Fehler gemacht. Trotzdem sind die headbuds schon recht breit und hoch 👌🏼

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Buying, selling, or trading cannabis seeds in the UK is legally permissible, regardless of whether seeds are obtained domestically or from other European countries. However, it is your responsibility to research and comply with local laws and regulations before placing an order.