By Luke Sumpter

The weekend is here! You’ve had that trip to the beach planned for a while now, but the day comes around and it is absolutely miserable outside—really pouring down. What now? Well, staying at home is a completely viable option. But what to do while you’re cooped up inside? And even more importantly, what do you smoke on a day like today?


In this short guide, we review the top 5 strains to smoke on a rainy day, as well as some activities to make the day not seem like a complete washout!

1. Triple G

Not to be taken lightly, Triple G is an 85% indica-dominant beast and the perfect strain to kick off our list. With 26% THC, this strain offers a powerful high that provides deep feelings of contemplation, introversion, and bursts of creativity—perfect for those rainy indoor days.

Coupled with an intensely sweet flavour of chocolate and berries, and a dense, earthy, and spicy aroma to match, Triple G is one strain you’ll want on standby when the weather isn’t at its best. Artists and writers will find that just a toke or two is enough to catalyse a little herbal inspiration.

Triple G

Triple G
23_genetic background_1 Gorilla Glue 4 x Gelato 33
33_Yield indoors_1 525 - 575 gr/m2
31_plant height outdoor_1 90 – 140 cm
25_flowering time_1 8 - 9 weeks
29_THC_1 THC: 26%
28_Type Blend_1 Sativa 15% Indica 85%
34_yield outdoor_1 600 - 650 gr/plant
32_plant height outdoors_1 140 - 180 cm
27_harvest period_1 Middle of October
22_Effect_1 Clear, Euphoric, Fast Thinking, Motivating

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2. Shogun

Next on our list is Shogun, a sativa-dominant strain with a potent 25% THC content. Named after the Japanese generals, it is certainly designed to combat low mood and lethargy by providing long-lasting, stimulating, and attention-boosting properties.

Shogun’s flavour will almost certainly perk you up with its pungent notes of earth and pine. Simply sniffing these buds is enough to invigorate the mind! Need a little motivation to work on that essay as you look out the window at the pouring rain? Keep your mind organised and on task with Shogun.


If you have a sweet tooth, and are looking for a cannabis strain to match, look no further than Wedding Gelato. Boasting unapologetically saccharine notes of lemon, vanilla, and just a hint of mint, it serves up a uniquely tasty flavour cocktail that will stay on the tip of your tongue for a long time.

Wedding Gelato will certainly soothe those rainy day blues with its 25% THC content. Providing a relaxed, and at times euphoric, high, this strain won’t motivate you as much as the previous entries on our list, but it will give you an excuse to truly indulge in your at-home creature comforts. Take some time to create the cosiest atmosphere possible, then treat yourself to some Wedding Gelato.

Wedding Gelato

One of the most revered strains in California, Haze Berry brings some of that West Coast sunshine into your home. This is an 80% sativa-dominant strain that clocks in with a satisfying 20% THC content. Prepare yourself for an initial uplifting and energising high followed by a smooth, long-lasting, and relaxing effect.

With a sweet and fruity taste of blueberries, this strain deserves a special place in the collections of all types of smokers. Looking for something to do on a rainy day? Consider toking on this strain while making your own flavourful Haze Berry edibles for later!

Haze Berry

Last on our list is the world-famous Sour Diesel, another long-standing favourite in the Golden State of California, and for good reason. A 70% sativa-dominant strain with a respectable 19% THC content, Sour Diesel is known to induce an uplifting, energetic, and pleasantly lucid high.

Sour Diesel is also a tasty strain with a unique flavour profile. It draws from rich herbal and sour notes to provide a savoury experience that will put a smile on your face when trapped inside on a dreary day. Feeling restless? Smoke some Sour Diesel and get ready for an at-home yoga or workout session!

Sour Diesel



Now that you’ve picked your favourite strain from our list of rainy day heavy-hitters, what do you do with yourself when stuck inside? At RQS, we’ve put together a few lists with recommendations for the best animated movies, games, and cartoons you can fully indulge in when high.

And what better excuse do you need than a miserable, rainy day to blaze and get stuck in a classic movie that will melt away the hours?


One way to while away those long, rainy afternoons is to play games. Whether in a group or on your own, it’s a great way to pass the time. Plus, playing games while high offers the best of both worlds, right? So, whether you’re playing single-player video games like Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto, or more practical games like Bong Pong or Medusa, it’s definitely a great way to work through your stash on a rainy day.


Sometimes, games just aren’t appealing and you feel like watching a movie instead. But, you don’t really fancy the usual Hollywood blockbusters. So, what do you do? It might be worth picking an animated classic and getting lost for an hour or two. Consider the rich animation style of Studio Ghibli movies like Spirited Away, or the trippy visual spectacle of Walt Disney’s Fantasia.


If games and movies aren’t grabbing your attention, what better than a rainy day of binge-watching some of the finest cartoons around to pass the time? It’s all too easy to sink a lot of time into a series without being high, so prepare to really be sucked into shows like Rick & Morty or South Park—cartoons that will certainly appeal to those that are high and feeling nothing but good vibes.


It’s not all fun and games on a rainy day, though, and sometimes you need that little bit of extra motivation when high. When staying at home, it is important to remember…

Stay organised: Make sure to complete your day-to-day errands and tasks before getting too locked to the couch.

Determine your tolerance level: This one is mostly common sense, but it's crucial not to overdo it with highly potent strains if you’re new to smoking. This is especially relevant to our rainy day scenario because you’ll probably be smoking more than usual!

Pick your strain wisely: Based on the descriptions above, be sure to pick a strain that suits the types of activities you enjoy when cooped up at home. If you want to remain energised, perhaps avoid the more indica-dominant hybrids like Wedding Gelato and Triple G in favour of the sativas, and vice versa.

With that in mind, we hope this list helps you figure out what to do when your plans fall through as the rain comes crashing down.

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