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Every cannabis lover has their favourite pastime when high. And it just so happens that the herb makes just about everything more pleasurable. Some smokers love to sit back and watch a film, whereas others prefer to get out into nature and marvel at its glory.

Then, there are those that find great joy in the endless entertainment offered by the internet. In particular, Reddit serves as an incredible online platform to learn new skills, discover incredible tips, and simply zone out and ride the wave of being high.

Check out some of the best weed-related subreddits below. You’ll find some dedicated to cannabis growing and cooking with the herb, and some that are purely there to entertain the stoned mind.

5 Subreddits for the Weed Community

These five subreddits are valuable tools for every cannabis enthusiast. They provide platforms for ideas and discussions around real-world skills, from extract crafting and edible cooking to growing the best cannabis possible.

  • 1. Microgrowery (r/Microgrowery)

Micro growing opens up a whole new world of cannabis cultivation. This method allows cultivators all over the world to grow weed in the stealthiest way possible. This subreddit displays inventive ways of growing small cannabis plants for maximum discretion. Despite their small size, growers still achieve respectable harvests. If you’re looking to set up a small and covert growing operation, you need to check out this feed.

This subreddit also features a “Growing Basics” section that serves as a great starting point for novices. Check out the “Shopping List” and “Seedbank List” to find out what you need, and the “Beginner’s Guide” for the smoothest start possible.

Microgrowery (r/Microgrowery)
  • 2. Cannabis Cultivation (r/CannabisCultivation)

This subreddit currently boasts 111,000 members from all corners of the world. With this many cannabis-curious minds in one place, you're guaranteed to stumble across precious information, stunning cannabis photography, and top-tier memes. Alongside impressive posts from seasoned growers, you’ll see plenty of novices posting yellow leaves, wilting specimens, and pest-ridden plants. The great part about this subreddit? Hundreds of community members are ready to jump in to offer their tips, advice, and solutions.

Join this community, whether you’re an experienced cultivator or complete beginner. When you’re done looking at the beautiful trichome macro shots, you’ll level up your growing game with the help of others.

Cannabis Cultivation (r/CannabisCultivation)
  • 3. Cannabis Extracts: Hash, Oil, Rosin (r/CannabisExtracts)

This extract-oriented subreddit is strictly dedicated to the craft. Thanks to a functional team of moderators, you won’t see any sales pitches or spammy memes. Instead, as you scroll down the page, you’ll witness some of the best extraction porn known to the internet: sheets of shatter, bowls full of budder, and other experimental recipes probably never attempted before.

Although you might feel out of your depth looking at some of these masterpieces, the community spirit remains strong. There are plenty of beginner posts asking for advice that you can learn from. If you’re already a pro, post your finest creations and earn a bunch of upvotes from this creative community.

Cannabis Extracts: Hash, Oil, Rosin (r/CannabisExtracts)
  • 4. Treecipes: Delicious Omnoms for Stoners, by Stoners (r/Treecipes)

If you like getting creative with cannabis in the kitchen, then you need to join this subreddit. Dedicated to all things edibles, this 7,000-strong group upload post after post of delicious cannabinoid-infused creations. Not only do users post mouthwatering images of their dishes, but many of them provide in-depth recipes so you can replicate them, or at least draw inspiration.

Learn how to hide the taste of weed in edibles, how to bake the perfect cannabis banana bread, and how to cook up the perfect batch of steaming oatmeal cookies.

Treecipes: Delicious Omnoms for Stoners, by Stoners (r/Treecipes)
  • 5. StonerProTips: The Place for All of Your Smoking Tips and Tricks (r/StonerProTips)

Every cannabis smoker has their own set of party tricks and smoking tips ready for a hangout or gathering. Chances are you’ve sat around a coffee table in the past, trading techniques and advice. Now, add 70,000 other people into the mix and you have r/StonerProTips. Learn everything you need to know about enjoying cannabis in the most effortless and novel ways. You’ll find posts that teach you how to conceal the smell of weed before work, and others that detail the perfect process for cleaning your bong.

You’ll even find tips on cannabis-themed days out. Explore people's experiences blazing in cities around the world, and use their reports to replicate their experiences with your friends where you live.

StonerProTips: The Place for All of Your Smoking Tips and Tricks (r/StonerProTips)

5 Subreddits To Get Lost In While High

The subreddits mentioned above are mostly functional and instructional. While they can change a weed lover's life, the subreddits below offer a whole new dimension: entertainment. Fire up a massive bowl or a thick blunt and get ready to have your mind blown.

  • 1. Photoshopbattles (r/PhotoshopBattles)

Smoke up a giggly sativa, prepare some snacks, and get ready to laugh your ass off. This group consists of over 17,000 creative members that manipulate images in the funniest ways possible. They battle over games of Photoshop tennis and even compete to win a Reddit gold medal. Users post an original picture in the main feed, alongside a descriptive title. From there, stoned Photoshop artists on the other side of the internet proceed to make the funniest version possible.

For example, an image of a guy belly-flopping into a pool suddenly becomes a hilarious picture of the same gentlemen falling into a bath of gold, standing at the bow of the Titanic, or diving into the depths of the ocean.

Photoshopbattles (r/PhotoshopBattles)
  • 2. Woahdude(r/woahdude)

This subreddit is dedicated purely to blowing the minds of smokers and trippers. You’ll find intense psychedelic content, reality-distorting games, and artwork that you’ll quickly become lost in. Scrolling through this feed sober offers a fun and wild experience. Add some THC into the equation and the colours become brighter, the sounds are more intense, and you’re suddenly in a whole new universe.

Trip out to spinning lights, bizarre creatures, and even videos of bearded Russians rolling around in the snow with a fully grown bear.

  • 3. EarthPorn (r/EarthPorn)

Something about cannabis just inspires a deep sense of connection with nature, and an indescribable appreciation of the beauty of the world. While walking around in the woods or going to the beach does the trick, this subreddit offers sights you’re not going to see every day.

Experience masterful photography featuring some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. Zone out to incredible landscape shots of the Italian Alps, cloudless days on the Cornish coast, the tips of Armenian mountains, and the Milky Way in all its glory over the Californian desert.

EarthPorn (r/EarthPorn)
  • 4. Nostalgia (r/Nostalgia)

Are you ready for a blast from the past? Nostalgia will remind you of the joys, warmth, and safety of your childhood—there’s no better feeling when high. Over 100,000 reflective fellows will trigger memories in you that you’ve long forgotten.

Check out videos of 90s toys that will immediately take you back. Explore memes and pictures of films you haven’t seen in years, from the Blues Brothers to the original Toy Story. Remember the PlayStation One? You’ll see plenty of content from this long-forgotten console, too!

Nostalgia (r/Nostalgia)
  • 5. TreeForts (r/TreeForts)

Every kid dreams of their own tree fort, a place to retreat and let the imagination run wild. Instead of fading with adulthood, the urge to own a tree fort intensifies when a person starts smoking weed! You might not have your own place in the trees (yet), but you can gather inspiration from this amazing subreddit. Sometimes, it feels like you are actually among the leaves when you get lost in this feed.

Some posts display only basic creations—a few planks hoisted up into the canopy. Others put on displays of talented craftsmanship involving glass domes, elevated lodges, and spiral staircases.

TreeForts (r/TreeForts)

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