By Miguel Ordoñez

There's no denying that the weed world is on fire. No, we're not talking about that joint you just sparked up. We mean booming business, legislative action, and a global ganja scene that just won't quit. There's a lot of info out there: breaking news, industry forecasts, tips for growing, sexy pictures of trichomes, whatever Seth Rogen is up to this week…

It can be tough to keep up with everything you need or want to know. Luckily, a little blue birdie told us to give you the hookup. Here are 10 Twitter accounts every cannabis lover should follow.


If you're looking to break into the industry, start by following Cannabis Training University (CTU). CTU is an online marijuana school based out of Colorado. Their Twitter feed alone is a mini-education in all things cannabis.

CTU posts relevant news from around the globe. They mix in tips for cultivating bigger buds, investing wisely, and building your brand. Their feed will keep you up to date with the cutting-edge of cannabis. They're worth a follow, whether you aspire to be a sultan of green, or just appreciate the value of a good education.

Cannabis Training University


If you don't know High Times Magazine, we forgive you. But you probably should. They've been the cannabis community's go-to publication for decades. They also organise the world's premier cannabis festival, The High Times Cannabis Cup, so you know they've got the inside scoop on strain recommendations.

Follow High Times for a central line to the heart of the weed world. Their social media game is mostly content from their magazine, but it's top-quality. Expect a comprehensive mix of cannabis-related news and photos of bud so lush you can almost smell it.

High Times


As a popular online and brick-and-mortar seed bank, we had to include ourselves, Royal Queen Seeds. We sell a comprehensive range of industry-leading genetics, including multiple Cannabis Cup winners.

Aside from being one of the fastest-growing breeders in Europe, we also strive to offer a wealth of information when it comes to strains, growing advice, and medical marijuana. Follow our Twitter for sneak-peek photos of the best bud, pro tips for cultivation, and suggestions for stoner-friendly holiday spots.

Royal Queen Seeds


So Baked is weed humour at its finest—at least their 100,000+ followers seem to think so. Stoners everywhere will feel personally attacked by their relatable content. Rest assured, we mean that in the best possible way. A quick scroll through their feed and you'll be laughing your ass off, sending screenshots to your buddies. Time to pack a bowl and get your daily dose of retweetable weed memes.

So Baked


Let's be honest, there are times when weed culture gives off bro-vibes. Nothing against our bros, we love ya. But, let's not forget: the cannabis community is as diverse as the strains we smoke. Women Grow celebrates that by connecting, educating, and empowering entrepreneurs of all genders.

This network of industry professionals is based in the USA, but their work is relevant to the larger culture. Women Grow tweets out essential info geared at cultivating the next generation of cannabis leaders. Follow them for a modern take on the world of weed!

Women Grow


Merry Jane's mission is to bring cannabis culture to the masses. Their content is a chill mix of news, food, culture, and style. Follow them for info on the strongest strains of all time, virtual reality models of cannabinoid receptors, and the latest research into psychedelics. They even have their own webcomic: The High Life of Weed Dude.

Merry Jane


NORML is an advocacy group working to reform marijuana laws and protect responsible consumption. If anyone knows the weed scene, it's them. They've been around since 1970.

NORML's Twitter feed is full of tools for woke cannabis consumers and activists. They post news about legislation, legalization, and the most recent cannabis-related studies. While NORML is based out of the States, they're a great resource for anyone fighting the (ganja) good fight. Time to spread the word.



Otherwise known as Weed Tweets, this account delivers as advertised. They send out crisp cannabis commentary to more than a million followers. The vibe is classic stoner humour, condensed into 280 characters or less.

Weed Tweets posts simple text, with only the occasional link or image. It's almost vintage Twitter. Yeah, vintage, like circa 2009. Even their profile pic is a simple green pot leaf on a white background. The classics are timeless for a reason.

Weed Tweets


This OG stoner is no bandwagon jumper—he's been keepin' it real for decades. From clips of his hilarious posse to mouthwatering collaborations with the one and only Martha Stewart, Snoop's Twitter doesn't disappoint. Follow him for unabashed updates from a true cannabis king. His feed will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Snoop Dog


Speaking of Snoop's posse: Seth Rogen is the quintessential everyman's stoner. His Twitter account is a goldmine of relatable comedy. He has multiple projects on the go at any given moment. These include his own cannabis company and an impressive ceramics hobby. Yep, he makes pottery in his spare time. Rogen is smart, motivated, hilarious, and the sativa-smoking role model we all need. Follow him for cannabis-friendly content that goes beyond the bud. 

Seth Rogen


Twitter is a perfect place to get quick hits of the latest, greatest cannabis content. A quick scroll after your morning wake-n-bake is all it takes to lift your spirits. A well-curated feed will keep you in the know with minimal effort. So, don't forget to follow our faves—hand-selected for the modern cannabis connoisseur. No need to thank us. Just retweet and spread the word.

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