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After spending your precious €10 for a gram of Shining Silver Haze in Amsterdam, a thought pops into your head, how much pot would my precious €10 purchase in various world destinations? Here we’ll answer what to expect in terms of cannabis pricing around the globe. You’ll be surprised how cheap weed can get! Seedo, an Israeli company developing automatic cultivator devices, created a survey and researched cannabis prices in various cities in the world. This blog is based on their findings, which are quite interesting, and unexpected.


If you’re a dedicated weed consumer on a budget, who needs to rip a couple of grams a day, you should probably avoid these destinations. Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong have the most expensive prices per gram. Tokyo takes the prize for peddling the most expensive weed in the world, averaging at €26.44 per gram! Cannabis possession and consumption are highly illegal in Japan, where the herb can easily land you a prison sentence. It’s quite ironic, considering that prior to prohibitionist cannabis laws in 1948, hemp was considered a national treasure in Japan for thousands of years. Seoul, South Korea, probably the most overworked city in Asia prices weed at €26.26 per gram; maybe if the prices dropped, our Korean friends could relax a bit and enjoy. The countries where weed is the most expensive are Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Ireland, Estonia, and Norway.

Smoking Cannabis Asia


If you travel to Quito, Ecuador, you can purchase a gram of weed for €1.08. It’s definitely a superb money-saving destination for cannabis connoisseurs. Ecuador delivers breathtaking landscapes, specially designed for awe-inspiring smoke sessions. In Bogotá, Colombia, you can purchase a gram of that Punto Rojo for €1.78 per gram. In Paraguay, the weed costs around €1.80, however, citizens of Uruguay complain, that the weed from Paraguay is low-quality brick-weed. In Uruguay, you can legally purchase cannabis for €3.36 per gram, which is definitely solid for European standards. On the other side of the world, in Mumbai and New Delhi, India, you can get hold of some ganja for approximately €3.60 per gram. During the Holi festival, there is a custom in India to consume Bhang, a cannabis drink comprising decarboxylated weed mixed with various herbs. Cannabis laws differ considerably from country to country, even from city to city. One must always exercise due diligence to ensure one's safety.


The most interesting part of the marijuana pricing is the separation between the price and the penalties imposed on marijuana use and possession. Yes, weed is very illegal in Japan and South Korea, however, in Jakarta, Indonesia, where the weed only costs €3.07 per gram, cannabis possession can lead to a prison sentence, or in extreme cases, a death penalty. There’s a cognitive bias at play, cities where weed is the most expensive have stringent cannabis laws, therefore it must be true, that cannabis laws impact the prices, however, cities with cheap weed also comprise prohibitionist laws, like Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Panama, Nigeria.

Australian Dispensary For Cannabis


Today, the US is a source of Trump memes and progressive marijuana laws. So far, 9 states have legalized recreational use of marijuana, and 29 states have legalized its medicinal use. In Washington DC, where recreational use is legal, the price per gram lays at €14.64 per gram, because the growing and transportation of weed is still illegal. In Denver, Colorado, you can purchase high-quality super potent weed from dispensaries for only €6.31 per gram, which is definitely cheap, considering the sheer power of Colorado's weed. In Seattle, Washington, the weed is even cheaper with €6.14 per gram. Currently, there's an overflow of weed in Washington and not enough dispensaries to purchase the crop, which drives the prices down. In New York, the weed costs around €8.71, their total consumption amount beats any other city in the US with an estimated annual cannabis consumption of 77.44 metric tons, which is more than double the amount of LA's cannabis use! If New York legalizes recreational use, it will surely drive down the prices, and generate a hefty tax collection.


Thanks to Seedo, the cheapest and the most expensive weed has been unveiled. Now you have the tools to plan your next cannabis-infused excursion. Let's hope, that one of these days we'll be able to legally grow our own cannabis plants wherever we see fit, making it cheaper than in Quito, Ecuador!

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