By Marguerite Arnold

For most females past the start of puberty, period pain is a part of life. It is an accepted (if dreaded) monthly ritual. This is in addition to the other issues, of course. These range from inconveniences like bladder control problems, to more pressing issues like cramps and blood flow.

Nobody likes to talk about it. But women, given an option, will seek relief any way they can.

And that is where one of the newest products on the market comes into play. So far, is has only been introduced in California and Colorado. Even with the requirement of a prescription, products are flying off shelves. Major media are raving about them.


Women’s health issues, in general, are under-researched. When it comes to cannabis, this trend remains true. However, there are a high number of cannabinoid receptors on female sex organs. It is not unreasonable to believe that cannabinoids might be very helpful to women. In fact, they could play a critical role in maintaining robust health.

But how does one deliver medication to such areas of the body? Oral ingestion? Topical application? Or a little bit of both?

Foria Cannabis SuppositoryEnter Foria, a company with an interest in tackling these issues head-on. The enterprise launched into this space several years ago with canna-infused lube.

Now, for $44 for a pack of four, the company is offering its newest concept, a cannabis suppository that can be used with tampons. The idea is to insert the suppository before the tampon is utilised. It is supposed to melt away internally - a unique topical application indeed. It also might sound a bit pricey, but each suppository contains 60mg of THC.

So far, users have been absolutely ecstatic. Testimonials claim that period cramps disappear completely within 20 minutes.

Foria’s product is made out of cocoa butter, THC, and a CBD isolate extracted from organic hemp. Women who suffer from pain or inflammation in this part of the body are also turning to the product. Even beyond the monthly cycle.


Foria might have been the first entrant to a huge market, but they will not be the last. Medical marijuana reform is beginning to reveal how much cannabis may impact female reproductive organs. During menstruation and at other times.

In particular, the clustering of CB2 receptors on these organs means that cannabinoids clearly play a role in reproduction. They also might play a role in sex hormone regulation. In fact, women whose anandamide levels are too high or low have a greater risk of miscarriage. In addition, anandamide appears to play a major role in regulating at least the early stages of pregnancy.

It has been known for about forty years that cannabinoids can boost oestrogen levels in both sexes. Oestrogen also boosts cannabis sensitivity, according to some studies.

It is obvious that the women’s health market is ripe for more of this kind of product.

Menstrual Pain Treatment


In the past, the image of the medical cannabis user was male and middle aged. Increasingly however, women’s health products containing cannabis are starting to flourish. And that means that the female market is finally waking up.

Preliminary studies on the impact of CBD on cell death of breast cancer cells are particularly encouraging.

Weed is indeed a women’s issue. And now there is about to be a flood of products proving it.

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