Our Reviewers

Content at Royal Queen Seeds undergoes a thorough review process to ensure scientific accuracy. Our review team includes hydroponic growers, cannabis cooks, biologists, doctors, CBD experts, chemists, agricultural engineers, botanists, nutritionists, or vets. These professionals work tirelessly to provide the necessary critique that guarantees our content features accurate and current information.

  • Andreu

    Expert in: Cannabis Breeding - Genetics - Tissue Culture - Quality Control
    Andreu Francés is the Global Head of Breeding at RQS Pro. He has experience with cannabis cultivation and has participated in many cannabis research projects. Currently, he is in charge of professional breeding programmes to develop new hybrid varieties. Learn more about Andreu
  • Gloria

    Expert in: Biochemistry - Genetics - Molecular Biology - Microbiology
    Gloria Payá is a final-year PhD student in the Agrochemistry and Biochemistry Department (University of Alicante). She has experience with extremophilic microorganisms and has participated in several research projects related to the mechanisms of gene regulation of nitrogen metabolism and stress conditions. Learn more about Gloria
  • Silvia

    Expert in: Biology - Transgenic Crops - Quality Control & Food Safety
    Silvia Maroto has extensive experience as a technician and quality control manager in food companies. She is very interested in everything related to transgenic crops, as a result of her final degree project. She is currently a teacher in high schools and vocational training centers. Learn more about Silvia
  • Carles

    Expert in: Neurology - Psychiatry - Cannabis Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics - Safe Consumption
    Carles Doménech is a physiciand specialized in neurology and biologist with ongoing PhD studies with interest on cannabis compounds' research and its application in the medical field. Learn more about Carles
  • Miguel Ángel Garcia

    Expert in: Agricultural Chemistry - Photobiology - Indoor Farming - Hydroponics - IA
    Miguel Ángel Garcia Castilla is a scientific consultant and senior researcher in indoor farming techniques and technologies. He has developed everything from advanced dynamic photonic and mineral nutrition recipes in agriculture to hydroponic solutions to apply successfully in almost all environments, situations, and crop markets. Learn more about Miguel
  • Gonzalo

    Expert in: Biology | Industrial Pharmaceuticals | Regulatory Affairs | Quality Control
    Gonzalo Diaz is a biologist specializing in the pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical industry. He is currently a registry technician for drug registrations for the International Regulatory Department. Learn more about Gonzalo
  • Mitchell

    Expert in: Deep Water Culture and Hydroponics
    Mitchell Gorgichuk has a passion for growing plants in innovative ways. In recognition of the healing power of all manner of plants—not just cannabis—he has sought, and continues to seek, better ways to produce these wonderful organisms. Learn more about Mitchell
  • Brandon

    Expert in: Cannabis Chef & Educator
    Brandon Allen is an award-winning chef who specializes in working with cannabis. Passionate about cannabis, food, and cannabis-imbued food, Brandon believes that the culinary world and cannabis world can work together symbiotically, with one improving the other. Learn more about Brandon
  • Mr

    Expert in: Cultivation - Therapeutic Cannabis Use - Advocacy
    Author with 25+ years of growing and consulting experience. Learn more about Mr
  • Micaela

    Expert in: Biotechnology - Breeding - Genetics - Bioinformatics - Biostatistics
    Micaela Landeira is a biotechnologist specialized in plant breeding and genetics. She has contributed to the plant pathology and virology field by participating in multiple research projects studying key horticultural viruses. She currently works as an Associate Breeding Scientist for Syngenta, with a goal of developing new tomato varieties. Learn more about Micaela
  • Erin Willis

    Expert in: Nutrition, Cannabis, and the Endocannabinoid System
    Erin Willis is a practising Certified Integrative Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Cannabis Consultant. She also serves as Head of Education at Onda Wellness, which manufactures the world's first certified biodynamic and regenerative CBD oil. Outside of her professional life, Erin is a loving mother of two boys and runs her personal blog, Mother Indica, where she shares insights into mental health, motherhood, homemaking, cannabis, and real food nourishment. Learn more about Erin

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