RQS Reviewer CEO at Visionary Hydroponics

Mitchell Gorgichuk

Expert in: Deep Water Culture and Hydroponics

Mitchell Gorgichuk has a passion for growing plants in innovative ways. In recognition of the healing power of all manner of plants—not just cannabis—he has sought, and continues to seek, better ways to produce these wonderful organisms.

“In the past, if humans didn’t have plant medicine, they didn’t have medicine”

Mitchell Gorgichuk is the founder and CEO of Visionary Hydroponics. When he started using hydroponics and deep water culture (DWC) as growing methods many years ago, he quickly discovered that the process could be improved. Since then, he's gone on to invent pieces of equipment, such as the Hydrobucket, and methods that have changed the way people grow indoors.

Believing that growing is more than a technical skill, but a lifestyle too, Mitch pushes his message across multiple platforms, always looking to grow and diversify the sector. And he doesn't just believe in the wonders of plants as medicine, but as food too. The hydroponic and DWC methods he's developed are equally suitable for growing vegetables, potentially improving the ways in which we grow food in the future.

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