RQS Reviewer CEO, Urban Farming Hydroponics Technologies

Miguel Ángel Garcia

Expert in: Agricultural Chemistry - Photobiology - Indoor Farming - Hydroponics - IA

Miguel Ángel Garcia Castilla is a scientific consultant and senior researcher in indoor farming techniques and technologies. He has developed everything from advanced dynamic photonic and mineral nutrition recipes in agriculture to hydroponic solutions to apply successfully in almost all environments, situations, and crop markets.

“Keep growing”

As a researcher specializing in mineral and photonic plant nutrition, Miguel Ángel Garcia designed and developed one of the first dynamic multichannel lights with a changeable spectrum during the day and all the growing cycles of crops.

He studied the effect of UVA and blue photons in the production of antioxidants, anthocyanins, and cannabinoids in plants. Later, he developed advanced hydroponic techniques to increase calcium mobility to mitigate tip burn exhibition.

His current line of research addresses new paths in hydroponic culture using PAFT (plant acoustic frequency technology); vibrations and acoustic resonance to enhance the physiological activity and metabolism of cells. Increased yield, improved seed germination, resistance to pests, and aerospatial application in microgravity environments are key targets of his research.

Nowadays, he focuses on his social project developing vertical urban indoor farming solutions to accelerate sustainable and healthy agriculture for the present and future.

Miguel’s latest reviewed posts

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