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Mr José

Expert in: Cultivation - Therapeutic Cannabis Use - Advocacy

Author with 25+ years of growing and consulting experience.

“The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow” — Chinese proverb

Mr José first started growing cannabis in 1992. Like most growers, he began cultivating outdoors and quickly found himself fascinated by this ancient plant, its complex life cycle, and the hands-on growing process. A few years later, Mr José set up his first indoor grow space, where he grew a few plants for himself and his closest friends.

Today, things have changed quite drastically. A few years ago, Mr José was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease and began chemotherapy. Very quickly, he experienced the therapeutic potential of cannabis, of which he was previously only partially aware, firsthand. Like many patients, he was astounded to see how this ancient plant, which remains outlawed and stigmatised across most of the world, could help mitigate the awful side effects of his treatment.

Through his experience growing and using therapeutic cannabis, Mr José came to write two books on cultivation, and regularly contributes to a number of European cannabis magazines. He also lectures at various European cannabis conferences several times a year, has been awarded numerous certificates affirming his knowledge, and consults professional companies on how to best grow and use cannabis based on their needs. Most importantly, Mr José continues to learn about this incredible plant, its cultivation, uses, and seemingly endless potential.

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