By Steven Voser

With the holidays fast approaching, there are many opportunities to treat the stoner in your life. Given the explosion of the industry on all fronts, it’s not hard to find cool stuff. The real challenge? Finding the perfect gift, while not being tempted to buy one for yourself too.


Nothing says “happy holidays” like gifting the herb itself. However, if you have not already started growing your Christmas gifts, you will have to give out canna-IOUs. Even fast-flowering varieties take at least several weeks to cultivate.

If you are prepared for the onslaught of the holidays, there are all sorts of fun ways to wrap your gift. A chocolate box “sampler” is one great packaging idea that is also cheap. Simply place the buds in the plastic trays where the chocolates used to be.

A bottle or two of CBD oil is also the perfect way to show a loved one you care. Not to mention, it allows your giftee to partake in low-THC oil in a discreet, convenient fashion.

If living in a place where recreational (or medical) is more or less legal, think about gift cards to your favourite dispensary.

For the growers in your life, think seed samples. Especially of new strains that are just hitting the market. Starter kits for germination are also a lovely idea. Or even the perfect companion plant seed pack.

Starter Kit Autoflowering Royal Queen Seeds


Beyond the weed itself, there is a raft of other ideas for the stoners in your circle. The equipment options alone are legion.

For those trying to give up regular smoking, think bongs and vaporizers. These now come in all kinds of shapes, colours, and at many different price points. Knowing how your giftee consumes their weed is essential knowledge. Some models allow users to vape liquid and concentrates. Some allow herb. And some both.

Looking beyond actual smoke gear? Don’t worry. Think about this Curing Pocket Box. Keeping your cannabis safe and properly stored is the key to a great smoke. This little box fits handily in your pocket. Always have a stash on-the-go that lives up to its genetic potential!

And there is nothing that says “stocking stuffer” like the perfect grinder.  Ashtrays, rolling papers and tips, and even lighters are also the perfect adjunct gift for every budget.


Want to show your support for legalization? Or your favourite brand of bud? Maybe you want to help promote your go-to seedbank? The world of canna fashion continues to explode in creative ways. If looking for a nice selection, try online retailers like Dank Master for a great selection of canna-inspired clothes and jewelry! Not to mention shoes!

And what better look could the stoner aspire to than matching outfits with their pets? The stoner cat collar look is certainly cutting edge!

Shoes Cannabis Design


Cooking with cannabis has never been easier. The ideal gift to delight the canna chef in your life this holiday season? The Magical Butter machine. No more stirring. No more waiting. No more worries. Just put your prepared bud (plus butter) into this cool contraption and two hours later - voila! Cannabutter!

And of course, do not forget a set or two of cannabis cookie cutters. What better way to enjoy canna cookies except in the shape of the plant?


When it comes to stoner books, there are a lot to choose from. How to grow, how to cook, and when all else fails, the ever popular “Stoner’s Colouring Book.”

For the serious growers on your Santa list, Ed Rosenthal’s book on growing is a no-fault classic.

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