By Adam Parsons


In ordinary decent stoner terms, twaxing is topping a bowl or turning a roll-up into a cannabis cocktail with the addition of a concentrate. The term is relatively new to the stoner lexicon, but it has already gained traction and gone global.


There are two general categories of twaxing; you can either twax a bowl or twax a roll-up. The choice is yours. The most popular choice of cannabis concentrates for twaxing purposes in the US are kief and shatter. Thus, a combined hit of weed and extract is delivered.

However, European cannabis users are just as likely to add other BHO derivatives like hash oil and softer waxes to a tobacco roll-up. Twaxing is not always a pure cannabis experience in practice.

Blunt twaxing also brings tobacco into the mix. These deluxe-sized roll-ups can be phenomenally potent with a gooey concentrate center. This is the twaxing option for the fire-breathers.


Crowning a twaxy pipe hit with a frosting of crystals is a convenient way to give things a boost. Odds are, if you have a weed grinder to crumble your bud, you have some pollen collecting in the bottom chamber. Scoop some out and put it on top of your pipe hit. Now it’s a one-hitter quitter.


The heat from your fingers should be enough to warm shatter sufficiently to manipulate it into a long spaghetti string. Sometimes, less solid waxes and budder are just too adhesive and runny to work with. The idea is to create a joint with a concentrate center, surrounded by weed. Be careful not to smear the rolling papers with globs of concentrate or it may burn unevenly.

Get the bottom weed layer in place first, add the extract onto the green bedding, and complete the sandwich with more weed on top. Roll up and enjoy. Interior twaxing is the subtle way to blaze a rocket fuel reefer roll-up.

Twaxing Shatter Wax


Wrapping a joint in a wax coil is very cool. Exterior joint twaxing doesn’t require the same finesse as carefully rolling a concentrate filling. But if you get it wrong, it could still burn like a canoe. Begin by rolling a nice joint packed with weed. Next, work on your string of shatter with your fingers. Make it as long as you like.

The last and most important step is to wrap the string of shatter around the joint exterior in a spiral. Don’t be tempted to give your joint a racing stripe or two of dankness. That joint will burn like a sparkler or canoe for sure. Wrap that string of shatter in a spiral for a slower, even burn.


“Poison” the tip with your concentrate of choice. The sticky, stringy hair-like strands you can pluck from warm shatter are perfect for twaxing a joint tip like a spider web. But you can really smear a little of any concentrate you like over the tip of a joint. This is easy twaxing for an instant takeoff from the first draw of the joint. Spark up and blast off.

Cannabis Joint And Kief


After gift-wrapping a joint with a gooey wax spiral, why not sprinkle a little kief and dust the joint for a spectacular smoke. Similarly, smearing the outside of a joint with hash oil followed by a dusting of kief can replicate the stunning aesthetic. Unfortunately, these otherworldly roll-ups can be hit or miss. They always look fantastic, but they don’t always toke very well.


Blunts are bigger than joints, so you can really pack them full of cannabis if you want. All the dank dressings described above can be applied to a big fat blunt to devastating effect. Twaxing a blunt requires quite a stash to put together. It also requires a phenomenal tolerance for cannabis to consume. Twaxing blunts typically involves a group gathering of connoisseurs.


Twaxing is certainly not the most efficient way to consume cannabis concentrates. But for those that prefer the traditional smoking delivery systems of pipes and roll-ups, it’s a great way to fire up an old favorite. Twaxing is probably ill-advised for occasional smokers, but for veterans, it’s a novel new high to enjoy. Whether you’re an old-school stoner that only smokes joints or are just looking for a classy alternative to the dab rig or vaporizer, twaxing is highly recommended.

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