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The versatility of the hemp plant knows no bounds. Rope, paper, smokable flowers, and even biofuel are all products that stem from this useful species. Even candles have a place on the long list of goods crafted from hemp components. The oil from hemp seeds makes for candles that burn slow and steady, giving them a longer lifespan than those composed of wax and wick alone.

Hemp candles produce a warm glow perfect for relaxing evenings spent enjoying the plant in other ways. While plain hemp candles serve as a mellow and effective light source, you can get creative and add terpenes and even cannabinoid oils to your homemade candles that double up as aromatherapy diffusers. Below, you’ll learn the ins and outs of hemp candles, including their benefits and how to make your own.

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Aromatherapy and Hemp Candles

The practice of aromatherapy spans back thousands of years in human history. The holistic modality harnesses essential oils from plants in an attempt to influence the body and mind in beneficial ways. Essential oils contain plant constituents, including terpenes, that influence human physiology after they make their way into the bloodstream via inhalation. Interestingly, you engage in aromatherapy every time you smoke or vape cannabis flowers and extracts. The herb produces myriad terpenes, such as pinene and limonene. Ongoing studies[1] are exploring how these constituents might alter mood, relaxation, and even cognitive performance when inhaled.

In the modern era, essential oils are often delivered via diffusers in the form of a mist. However, hemp candles also serve as a great way to fill a room with these aromatic molecules. Plus, they offer the additional benefit of emitting a relaxing and warm glow into the room.

Benefits of Hemp Candles

Candles alone tout many benefits, but adding hemp into the equation improves the experience further. Check out the main reasons why you should consider making your own at home:

✔️ Relaxing: Candles are inherently relaxing. Their soft orange glow is a welcoming difference from the harsh blue light emitted from phone and computer screens. Their flicking draws in our attention, helps us momentarily forget the outside world, and enables us to reflect.

✔️ Save money: Hemp seed oil burns steady and slow in a candle. You’ll find that your hemp candle lasts longer than those made solely from wax, which will help you to save money in the long run.

✔️ Aromatherapy: Hemp candles allow you to play around with terpenes and essential oils. You can craft blends that smell just like cannabis (try mixing essential oils high in pinene, caryophyllene, and myrcene), or those that smell nothing like the herb. Experiment until you find a blend that works perfectly for you.

✔️ You can add cannabinoids: You can harness another element of the cannabis plant to improve upon the experience further. By adding oils that contain cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, and CBN, you can take the aromatherapy experience to another level. You’ll only inhale a tiny dose as these molecules permeate the air, but many people report a pleasant experience from CBD-infused candles.

How to Use Hemp Candles

Just like other candles, hemp candles are easy and simple to use. They don’t require any special technique. However, there is a particular way to light them, and a way to burn them, that enhances their life span.

  • How to burn them

Follow these tips to light and burn a hemp candle properly:

1. Start with a short wick: Start with a wick around 0.1 inches from the top of the candle itself. If your wick is longer than this, simply snip off the excess with a pair of scissors. A shorter wick will ensure that the flame starts to melt the candle quicker.

How to Use Hemp Candles

2. Use a long match or lighter: Long matches are the best when it comes to lighting candles to keep your hand away from the flame. However, lighters also work well; you might need to light and angle the candle to keep the flame away from your fingers. Most hemp candles don’t contain accelerators, so you might need to try a couple of times before the wick catches.

How to Use Hemp Candles

3. Allow for an even burn: Let your hemp candles burn until the melted wax reaches the edges of the candles. This may take between 1 and 2 hours. Doing so will allow your candle to continue to burn evenly in the future without caving in.

How to Use Hemp Candles

4. Readjust your wick: Once blown out and cooled off, readjust your wick to a length of 0.1 inches ready for the next session.

How to Use Hemp Candles
  • Cannabis and hemp candles: A perfect match

Now you know how to use hemp candles, but how best to enjoy them? It won’t come as a surprise that we recommend enjoying hemp candles with another form of combustion. What better way to soak in the ambience than to puff on a vape or watch the smoke twirl from the tip of a joint or blunt? Consuming cannabis this way puts a lot of people in an enjoyable mental state, and doing so while gazing into the flame of a hemp candle—while the aromatic compounds within fill the air—brings the experience to another level.

How to Make Hemp Candles at Home

Now for the exciting part! You’ve discovered the benefits of hemp candles, how to use them, and how to enjoy them. Now it’s time to craft your own at home. First, we’ll teach you what you’ll need to get the job done. Then, we’ll serve up step-by-step directions to guide you through the process.

What you need to make hemp candles

To make your own hemp candles, you’ll need:

  • Essential oils of your choice (we recommend bergamot, rosemary, and rose)
  • CBG, CBN, or CBD oil (optional)
  • 15.9 oz soy wax
  • 30ml hemp seed oil
  • Hemp wick
  • Saucepan
  • Pyrex bowl
  • Food thermometer
  • 250ml mason jar
  • Cardboard
  • Strong glue
  • Long tweezers or forceps
  • Small funnel
How to Use Hemp Candles

Directions: How to make hemp candles

Now that you have everything you need, follow the simple steps below to craft your own hemp candles. This recipe provides enough mixture to create one hemp candle using a 250ml mason jar.

Step one: Put your wick in place

Cut a length of hemp wick several centimetres longer than the height of the jar. Next, cut a circle of cardboard wider than the circumference of the mouth of the jar. Pierce a hole through the cardboard’s center and create a larger hole to the side where you can later pour your wax mixture in. Then, place a dab of strong glue in the center of the bottom of the mason jar and use tweezers or forceps to stick one end of the hemp wick to the bottom of the jar. Let the glue set. Next, feed the other end of the hemp wick through the center of the cardboard and rest the cardboard on the top of the mason jar. This setup will keep the hemp wick in the middle of the candle when you pour in your mixture.

Step two: Create your double boiler

Place your saucepan on the stove and fill it with several centimetres of water. Place your Pyrex bowl on top of the saucepan to create a double boiler.

Step three: Make your mixture

Turn your stovetop to low heat and place the soy wax into the Pyrex bowl to melt. When the wax reaches a temperature of 50°C, add the hemp seed oil, essential oils, and cannabinoid oils and stir thoroughly.

Step four: Pour and let set

Once well mixed, pour your mixture through the hole in the cardboard into the jar using a small funnel. Pour the mixture up to the point that the mouth begins to narrow. Keep the cardboard in place until the mixture cools and sets. Remove the cardboard from the mouth of both jars and use a pair of scissors to cut the wick to a height of 0.1 inches. Light your candle, sit back, and enjoy the vibe!

How to Use Hemp Candles

Try Our Scented Vegan Hemp Candle

Crafting your own hemp candles makes for a lot of fun. But if you’d rather skip this step, you should consider trying our pre-made Hemp Candle! Our candle is environmentally friendly and contains no plastic or paraffin. It uses vegetable wax for a cleaner burn that produces less soot. RQS Scented Vegan Hemp Candle is 3.5 inches in height and comes packaged in a clear glass jar with a rustic wooden lid. Once lit, you’ll experience a subtle but pleasant aroma of cannabis leaves, tobacco, patchouli, and earthy notes.

Are you looking for some hemp wick to create your own candles? Then try out our natural Hemp Wick crafted from hemp grown ecologically in Europe. Coated in beeswax, our Hemp Wick burns consistently and also makes a great eco alternative to lighters when igniting blunts, joints, and bowls. Plus, it comes with eco-friendly packaging, making it a superb green option for conscious cannabis users.

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