By Luke Sumpter

Royal Queen Seeds is opening the gateway to another, greener, dimension! Welcome to Spannabis Things. We’ve got 4 tickets to the dank realms of cannabis paradise to give away to 2 lucky prize winners - 2 tickets per winner, so you can take a friend! Roll up to Spannabis 2017 in Barcelona with Royal Queen Seeds. Each winner gets 2 flights to Barcelona with 2 nights (Friday & Saturday) hotel accommodations and best of all 2 three day passes to Spannabis 2017.

We’ll pick you and your companion up from the airport and take you directly to the Royal Queen Seeds store in Barcelona, kit you out with two welcome packs and rendezvous later at the main event Spannabis 2017.

Spannabis is probably the greatest marijuana fest in the world and keeps growing bigger and greener every year like the Hulk. Spannabis 2017 will smash all the previous attendance records, all the top canna-businesses, ganjapreneurs, growers, and smokers will be turned loose for three whole days March 9/10/11 and maybe you and a friend too.
Wanna get sky-high and take the stoner trip of a lifetime to Spannabis 2017? Royal Queen Seeds couldn’t have made it easier to enter. All you need to do is take these 4 simple steps:

1) Follow Royal Queen Seeds on    Facebook   

2) Go to the following   link  

3) Click the applications “Enter”

4) Fill in your details and hit “Finish"

Just make sure you do it now! Go now! Get to Facebook now! Because the deadline for entries is rapidly approaching, you must be registered by midnight 26th February 2017 for your chance to win.

The two winners will be selected in a raffle draw by Royal Queen Seeds and announced on 28th February 2017. So what are you waiting for? Get registered now and make sure your schedule is clear for what could be the best weekend of your life.

And one last thing for your information: Our Spannabis Things contest is open to any participants from countries where we ship our products. Flights to Barcelona will be arranged from the main airports of these countries. Good Luck! And we’ll see the winners at Spannabis.


In 2002, a hidden door into a parallel universe was opened during the celebration of the first ever Spannabis Fair.

This alternate dimension contains the same locations and infrastructure, but is much greener, luminous and peaceful. The smoke from the weed floats in the air and thousands of new strain genetics flourish all over the place.

This door will open again next 10 March.

Spannabis Barcelona

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