By Miguel Ordoñez

For some people, the best way to kick off the morning is with a nice, freshly brewed cup of black coffee. For others, it’s a glug of water for instant hydration, followed by 100 push-ups to rev-up the body.

But, for herb lovers, there’s nothing like hitting their favorite strain to jump-start the day. This glorious, time-honoured tradition is called “wake and bake”.

So, cosy up, grab your best strain, and read on as we shed light on the art of waking and baking, and the best strains for the job.

The Meaning of Wake and Bake

The concept of wake and bake is pretty self-explanatory. You wake up, get baked, and watch the world go by like a movie sequence. You can even add your favorite tune in the background to further enhance the moment.

Now, some of you might think, “Isn’t it too early to be stoned first thing in the morning?”. Fortunately, this isn’t like alcohol wherein there is such a thing as “too early”. In fact, you can wake and bake and still have a productive day ahead.

The Science and Logic Behind Wake and Bake

To prove the above point, here is an interesting statistic collated by 2017’s Global Drug Survey[1]. Apparently, 21.9% of all drug users in the US use cannabis within the first hour after waking.

There are several theories behind the popularity of the wake and bake ritual. One of them is that cannabis purportedly helps ease the misery that people feel toward their day jobs.

In the US, 51%[2] of 100 million full-time employees feel disengaged with their work. That provides an interesting connection with the aforementioned statistic of wake-and-bakers in the country.

Other wake-and-bakers believe that they get a harder kick first thing in the morning because their brains aren’t fully awake yet. Plus, the “afterglow” effects from the high can linger throughout the day, unlike a caffeine jolt that only lasts for a few hours.

Wake-and-Baking on Weekends vs Weekdays

There’s a time and a place for getting truly blazed in the AM, and, for most working individuals, the weekdays are not a suitable occasion to get incapacitated on some 30% THC weed. That doesn’t mean you can’t still wake and bake, though. CBD-rich strains, or those containing a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, can boost your mood and elevate your motivation without interfering with your ability to function as normal.

There are also THC-rich strains that contain only 10–15% of the psychotropic cannabinoid—these can be ideal for hitting before heading out on your regular weekday schedule.

Then, on the weekends, you can take your wake and bake to the next level and opt for more potent strains. You can even indulge in more potent intake methods, such as dabs, if so inclined. Weekends are the best time to truly indulge in some THC-inspired bliss, without fear of having to be productive or completely alert.

Wake and Bake: Pros & Cons

Like anything good in life, there is an upside and a downside. In order to effectively work some “good morning weed” into your routine, it pays to know what to watch out for, and what to look forward to.

You get to shake off the cobwebs in your brain in a more colorful and pleasantly altered way. You immediately cancel out any potential stressors before you begin the day. Who doesn’t want that?
Breakfast becomes way more delectable. What may look like run-of-the-mill pancakes will suddenly taste gourmet. THC pairs well with caffeine. Now you have the ultimate buzz.
Cannabis can be a great workout companion. A good stimulating strain will do that for you.
It’s a pricey habit to keep. Your stash will run out sooner, which will obviously cost you more over time. You won’t get as high later in the day. Once that first morning kick plateaus, it’s no longer as easy to get back up.
You can get lethargic in the afternoon. Some people experience a notable crash once the high dissipates. You’ll develop a higher tolerance. That’ll make you consume more weed, which supports the first point.

Tips for a Perfect Wake and Bake

Now that you know what to expect, we can offer you some viable tips for improving your wake and bake experience further.

1. Use Coffee To Enhance the Feeling

Like peanut butter and jelly and pizza and beer, THC and caffeine are deemed a match made in heaven.

Now, some may argue that mixing these two substances could be counterproductive. Caffeine is a stimulant, while THC has both stimulant and depressant qualities. That unity causes a neurochemical reaction[3] that creates a different kind of buzz. For many, caffeine can actually enhance the "wake-up bake-up" experience.

All you need is the right strain. Pair that with your morning brew, and you’ll have no choice but to start the day off with a positive attitude.

2. Prepare Your Weed the Night Before

As the name suggests, baking would be the first order of business upon waking up. The moment you open your eyes, you’ll want your stash ready to go.

Whether you’re going with bong rips, a trusty pipe, or a good old spliff, have it prepared the night before. And, as soon as you regain consciousness from that slumber, toke away.

That, right there, would be a smooth transition from sleep to wake, then bake.

3. Prepare Yourself a Copious Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You get to nourish yourself with a hearty meal after a six to eight-hour fast. If you’re a morning person, breakfast is something you look forward to.

Now, add a little bit of THC into the equation, and you’ve got yourself a breakfast munchie sensation. Feel free to whip yourself up a solo batch of banana pancakes. Or, you can simply indulge in a bowl of your favorite cereal.

You can also nibble on something before you start smoking. A pre-flight munchie, if you will.

4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

The key to a comfortable wake and bake experience is a hydrated body. Not only does it make the dry mouth sensation a lot less uncomfortable, but it is also good for you. Studies show[4] that drinking a glass of water upon waking speeds up the metabolic process.

Besides, you’ll likely be thirsty after those precious hours of sleep. But, that’s nothing that a nice glug of H₂O can’t fix.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

5. Put On Some Music

There’s nothing like a good tune to add some life to the current mood. When it comes to waking and baking, the perfect music elevates the entire experience to another level.

It all depends on how you want your morning to prepare you for the day ahead. Some tranquil lo-fi beats and smooth jazz are perfect for those lazy Sundays. But, if you want to add some spring to your step, an upbeat tune should take care of that.

6. Start Early and Take It Easy

Speaking of lazy days, wake and bake sessions are best experienced when you have nothing planned for the next few hours. Especially if we’re talking about getting baked to perfection, you’ll likely move in slow motion during the peak of the high.

If you plan on toking upon waking, keep your mornings light. It’s alright to go for a stroll in the park or a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. But, if you have an important meeting at ten, the wake and bake plan may not be a swell idea.

7. Microdose

Now, don’t let a busy morning hinder you from waking and baking. That’s where microdosing comes in.

Taking your hits in small doses would be akin to consuming a perfectly char-grilled cheeseburger in bites. You get the full experience without being sated and overwhelmed. In this case, you feel a high, but it doesn’t incapacitate you.

If you’re microdosing, a fully loaded one-hitter pipe should be a good way to start. But, if you must indulge a bit more, you can also go with a lightly packed bowl.

  • For Microdosers, Go With Vapes

Those who microse can enjoy getting their fix anytime, anywhere with the help of a vape pen.

Cannabis vapes come in different sizes, shapes, and forms. If you’re moving around in public places where smoking is prohibited, you can get yourself one that can easily be concealed.

  • For a Long-Haul High, Go With Edibles

Assuming you began smoking, vaping, or doing bong rips at 6AM, you likely won’t feel that same buzz by noon. That high either plateaued or dissipated completely.

So, if you’re a fan of taking a long-haul cannabis flight over the day, go with edibles. Bake yourself some space cakes for dessert after breakfast. But, if you want your weed to be the star of the show, treat yourself to an herb-infused frittata.

  • For Weekdays, Take a Post-Smoke Shower

If you have somewhere to be during the day, take a nice shower after your little session. Brush your teeth while you’re at it.

Not only is it a refreshing follow-up to a fruitful morning toke, but it also washes off the sleep -and the weed smell- from your body. It helps get you on your way to take on the day ahead.

  • For Weekends, Take a Nap After

If there’s one time where you have the license to slack off and be lazy, it’s the precious weekend. Especially if you’ve had a long, stressful week, a nice couch-lock strain should hit the spot.

If you’re a busy professional who toils away during the week, take advantage of those precious two days off.

  • Hide Your High Properly

If you need to head out, be sure to hide your high properly. Keep yourself composed to not give yourself away. Especially if you’re living in a place where cannabis use is frowned upon, your sudden giggles may throw people off.

Don’t try too hard to hide your happy impairment. Just be cool, act normal, and you should blend in perfectly.

Hide Your High Properly

Choose the Right Strains

We’ve mentioned strains a couple of times throughout this article.

Cannabis lovers know the main differences between indica and sativa. And, if you want to liven up your mornings, going with the latter may be your best bet. However, science has recently revealed that the effects of a given strain have less to do with strain type, and more to do with “chemotype”—the specific concentration of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other phytochemicals in weed flowers.

So, when it comes to choosing strains to wake and bake, you may want to seek out those with energising terpenes, such as limonene. As it happens, a lot of sativa strains, such as those from the Haze family, feature this invigorating terp in abundance. On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid “sleepy” terpenes like myrcene, which features in a wide variety of strains in varying concentrations.

Cannabinoids also play a large role, of course. THC is psychotropic and can seriously impair regular function, whereas CBD will not. If you want clarity and serenity upon waking, as opposed to a burst of euphoria, strains with an equal distribution of THC and CBD are the way to go.

Best Wake and Bake Strains by Royal Queen Seeds

Since we’re on the topic of strains, this is a good segue to the next section. Here are some of our best strain suggestions for your wake and bake days.

Royal Runtz

Royal Runtz does not skimp on THC, and you will feel its 27% potency full force. Its indica and sativa traits are split right down the middle for that perfect balance. As a bonus, Royal Runtz will leave a nice hint of fruity candy flavors in your mouth. This beast is best enjoyed during weekend or vacation wake and bake sessions.

Royal Runtz

Royal Runtz
23_genetic background_1 Gelato x Zkittlez
33_Yield indoors_1 16 to 19 oz/m²
31_plant height outdoor_1 3 to 4 feet
25_flowering time_1 8 - 9 weeks
29_THC_1 THC: 27%
28_Type Blend_1 Sativa 50% Indica 50%
34_yield outdoor_1 14 to 16 oz/plant
32_plant height outdoors_1 5 to 6 feet
27_harvest period_1 Middle of October
22_Effect_1 Euphoric, Uplifting

Buy Royal Runtz


HulkBerry is another ideal THC-rich strain to kick off your weekend with. A formidable sativa-dominant specimen, be ready to enjoy some clarity and uplifted spirits. HulkBerry is best chosen when looking to get those creative juices flowing.


23_genetic background_1 OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
33_Yield indoors_1 14 to 16 oz/m²
31_plant height outdoor_1 3 to 5 feet
25_flowering time_1 9 - 11 weeks
29_THC_1 THC: 27%
28_Type Blend_1 Sativa 65% Indica 35%
34_yield outdoor_1 23 to 25 oz/plant
32_plant height outdoors_1 5 to 7 feet
27_harvest period_1 Late September
22_Effect_1 Clear, Uplifting

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Lemon Shining Silver Haze

Unlike the previous two mentions, Lemon Shining Silver Haze comes in a little gentler with 21% THC, making it a good everyday option. You will still feel stoned, but it won’t get you to a point of incapacitation. And, what would go better with that morning cup of OJ than some equally citrusy Lemon Shining Silver Haze terps?

Lemon Shining Silver Haze

Lemon Shining Silver Haze
23_genetic background_1 Lemon Skunk x Shining Silver Haze
33_Yield indoors_1 21 to 23 oz/m²
31_plant height outdoor_1 3 to 5 feet
25_flowering time_1 9 - 10 weeks
29_THC_1 THC: 21%
28_Type Blend_1 Sativa 75% Indica 25%
34_yield outdoor_1 23 to 25 oz/plant
32_plant height outdoors_1 4 to 6 feet
27_harvest period_1 Middle of October
22_Effect_1 Balanced, Clear, Stoned

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Dance World

If you happen to have some work to do, this one would be the perfect companion. With 12% THC and equal levels of CBD, Dance World will catapult you to a motivated and creative state of mind with just a few tokes. Earthy and fruity terpenes enhance the experience tenfold.

Dance World

Dance World
23_genetic background_1 Dancehall 20 x Juanita la Lagrímosa
33_Yield indoors_1 17 to 18 oz/m²
31_plant height outdoor_1 2 to 3 feet
25_flowering time_1 8 - 10 weeks
29_THC_1 THC: 12%
28_Type Blend_1 Sativa 75% Indica 25%
34_yield outdoor_1 14 to 16 oz/plant
32_plant height outdoors_1 3 to 4 feet
27_harvest period_1 Early October
22_Effect_1 Creative, Motivating

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Royal CBG Automatic

If you want more of the clarity and a little less of the high, we’ve also got you covered. Royal CBG Automatic is the ideal CBD-dominant strain for everyday use. Plus, its vanilla flavor will throw a party on your taste buds and keep it going all day long.

Royal CBG Automatic

Royal CBG Automatic
23_genetic background_1 Goliat Auto x high CBG Strain
33_Yield indoors_1 12 to 16 oz/m²
31_plant height outdoor_1 3 to 3 feet
25_flowering time_1 7 weeks
29_THC_1 THC: 0,09%
28_Type Blend_1 Sativa 75%, Indica 20%, Ruderalis 5%
34_yield outdoor_1 2 to 3 oz/plant
32_plant height outdoors_1 3 feet
27_harvest period_1 9 - 10 weeks after sprouting
22_Effect_1 Clear

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Things You Can Do After a Wake and Bake

Now that you’ve kicked things off with a smoke session, you can finally begin your day. Here are some in-flight activities you may enjoy.


To help open your chakras or keep you centered, it’s got to be cannabis. Thanks to your chosen strain, you can amp up your meditation and yoga sessions.

Watch Your Favorite Movie

Whether it’s the Harry Potter series or a Bugs Bunny flick, movie time is always best accompanied by cannabis. Since you started early in the morning, you can do lengthy marathons throughout the day.

Do Some Writing

You don’t need to be a published author to do some writing. If you feel creative after your wake and bake session, just scribble away in a journal. You don’t need to impress anybody but yourself.

Do Some Writing

Play Board Games

If you’re living with housemates, invite everyone to join in the fun. Classic board games like Monopoly are always fun. But, if you want to go new-school, Cards Against Humanity should be a riot. Be sure to pass that dutchie around, because sharing is caring.

Take On Lengthy Tasks

If you’ve been planning to fix up your closet for months now, this is the perfect time to do so. Hours tend to fly by a little slower under the influence of Mary Jane, so there’s no need to rush things.

Go for a Hike

Being in nature as your senses are elevated is always a trip. If the weather and your location permit it, go for a morning hike. Have yourself a healthy dose of vitamin D and get some much-needed serenity by appreciating the world around you.

Wake and Bake: A Final Tip

What makes waking and baking enjoyable is that you’re brought to a higher level of consciousness right off the bat. If you do it right, it can be your jumping-off point for a fruitful and productive day.

So, find your spot, start slow, and keep yourself hydrated.

Taking things slow is the best way to savour every moment of the experience. After starting the day with a good wake and bake, there’s no telling what wonders await you!

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